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Frequent Car Shipping Questions

Frequent Car Shipping Questions

If you are moving to another state and you want to ship your car as well, you need to know some basics. Good car shipping companies are going to support you throughout the process, and you can always ask them for clarification and additional information. However, we encourage you to do your research as well, because it will make everything a lot easier and you will be more confident before you engage in the car shipping process. USA Auto Transport is here to help you get the basic information about vehicle transportation, which is why we have separated some of the most frequently asked questions about car shipping.

How long does car shipping take?

What people are wondering is how long does it take for a company to move your car from one point to another. This depends mostly on the distance from pick up to driop off. Moving your car to a neighboring state shouldn’t take long, and it is easier to predict the exact date of the delivery, whereas if you are going from the east coast of the US to the west coast, it will take some time. Car companies will give you a pickup window, which is usually between one and five days. Moreover, you can never predict the conditions on the road, and there is a possibility that your car arrives earlier or later than it is estimated. In either case, you will be notified by the car shipping company in question.

Where will you pick up my car from?

This is another common question. You should know that vehicle transportation companies offer different car shipping services and you will quickly find out what these services are. Although different, a majority of car shipping companies offer door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal services. In other words, they can pick up your car in front of your house, or you will be obligated to drive your vehicle to the terminal so that the company can load it. These two options are different with door-to-door shipping being more practical, but also more expensive. The choice is up to you!

Will my vehicle be safe?

You don’t need to be worried about your car. However, no car shipping company can guarantee absolute safety. Even though in most cases, your vehicle will be delivered without a scratch, a small percentage that your four-wheeled friend will get damaged, exists. Despite that, car shipping companies offer insurance as they are required to provide one by law. When you contact the movers, make sure you ask them about the insurance they offer, just to be sure. The good thing about this is that you can find a third party and get the insurance from them if you find it hard to trust a car shipping company. Even if something happens to your car, insurance will fix it.

When should I book car shipping services?

Booking the car transport service is the easiest part. However, don’t wait until the last minute to book your move! It is advisable that you book it at least a few days in advance to one week, but booking even earlier will not hurt. Before the booking is what truly matters and that is selecting a high-quality car shipping company.

Is it possible to track the shipment?

A lot of clients get anxious when their vehicle is picked up. They are wondering when it is going to arrive and they cannot know whether their car is safe or not. You will get the estimated arrival date, but if you want to check the progress of the shipment, you can always call the car shipping company or send an email, and they will inform you about the delivery.

How much does car shipping cost?

Calculating the price of the relocation is not difficult, but various things are taken into account. As you can assume, distance is a significant factor which influences the cost of the auto shipping services, but besides that, a car shipping company will have to know the car model and its condition as well as age. These are just some of the elements that will be considered, and you can ask any car shipping company to give you a quote and learn the approximate price of your move.

Can I put possessions into my car?

This is a common question, and it depends on a company. A vast majority of movers and car shipping companies will advise you not to put anything in your vehicle, which has to be empty during the delivery. However, some companies allow you to put 50-100 lbs inside your car, but you should not exceed the established limit. Bear in mind that car shipping companies are licensed to transport vehicles and NOT household goods. If a car shipping company does allow belongings to be put inside your vehicle, make sure you check with them what kind of thing you can put. Usually, it is clothes and soft materials, which cannot be damaged or which cannot inflict damage to your vehicle. If you decided to put your personal items and they get lost or stolen during the delivery, bear in mind that a car shipping company is not responsible and their insurance doesn’t cover the possessions. USA Auto Transport advises you to check with the company first, but if you can avoid putting things in your car, do it – it’s better for both parties.

Can I ship an inoperable car?

Yes, car shipping companies will transport an inoperable car. However, you should know that additional fee may be applied because specialized equipment is required to load and unload an inoperable vehicle. To get more details, contact a car shipping company you plan to hire and see what’s their policy on the topic.
Hopefully, USA Auto Transport has managed to clarify some things about car shipping, and you feel more confident about the whole process. If you want to transport your vehicle to another state, give us a call and select the services such as door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal shipping as well as open and enclosed auto transport.