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Things you should Know About President’s Limo

Things you should Know About President’s Limo

Presidents come and go, but The Beast stays. If you didn’t know, The Beast is the name of the president’s limousine, and it has only two tasks. It is supposed to keep the president safe and to drive him (her) to the destination. The Beast looks awesome, but a lot of money was spent to create such a car that can protect America’s chief executive under any circumstances or possible terrorist attacks.

It is surprising that there is not too much information about The Beast, but over the years, information piled up and USA Auto Transport gathered everything in the one place. Here are some of the things you should know about The Beast.

Things you should Know About President’s Limo

It is not entirely Cadillac

The Beast looks nothing like a regular street-legal production vehicle. Even though it is branded as Cadillac, parts have been stripped from some other models, and unique parts were created as well. For instance, the chassis, as well as the engine, is based on the units used in the Chevy Kodiak, whereas some pieces such as the headlamps are coming from an Escalade. The Beast is a unique vehicle, and there is not a single car in the world which is similar to it.

It is extremely safe

Even though it doesn’t seem that way, with windows and everything, The Beast is extremely safe, and it would be an understatement to call this model armored. First of all, the armor plating that is used is 8 inches thick whereas the windows are five inches thick and they are, of course, bulletproof. Secondly, the President will be completely safe in his ride because tires are Kevlar-reinforced and even if they become flat, the Beast will be able to drive away to safety. Moreover, the interior is completely sealed off whereas the fuel tank is insulated with special foam in case of an impact.

It has room for seven passengers

There are always three passengers in the presidential car, at the very least. One of them is a driver, and the other one is the lead Secret Service protective agent, sitting in the front of the car. The third one is the President himself. But there are four more seats available if the Number One man in the country has guests.

Driver is amazing

Becoming a driver of The Beast is a lot more difficult than you might think. First of all, driving The Beast is more similar to driving a school bus, than any other car you can think of. The presidential drivers need to be skillful, and they go through extensive training to become chauffeurs. This training is performed on a secluded site, which is unfamiliar to the public.
It is highly unlikely that the President will want The Beast transported with any moving company, but if you want to ship your car to any destination in the United States call USA Auto Transport and set a pickup date!