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USA Auto Transport to Atlanta

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If you are in the process of moving to Atlanta, Georgia, you are probably already packing your furniture, clothes, and other belongings and packing them onto a moving truck. However, there is one thing you might be forgetting – your car. You might have planned to drive all the way to Atlanta, but we suggest that you reconsider that decision. Driving such long distances can be tiring, and along with that, dangerous. That is why we advise you to consider hiring USA Auto Transport to provide you with car shipping services your four-wheeled friend deserves.

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    Why Do I Need A Car In Atlanta?

    Let us set something straight – Atlanta has a transportation system that is better than in most major cities of the United States. However, MARTA will not take you everywhere. Unless you are relocating to the downtown area of Atlanta (and even then), you are going to need your car. Especially given the fact that a large portion of Atlanta is not pedestrian-friendly either.
    Having said that, driving through Atlanta is fairly easy. Atlanta has decent highways (both construction and logistics wise), but we suggest you avoid them during rush hours.
    A network of freeways covers pretty much the whole city. There are three major interstate highways running through Atlanta:
    – I-20, which connects the east and west parts of the city,
    – I-75, which connects the northwest and the southeast parts of the city, and
    – I-85, which connects the northeast and the southwest parts of the city.
    There is a portion of the road where I-75 and I-85 combine together to create the Downtown Connector, which is one of the busiest portions of road in the country.
    To see a comprehensive map of Atlanta’s major and minor roads and get directions for your daily commutes through the city, click here.