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When planning on moving to another state, it is crucial to research all important information about that state beforehand. If you are thinking about relocating to Los Angeles, California, we have no doubt that you have already read pages and pages on its school system, employment opportunities, or costs of living. However, one thing people regularly forget to look into is getting around the city. For this reason, we at USA Auto Transport have decided to compile a manual to getting around the City of Angels.

How Do I Get Around Los Angeles?

Los Angeles has a fairly developed public transit system. There are several public transportation options to choose from in the city:
- Metro Buses: Metro offers around two hundred bus lines, among which some are designed especially for commuters in downtown area.
- Metro Rail: the rail offers two subway lines and six light-rail lines. Five of these serve the downtown area.
- Municipal Buses: these buses operate in certain areas only.
- DASH Buses: DASH offers thirty three routes which operate until 7pm.
In addition to this, getting around Los Angeles on a bike is not only a way to commute, but a great way to get your daily dose of physical activity as well.

Why Do I Need A Car In Los Angeles?

Although the public transportation system in Los Angeles is well-developed and spread throughout pretty much all areas of the city, you will still need a car here. Los Angeles is large and getting around by bus or rail can take a while. The city was built to conform to drivers, so why not take advantage of that?
Los Angeles is well-connected to the rest of the country by a large number of freeways and highways. The city also has a developed street greed, which means that you are not likely to get lost here. To find out more about the street logistics of Los Angeles and find directions for your daily commutes once you relocate to the City of Angels, click here.

If you have all your belongings packed and loaded onto a moving truck, there is only one thing left for you to do – contact USA Auto Transport to schedule car shipping for your vehicle. We offer a wide variety of services, including enclosed auto carriers and door-to-door auto transport service. Contact our representatives today to get the best car shipping quotes and ask for any additional information you might need.

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