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If you are in the process of moving to Seattle, you have probably already done all the extensive research required when moving to another state. You know all about Seattle’s food, climate, parks, and educational opportunities. However, what most people overlook when researching into their new home city is transportation. For that reason, we at USA Auto Transport have decided to put together a quick manual for getting around Seattle. Without further ado, here are some things you should know about Seattle’s traffic.

How Do I Get Around Seattle?

Many Seattleites utilize different forms of public transportation to commute on a daily basis. There are several public transit systems in Seattle. Among them are:
- Link Light Rail, which operates from the airport to the University of Washington through the downtown area.
- King County Metro Transit, a bus service in downtown Seattle and the surrounding neighborhoods.
- Seattle Center Monorail, that travels from downtown to the base of Queen Anne hill.
In addition to public transportation, the city of Seattle offers various other options for getting around, such as taxis, rental cars, car sharing companies, and rental bicycles.

Why Do I Need A Car In Seattle?

Having read the previous paragraph, you are probably wondering whether you will need you vehicle in Seattle at all. The answer is yes. While Seattle’s public transit system works great, it lacks areal coverage, especially compared to other large cities. Seattle is relatively spread out, and given that most of its attractions are located in the suburban areas and on the outskirts, you will probably need a car sooner or later.
Besides, getting around Seattle in your own vehicle is much easier. The streets in Seattle are laid out so as to create several rectangular grids. Street addresses in the city all conform to the same numbering plan. This makes getting lost in Seattle highly unlikely.
To see a comprehensive map of Seattle’s street and avenues and look into directions for your daily commutes once you move to the Emerald City, click here.

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