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The best cars for driving long distances

When talking about vehicles, we can divide them into numerous categories, but USA Auto Transport has decided to present you best cars for long-distance driving. Are you moving to a new place, but you need a vehicle to visit your family that lives in a city far away? You plan to drive a car cross-country often? We present you the best car models for long-distance journeys and road trips.

The best cars for long-distance driving

Chrysler Pacifica

What better vehicle to start the list with than a minivan? And this is no regular minivan either – it is the Chrysler Pacifica, the top-rated model in this category. The Pacifica is perfect if you plan long trips with your family. It has an abundance of space in the cabin as well as the trunk, and you should pack all of your possessions easily. Moreover, the infotainment system in the rear seats consists of two touch screens, so you can play a movie or a cartoon for your kids to watch. Moreover, the Pacifica is safe, economical and driving is actually entertaining, which is something you don’t expect from vehicles in this segment.

Ford Mustang

Who would have thought that the Ford Mustang would be among top long-distance cars? Well, the iconic American car deserves to be mentioned whenever there is a discussion about vehicles. Joking aside, the Mustang is so engaging to drive, and with its various features and cutting-edge tech goodies inside the cabin, you can embark on a comfortable journey to another state. Plus, there is enough space in the trunk for your things, and you will love the roar of the engine when you hit the open roads.

Hyundai Sonata

The Sonata is extremely economical, and you can cover a long distance and spend little fuel. Moreover, there is enough room in the trunk for everybody’s baggage, whereas legroom and headroom in the second row are rather generous, so even if there are four adults in the car, neither should be uncomfortable. The Sonata may not be brisk, but it will get you where you intended to go safely and comfortably.

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Even though it is an off-roader, the Jeep Grand Cherokee can also be used for long-distance travels. Fuel efficiency is solid for this type of car, and the Grand Cherokee provides a smooth and enjoyable ride. The cabin is well insulated, which means that noise will not bother you, so you can go on for hours and not feel tired. Also, it is a tremendous vehicle if you plan to tow something such as a small boat, for instance.

Honda CR-V

Last but not least, the CR-V comes from the Japanese manufacturer, and this car is one of the most reliable vehicles you will find. Its engine doesn’t require a lot of fuel, whereas, with generous space inside, you can have a smooth ride with your family.

Since you are moving to a different state, driving may not be the best option considering that you are under a lot of stress. Even if you have one of these vehicles, call USA Auto Transport, and we will ship your car to any location in the USA.