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If you want a safe auto shipping experience, avoid doing these things

If you want a safe auto shipping experience, avoid doing these things

When you want to ship your car to another part of the country, it is essential that you ask for the things you should and should not do. Make sure you look for the information online or ask the representatives of the car shipping company you selected. USA Auto Transport has been in the moving industry for a while, and sometimes clients do not listen to the tips and suggestions given by our friendly agents. In case you want your vehicle to be delivered safely to whichever location you select, avoid doing the things listed below.

Giving your phone number for a free price estimate

Just to be clear – sometimes, giving your phone number to get a free price estimate is fine, but if you see that a company offers seven quotes per minute or that they will compare five or more quotes, you might want to skip it. The reason is simple – If you leave your phone number, you will get disturbed by numerous car shipping companies that want to book you. This is not what you want to do. Make the calls yourself and ask each company you consider hiring to provide a quote individually.

Believing in fairy tales

We are sorry to disappoint you, but car shipping for $500 or less across the country is something that cannot be done. If companies did that, they would have to declare bankruptcy quickly. Don’t fall into that trap, because it simply isn’t possible. We are well aware of the fact that the low price tag is appealing, but only two outcomes are possible. One – they will charge you later on, and you will end up paying a lot more than you intended. Two – they will never pick up your vehicle. If you are new to car shipping, you should know that transporting a car cross country costs approximately $1,000. With this in mind, you can pay a couple of bucks more or less, but that is fine. Look for companies that offer estimates in this range, and you shouldn’t encounter any issues.

Looking for an exact date

Another thing to acknowledge if you want a safe and positive auto shipping experience is the pickup date. There are some instances when a car shipping company can tell you the exact pickup date, but they will charge extra money for it. You will never know when your car will be picked up, but reliable companies will provide a pickup window and one of those days, let’s say between Monday and Saturday, they will come to take your car. The companies which automatically provide the exact date often just want to get the job, and they are not the most reliable companies you can find, which can imply that your car may not be completely safe.

Avoiding questions about insurance

It is essential that you talk about car insurance with the company’s representative. Ask all kinds of questions to see what kind of insurance you get and what happens if your car gets damaged. This is not the most popular topic car companies are willing to discuss, and accidents may be rare, but they do happen. To protect your car, make sure to ask questions about insurance and see what happens in unpleasant scenarios. Although companies provide car insurance, you still want to check that out.
Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you make the right decisions when it comes to car shipping. USA Auto Transport just wants your car to be safe and secured, and if you are looking for a reliable company, we are waiting for your call!