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USA Auto Transport to Eugene

Rely on the leading Eugene Auto transport company on the road.

Are you considering moving to Eugene, Oregon? Great choice! Eugene is a beautiful city with a unique charm to it. You are bound to enjoy your life there.
If you are serious about your relocation to Eugene, Oregon, you have probably already done some research on the city you are about to start calling home. You already know all about its school system, big employers, outdoor activities, entertainment venues, or amenities. But there might be something you are forgetting.

What many people tend to overlook when researching into the cities they are about to move to is transportation. Living and working in Eugene means that commuting will become an integral part of your daily activities. For that reason, it is important for you to learn all about the city’s public transit and other forms of commuting. In order to make that task simple, we at USA Auto Transport have put together all the important information about Eugene’s transportation options into this quick guide.

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    How Do I Get Around Eugene, Oregon?

    There are several different options of commuting through Eugene. First of all, there is the Lane Transit District, a public transportation company that provides an extensive bus route network, as well as a bus rapid transit line between Eugene and Springfield. As of 2004, there is also the Amtrak rail system, with two daily runs of the Cascades rail. However, probably the most popular way of commuting through the city is by bicycles. Even festivals and other events make sure they provide enough parking spots for bicycles. Eugene has been ranked in the top ten cities when it comes to cycling. It is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in America.

    Why Do I Need a Car in Eugene, Oregon?

    Even if you are an avid fun of cycling, it does sometimes get too cold in Eugene to pedal. In those periods, you will want to have your car with you. In addition to this, the public transit system in the city is not exactly the best-developed one in the country. This is why we at USA Auto Transport suggest you contact our representatives right away and schedule your interstate car shipping date.
    Besides, driving around Eugene is easy, even for young and inexperienced drivers. The city has an extensive freeway network that makes getting around pretty easy and time-efficient. Some of the most important roads are:
    – Interstate 5 (I-5), that runs along the eastern city limit, basically acting as a border between Eugene and Springfield;
    – Officer Chris Kilcullen Memorial Highway, also known as Oregon Route 126 or Interstate 105, whose Eugene portion begins at an interchange with I-5, and ends at a freeway terminus to the west;
    – Randy Pape Beltline, a limited-access freeway, that runs along the northern and western border of Eugene;
    – Delta Highway, that forms a connector between Interstate 105 and Beltline Highway;
    – Oregon Route 99, that forms a major artery in Eugene, continuing north into the Willamette valley.
    To see a comprehensive map of all of Eugene’s routes and streets, and get directions for your future commutes, click here.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.