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Are you moving to Portland, Oregon? That is a great choice! This seaport city is frequently recognized as the world’s most environmentally friendly city. It is highly walkable, has a large community of cyclists, encourages organic farming, and is home to over 10,000 acres of parks. It experiences a relatively mild climate. Home of people of all kinds of backgrounds, interests, and traditions, the city deservingly carries the slogan “Keep Portland Weird”.
If you are seriously considering moving here, you should know that moving out of state requires detailed planning. That is why it is important for you to know everything about the city you are about to start calling home. One of the major characteristics of the place you should learn about is its transportation system. In order to make that task easier, we at USA Auto Transport have compiled this short guide to Portland, Oregon.

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If you are planning on living car-free in Portland, you will probably have to rely on public transport for your daily commutes, at least from time to time. Luckily, the public transit system in the city is fairly well-developed. The Mass transit is comprised of 610 buses, five light rail lines, two street car lines, a commuter rail network, and Portland Aerial Tram.
In addition to public transit, cycling has become a common way of commuting over the last fifteen years. Some 8 per cent of commuters bike to work every day, which is ten times more than the national average. Portland is also home to a bike share program, which encourages the active lifestyle.
It is also important to note that Portland has been ranked the 12th most walkable city in the United States.

Is your vehicle prepared for transport?

Let us be honest – you don’t technically need a car to live comfortably in Portland. However, there are still reasons why you might want to hold on to it.
First of all, while the public transit system in Portland is one of the best-developed ones in the country, it is not flawless. For example, if you are planning on taking trips to the outskirts of the city in order to enjoy a family picnic surrounded by intact nature, buses will be of little use to you for such adventures. In addition, rush hour crowds on public transit vehicles can sometimes be quite unbearable.
Secondly, while cycling is a great way to commute to work and improve your lifestyle along the way, it is not the best choice of getting around during winter, in rain, or when the temperatures are too high. You will not leave a good impression on your boss if you show up to work soaked.
And lastly, although Portland is quite walkable, there are still areas that lack pedestrian tracks. In addition, you are unlikely to be able to walk to work if you are going to live in the suburbs, yet work in the downtown areas.
Besides, driving around Portland, Oregon is really a breeze. The city is served by an extensive network of highways. These include:
- Interstate 5 (I-5),
- Interstate 84 (I-84),
- U.S. Route 26,
- U.S. Route 30,
- Oregon Route 8,
- Oregon Route 10,
- Oregon Route 43,
- Oregon Route 99E/99W,
- And many more.
The city’s streets form an almost perfect grid, with the exception of several major roads. This makes getting lost in Portland almost impossible. If you wish to see a comprehensive map of Portland’s streets, roads, and routes, and get directions for your daily commutes once you relocate, click here.

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