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Auto Transport Martinez

Auto transportation from Martinez, California to Phoenix, Arizona with USA Auto Transport

Rely on the leading Auto Transport Martinez company on the road.

Auto Transport Martinez
Have you decided to move from Martinez, California, and now you need an experienced Martinez auto transport company to transport your vehicle there? Search no more – you have just found one of the best auto transport companies in the country – USA Auto Transport. When you turn to us for help, you can be sure your four-wheeler is in good hands, so do not hesitate to give us a call and book your auto transport right away.
You should know that USA Auto Transport offers several different car shipping services so that you can choose between various options and choose the one that suits best your needs. So, you might want, just like most people do, to book open car shipping, but if you don’t find it to be safe enough, you can also ask for enclosed carriers. However, we should tell you that open trailers are safe, they just don’t protect your car from dust, and possible unfavorable weather conditions like enclosed ones do. In addition to this, we also offer both door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal transportation. The latter is more affordable, but in that case, we will transport your vehicle only to a local storage facility (terminal). If, however, you’re ready to allocate a somewhat higher amount of money, you should ask for a door-to-door shipment, and your car will be delivered directly to your new home.
Auto Transport Martinez
We are a reliable Martinez auto transport company that can help you with your move as well. We provide high quality moving services such as corporate moving services, residential moving services, packing services and storage units.
If what worries you is the cost of your auto transport, do not hesitate to ask for a free auto transport quote. You can also contact our representatives if you need some other additional information before scheduling the transport. We are a dependable Martinez auto transport companythat are here to transport your vehicle to any part of the country, but in case you want it in Phoenix, Arizona, here’s what you should know about transportation there.

About transportation in Phoenix, Arizona

When you move to a new city, the most evident reason why you need your car there is to be able to explore the city alone, as well as its surroundings. You have to admit that the best way to do so is in the comfort of your own vehicle, right? As for Phoenix, in particular, you should know that the city is the first one in the country when it comes to the quality of its urban freeways. Even though Phoenix is the fifth most populous city in Arizona, there’s no need to worry about congestion typical of other large places. To be more precise, if we look at a list of 100 worst freeways for congestion and unreliability, we cannot find a single stretch of Phoenix freeway there. You wonder how that’s possible? The explanation might lie in the fact that the majority of the freeway system is funded by local instead of federal funds.
Another important thing to note is that Phoenix metropolitan area has a freeway system which is a mix of U.S., interstate, and state highways, including the following:
- Interstate 10
- Interstate 17
- US 60
- Loop 101
- Loop 202
If you want to learn some more details about transportation in Phoenix, please click here for more info.

So, if you’re ready to book your auto transport, don’t waste any more time but call USA Auto Transport today! We are looking forward to hearing from you. 

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