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Common Reasons why Police Officers Pull You Over

Common Reasons why Police Officers Pull You Over

The interactions with the police when you are pulled over are not particularly pleasant even in the cases when you know that you did nothing wrong. The conversation with a police officer can be nerve-wracking, and just the thought of getting an expensive ticket is scary.

Common Reasons why Police Officers Pull You Over

However, you need to be “subtle” on the road, and there are some things about your driving or your vehicle that attract the attention of the police. If you manage to avoid doing the following things provided by USA Auto Transport, you will not be pulled over as often as you may have been before.

These things will force a cop to pull you over. Avoid doing these and you will avoid unpleasant encounters with the police.

Driving with the lights off

Even though this has become a thing of the past thanks to the new technologies and the invention of automatic headlights, it does still happen. Experienced drivers will not make such a rookie mistake, but beginners sometimes forget to turn their lights on during the day. Even though the visibility is good, you will be harder to spot by the other drivers, plus, you will draw the attention of the police, and they will most certainly pull you over.

Modified and loud vehicles

Another big reason why you are being pulled over often is that you drive a loud vehicle or a modified car. In some US states, an officer may cite you for “excessive noise,” which is why we want to warn you that the possibility of being stopped due to engine roaring exists. We understand that if you own a modified car, you want to show off when you are driving with your friends, but make sure that you equip the vehicle with an exhaust that will lower the engine noise as much as possible.


A majority of Americans who die on the roads die because of speeding. Going way over the limit is dangerous, and the worst thing is that you can harm someone else, who abides by the rules. When you are speeding, you are causing risk to pedestrians, other motorists and yourself and there is a high chance that you will fly by the police, who will then catch you and give you an expensive ticket. And that is the best-case scenario.

Texting and Driving

The number of people who text and drive has increased immensely with the development of phones and other devices which make our life easier. Even though phones are beneficial, we need to be careful when we use them. So, if you are looking down while driving, you will draw the attention of the cops who will be more than eager to give you a ticket. Every time you text and drive, you are putting other motorists at risk as well, and this is not something to toy with. Keep your eyes on the road.

Driving too slowly

While speeding is definitely a more serious traffic violation, driving too slowly can be just as dangerous. If you are driving too slowly, you are clogging the traffic, and the motorists behind you tend to become impatient as they look for the best way to pass you. Furthermore, you will attract the attention of the police because more often than not, there is an intoxicated person behind the wheel of a slow car or the person who has used some other illegal substances.

Driving a damaged vehicle

Accidents on the roads happen on a daily basis, and most of the accidents leave you with a bump in your car or damaged lights. While these are not as serious, you should go to the mechanic’s and have your car fixed as soon as possible, and the reason for that is that cops will pull you over due to safety concerns. See that you clear your schedule plan your days without a vehicle, but get that car fixed!

Tinting your windows

If you are pulled over by the police often, and you are not sure what the reason is, perhaps the answer that you are looking for is not in the way you drive, but in the way your car looks. Window tints are not a rare occurrence, and even though they look cool, cops are more likely to stop you than the driver of the car with regular windows. If you are going to tint the windows of your vehicle, be subtle.

Cutting off other drivers

Ever since people started using four-wheelers as the way of transportation, there has been that person who would cut you off. If you have ever been cut off in traffic, or you cut off someone, you know that it can be very dangerous and what usually happens is that people become angry. With the increased level of road rage, accident possibility grows as well, and if you have been spotted by the police in the middle of the maneuver, you will be pulled over and warned.

Drinking and driving

It is embarrassing that people are still discussing that drinking and driving are not supposed to be mixed together. So many people died and killed the others because they got hammered and they sat behind the wheel. It is fine to get outside and blow off steam, but you should leave your car home or have a designated driver in the group. Plus, police officers know when they spot a drunk person behind the wheel. Probably, they have trouble staying in the lane and in these cases, you will be pulled over. Driving drunk can go from an infraction to misdemeanor and even a felony.
Hopefully, you will take the things mentioned above seriously. USA Auto Transport just wants you to be the best driver as possible, but even the best drivers cannot cross miles and miles when they are moving to another state. In that case, you need a car shipping company to transport your vehicle – give us a call for more information.