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USA Auto Transport to Brooklyn

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Moving to New York City is a big step. Your relocation to Big Apple takes a lot of preparation, especially if you are directed towards its most populous borough, Brooklyn. Extensive research prior to your move is a must. You have probably already read all about Brooklyn’s neighborhoods, schools, and housing. However, one commonly overlooked city feature when it comes to moving is transportation. Because of that, we at USA Auto Transport have put together a manual on how to get around Brooklyn.

How Do I Get Around Brooklyn?

Residents of Brooklyn are provided with a fairly extensive public transit. There are eighteen subway services provided by New York City Subway, which serve a decent number of Brooklyn neighborhoods. There is also a public bus network which covers pretty much the whole borough. Brooklynites are also provided with express buses which take them from Brooklyn to Manhattan and back. Other transportation services in Brooklyn include taxi service, Uber, or Lyft. Brooklyn is also the center of New York City’s cruise industry, which means that its waterway traffic is also well developed.

Why Do I Need A Car In Brooklyn?

Although Brooklyn boasts a well-developed public transportation network, the service does not cover all neighborhoods of the borough. Depending on where exactly in Brooklyn you are planning to relocate to, you might want to hold on to your four-wheeled companion. Besides, Brooklyn is a very car-friendly part of New York. Street parking is available almost everywhere, and getting around borough in your own vehicle is much easier in general. Brooklyn is home to several expressways:
- The Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which connects these two boroughs,
- The Gowanus Expressway, which is, in fact, a part of the previous one,
- The Prospect Expressway, also known as New York State Route 27,
- The Belt Parkway, and
- The Jacky Robinson Parkway, formerly known as the Interborough Parkway.
To see a comprehensive map of Brooklyn’s streets and highways, and receive directions for your daily commutes through the borough, click here.

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