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Best Car Features for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Evening

Best Car Features for a Romantic Valentine’s Day Evening

Valentine’s Day is definitely the most romantic day of the year. It is the time when you show your loved one how important your relationship is to you. You have planned everything – you will take your significant other to a nice restaurant and, believe it or not, your car can play an important role. USA Auto Transport wants you to have a perfect date, which is why we present you some of the car features that will make your evening perfectly romantic. Details such as these will show your partner you genuinely care.

It doesn’t matter what kind of car you have. These features will make a Valentine’s Day ride romantic.

Locking center console

One thing that can play a big role in your Valentine’s Day plans is the locking center console. If you are planning a big move such as an engagement, you can always hide the ring in the console without having to worry that something will go wrong. Even if you are not that far in your relationship, you can hide a tiny present (it is up to you to be creative) in there. Locking center consoles are not available in every car, but they are offered in the aftermarket. This will be a good addition to your vehicle, especially if you drive an SUV or a pickup truck.

Ambient lighting

Another key feature is ambient lighting or mood lights. Only newer cars come equipped with these, and if you have them, you can use your favorite color to create a nice atmosphere in the vehicle. If there is any way you can change the color of the LED ambient lights inside your cabin, feel free to experiment. Don’t just stick to red – you can have a fresh blue or soothing green. In addition, if your car doesn’t have LED lights, you can easily buy them online.


You need to make an effort on Valentine’s, and we suggest you choose your partner’s favorite songs and play them in the car. With new infotainment systems that are available in every newer model, creating a playlist should be a piece of cake. If you are just at the beginning of your relationship, and you want to play some romantic songs, but you are not sure whether your partner will like them, you can always turn to the classics such as Frank Sinatra.

Create a pleasant atmosphere

The goal is to feel relaxed and what you should do is create a pleasant atmosphere. Since not everyone has the same car and the same features, we are going to list some of the features which will help you turn this Valentine’s Day into perfection. These are some of our suggestions:
• Heated Seats
• Massaging Seats
• Convertible Top (if the weather allows it)
Think about some other features you have in your vehicle that can help you with your Valentine’s Day plan! USA Auto Transport wishes you all the best, and we want you to spend Valentine’s Day with the person you adore. For all information regarding car shipping, contact us now!