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Are you moving to Cleveland, Ohio? If this is your first relocation, you should know that moving to another state is a complicated and difficult process. In fact, according to some statistics, it is the third most stressful event in a person’s life, right after the death of a loved one and divorce. For that reason, it is important to take all precautionary measures to avoid possible complications and problems. The best way to stay on top of things is to educate yourself. Read into the city you are about to start calling home. Find out all about its amenities, economy, or climate. Another important characteristic you should learn about is a city’s transportation system. In order to make that easier, we at USA Auto Transport have compiled this quick guide to commuting through Cleveland, Ohio.

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    How Do I Get Around Cleveland, Ohio?

    There are multiple ways to get around Cleveland. The city is home to a bus and rail mass transit system, both operated by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority, also known as RTA. The rail system consists of two light rail lines, and a heavy rail line. These include:
    – The Green Line, also known as Route 67A, traveling through the Shaker Boulevard;
    – The Blue Line, also known as Route 67, that runs through the Van Aken Boulevard;
    – The Red Line, also known as Route 66, is the only heavy rail line and travels from the Hopkins Airport to the Windermere station.
    A bus rapid transit line, known as HealthLine, runs from downtown along Euclid Avenue, through the University Circle, and ends at the Windermere station. In addition to this, inter-city bus lines are provided by several companies, such as Megabus, Akron Metro, Brunswick Transit Alternative, Laketran, Lorain County Transit, and Medina County Transit.

    Why Do I Need a Car In Cleveland, Ohio?

    Although the public transit system of Cleveland is one of the best ones in the country, depending on where exactly you are going to relocate to, you might get by without a car. However, if your future home is located somewhere in the suburban areas, living without a personal vehicle can be a nuisance, especially during the freezing Ohio winters. When the snow falls on Cleveland grounds, not only will you practically have to swim to the nearest station, but you won’t be able to count on buses to be on time. For that reason, you should still consider hiring a reliable interstate auto transport company and using their car shipping services to Cleveland, Ohio. Besides, driving around Cleveland is pretty easy once you get to know the city. The road system is comprised of numbered streets and named avenues. The streets run from north to south, while the avenues run from east to west. In addition to this, there is a number of interstate highways passing through Cleveland:
    – Interstate 71 (I-71), that begins southwest of downtown, runs through the southwestern suburbs and connects the area to the airport, and further to Cincinnati and Columbus;
    – Interstate 77 (I-77), that runs from downtown Cleveland southwards through the suburbs, connecting the city to Akron;
    – Interstate 90 (I-90), that connects the two sides of Cleveland, and is known as the inner belt through downtown;
    – Interstate 480 (I-480), that enters Cleveland only briefly;
    – Interstate 490 (I-490), which connects I-77 to the junction of I-71 and I-90.
    To see a comprehensive map of Cleveland’s roads and get directions for your future daily commutes, click here.