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Are you thinking about relocating to Denver, Colorado? With the city’s beautiful landscapes and pleasant weather, we don’t blame you for wanting to call it home. If you are serious about your relocation here, you have probably already done your research on Denver – you know all about its school system, employment opportunities, and the hot spots for dining out. However, there just might be one thing you are forgetting. Have you thought about ways to get around the city? If not, you are in luck. We at USA Auto Transport have decided to create a quick guide to Denver’s transportation. Read on to learn all about the different ways of commuting in Denver, Colorado.

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    How Do I Get Around Denver, Colorado?

    The residents of the Queen City of the West, as Denver is commonly called, are provided with public transportation by the Regional Transportation District, or RTD, and Colorado Department of Transportation, or CODT. These two companies offer buses, light rail, and commuter rail in the whole metropolitan area. In addition, Greyhound Lines and Amtrak serve Denver with intercity lines, connecting it to Chicago, Emeryville, Albuquerque, New York City, Portland, Las Vegas, and other places. Cycling is another great option for getting around, especially taking into consideration that the State of Colorado was ranked sixth most bicycle-friendly state in America.

    Why Do I Need A Car In Denver, Colorado?

    While it may seem that Denver has an extensive mass transit network, the truth is that public transportation here is quite underfunded. In addition to this, most lines, both rail and bus ones, operate on the park-and-ride basis, which means that areas other than downtown are poorly serviced. While it is possible to live car-free in Denver, it sure won’t make your life much easier.
    Another reason you might want to hold on to your vehicle is the fact that driving around Denver really isn’t that hard. The streets of Denver are positioned in a grid, either oriented to the cardinal directions or parallel to the South Platte and Cherry Creek Rivers. In addition, Denver is served by several major highways, including:
    – Interstate 25, which runs north-south from New Mexico to Wyoming,
    – Interstate 70, which runs east-west from Utah, through Colorado, to Maryland,
    – Interstate 225, which connects the previous two highways,
    – Interstate 270, which runs along US 36,
    – Interstate 76, which intersects with I-25 just north of Denver,
    – US 6, which connects downtown Denver to the suburbs on the west, and later Utah, Nevada, and California, as well as Massachusetts to the east,
    – US 36, which connects Denver to Boulder and Rocky Mountain, and
    – State Highway 470, a beltway covering the southwestern area of Denver.
    To see a complete map of Denver’s streets and get directions for your future daily commutes, click here.