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Are you in the process of relocating to Missouri? Is St. Louis your city of choice? If so, you have probably already looked into all of the cities attractions, amenities, and employment opportunities. If you are moving to St. Louis with your family, you have probably already done your research on the city’s schools and colleges. However, there might be something you are overlooking. What about getting around the city? It is of crucial importance to know whether or not you will need your car once you relocate. For that reason, we at USA Auto Transport have put together this quick guide to help you get to know the traffic in St. Louis better.
Downtown Saint Louis Missouri USA Auto Transport

How Do I Get Around St. Louis, Missouri?

Getting around the city of St. Louis is relatively easy. The city’s residents are provided with several forms of public transport. These include:
- Light rail, with two lines, connecting downtown to two different areas outside of the city;
- Rail service, provided by Bi-State Development Agency;
- River transportation, operating from the Port of St. Louis, which spans over almost. 20 miles of riverbank;
- Inter-city rail, provided by Amtrak, connecting St. Louis to Chicago, Kansas, San Antonio, and other cities;
- Freight rail service, provided by several different companies;
- Bus Service, with almost 80 routes, connecting the city to its surrounding areas;
- Taxi, whose rates vary by type of vehicle, number of passengers, distance, and other factors.

Why Do I Need a Car In St. Louis, Missouri?

Let us be honest - getting by without your own vehicle in St. Louis is possible. However, unless you are moving to Downtown or Central West End, not having a car will make your everyday commutes and life in general much harder. For that reason, you might still want to consider hiring an auto transport company and using their car shipping services.
In addition to this, driving around St. Louis is not only easy, but relaxing. With the city’s beautiful scenery and landscape, you are bound to enjoy every single commute. St. Louis is home to four interstate highways that connect it to a larger regional highway system. These interstates are:
- Interstate 70 (I-70), that runs from east to west, passing through the downtown areas;
- Interstate 55 (I-55), that runs from south to north, connecting the city center to Carondelet and other neighborhoods;
- Interstate 64 (I-64), that enters the city on the west, and runs to the east, merging with the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial;
- Interstate 44 (I-44), that runs from west to east, terminating at I-70.
In order to see a complete map of the roads and streets in St. Louis, click here.

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