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Nowadays, more and more people who are sick of the rustle and bustle of big cities and in need of a small-town charm that can still provide them with everything they need are moving to Boise, Idaho. However, one of the things that invariably comes with living in a not so big of a city is the lack of options for getting around. For this reason, we at USA Auto Transport have decided to compile a quick guide to commuting in Boise, for all of you rushing to start calling the capital of Idaho their home.
Downtown Boise Idaho USA Auto Transport

How Do I Get Around In Boise?

Public transportation in Boise, Idaho, includes bus lines provided by Valley Ride. The city is also in the process of planning on implementing Downtown Circulator, a streetcar system. Biking is another increasingly popular way of getting around Boise. However, aside from these options, there is little variety when it comes to commuting possibilities. While Boise isn’t a large city, the odds of living within a five-minute walking distance from your workplace are not too high. For this reason, it might be smart to take your four-wheeled companion with you when you move to Boise.

Why Do I Need A Car In Boise?

As we have previously stated, the public transportation system in Boise is, well, not too developed. For this reason, having a car is crucial. Getting around in your own vehicle is much easier. Boise is home to two major interstate highways, I-84 and I-184. The route I-84 connects Boise to Portland, OR and Salt Lake City, UT. I-184, also known as The Connector amongst the locals, connects I-84 to the downtown area of Boise. To see a more comprehensive list of Boise’s major and minor roads and get directions for your daily commutes through the city, click here.
Now that you have learned more about getting around in Boise, all you need to do is schedule car shipping for your vehicle. We at USA Auto Transport offer a wide variety of services, including:
- Interstate car shipping
- Short-distance car shipping
- Door-to-door auto transport
- Station-to-station auto transport
- Open auto carriers
- Enclosed auto carriers
- And many more.

Contact USA Auto Transport representatives to get the best auto transport quotes in the nation. Our staff will be more than happy to provide you with additional moving tips, directions for preparing your car for relocation, as well as additional information about our services. Contact USA Auto Transport today to schedule your car shipping. 

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