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How to prepare a car for shipping?

Be it within a state or cross-country, your vehicle should be thoroughly prepared for the transportation.

Why should you prepare your car?

You care about your vehicle, so do we. In order for your vehicle to arrive intact, it’s important to prepare it for the shipping. Following our simple instructions, will help avoiding potential problems en route, while saving time and money.

Here are the 8 things you should do before your vehicle is picked up by USA Autotransport:

Check for leaks

If you notice any leakage coming from your vehicle, make sure to get it repaired prior to shipping day. If your vehicle has an aggressive leak, we won't be able to transport your vehicle, due to safety reasons.
Be honest, would you want the vehicle above yours dripping oil or transmission fluid all over your car?

Check tire inflation

Make sure that your tires are properly inflated to prevent any risks of damage during loading and loading.

Check the battery charge

Fully charge your car’s battery.

Empty the gas tank

A full tank of gas will add weight to your vehicle. Optimal: Between ⅛ & ½ of a tank.

Secure or remove loose parts

If there is any part of your vehicle that is removable or loose, make sure to secure or remove it.
You can fold back your mirrors and remove or retract the car antennae.
Also, make sure that convertible tops and windows are secured and closed properly.

Remove your valuable items

To ensure that your personal items are safe, make sure not to leave any valuable items inside your vehicle.
TIP: Remove any parking/toll passes, this will save you from unnecessary charges as your vehicle being transported.

Wash your car

Having a clean car crucial for the pick up inspection of the vehicle, as dirt and dust can potentially hide scratches and dents.

Disable the alarm system

Finally, provide us with the set of keys and disable the alarm system.
Here at USA Autotransport, we are looking forward to move your vehicle safely and professionally. Simply contact us and we will guide you through the shipping process. After analyzing your car’s characteristics and your preferences we will suggest either open or an enclosed trailer option, providing an all-inclusive auto transport quote.
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