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How to avoid Car Shipping Scammers

How to avoid Car Shipping Scammers

Do you plan to ship your vehicle with a professional car shipping company? This is excellent news and having your vehicle transported by professional and reliable movers is a lot less expensive than driving it to your final destination. However, when searching a car shipping company, you need to be careful, and you should know that scammers exist. The good news is that if you know what you are doing, you can easily identify them and avoid that company. USA Auto Transport is going to help you uncover the scammers and find legitimate movers.

How to avoid Car Shipping Scammers

Always research the company

You need to select a few companies that you like first and that you plan to contact for further information. After you have done that, make sure that you know the name of the company, their phone numbers, and address. This is going to help you do a necessary background check and see whether the company is legitimate or not. Getting in touch with Federal Motor Safety Carrier Administration is not going to take too much time, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run.

How to avoid Car Shipping Scammers

Read the reviews

Pay special attention to online reviews. This is a crucial step, and you don’t want to skip it because reviews can help you detect a fake company! You will be able to distinguish genuine reviews from the false ones. Usually, if there are a lot of top scores, that means that the reviews are written by a company member, whereas if there are to many poor grades, the reviews might be written by someone from the rivalry company. If there is an option to leave a score, usually the scale goes from one to five and fours and fives means that the reviews are genuine.

Read the contract

For some reason, a lot of people just skim through the text written in the agreement and they sign the deal. You should always read a contract carefully, because it may take five minutes longer now, but you might lose a lot of money if you sign something you don’t want to. To know whether the contract is good, all clauses related to moving your car should be included, whereas there are not supposed to be any hidden charges.

Broker vs. Shipper

Knowing this difference is important when you are transporting your car with professionals. Car shipper is the ones who will transport your vehicle from destination A to destination B, whereas the brokers are middlemen that ship the vehicles through movers. Always look for a car shipping company, and if the initial quote is small, this may be the indication that you are dealing with a broker. The brokers don’t guarantee the quality of the transportation process.
These simple steps should help you avoid any scammers. Always double-check things, read the contract carefully and make sure to gather information first before you act. Are you ready to move your car to another state? USA Auto Transport is a reliable company that will ship your vehicle safely and efficiently.