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If you are thinking about relocating to Baltimore, Maryland, you have probably already done your research on its neighborhoods, housing prices, costs of living, and employment opportunities. However, one commonly overlooked feature when it comes to moving to another city is its transportation system. For this reason, we at USA Auto Transport have decided to put together a short guide to getting around Baltimore, for all of you who intend to start calling Maryland home.

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    How Do I Get Around Baltimore?

    On the surface, Baltimore has a relatively comprehensive public transportation system. There are numerous options for getting around, including:
    – Local Bus System – there are fifty seven different bus routes in Baltimore, among which forty seven are local routes. Four of them are QuickBuses, which have a lower number of stops. Another four are express routes which connect suburbs to the downtown area.
    – Metro Subway – Baltimore is home to a fifteen mile long subway rail. Trains usually arrive every ten minutes during rush hour, and every fifteen minutes on weekends.
    – Light Rail – this is one of the go-to options for tourists, as it stops by numerous parks and recreation centers, as well as festival venues.

    Why Do I Need A Car In Baltimore?

    While the public transportation system in Baltimore is fairly well developed, if you are moving from a larger city, for example, New York, you may find yourself wondering how on earth do Baltimoreans commute. The public transit takes some getting used to, and it will only take you so far. If you are planning on relocating to a suburban area of Baltimore, we suggest you take your vehicle with you.
    Commuting and getting around the city in a car is way easier, and, needless to say, faster. There are several interstate highways running through Baltimore, including I-70, I-83, I-95, I-395, I-695, I-795, I-895, and I-97. There is also a number of U.S. Highways, including US 1, which runs close to the downtown area, and US 40, which runs through it.
    To see a comprehensive map of Baltimore’s roads and pre-plan your route for daily commuting, click here.