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USA Auto Transport to Reno

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Are you moving to the state of Nevada? Is Reno your city of choice? Affectionately referred to as The Biggest Little City in the World, this place has a lot to offer to its residents. If you have already begun preparing for your relocation, you are probably in the process of gathering information about Reno. Knowing all about the city’s amenities, entertainment centers, employment opportunities, and education system is crucial for a smooth acclimation to your new home. Another important thing you should research into before moving is the city’s transportation system. If you are going to live and work in Reno, commuting will be a part of your daily activities. For that reason, it is important to be acquainted with the different ways of getting around the city. To make this task as easy as possible, we at USA Auto Transport have done the research for you – everything you need to know about Reno’s transportation system is contained in this short guide.

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    How Do I Get Around Reno, Nevada?

    Reno has a fairly developed public transit system, comprised of buses and railways. The bus system is operated by Regional Transportation Commission of Washoe County, or RTC. RTC provides both intercity and intracity bus lines, as well as on-demand shuttle service. In addition, Greyhound bus lines connect the city of Reno to other major cities in the country, such as Sacramento, San Francisco, or Salt Lake City. In addition to buses, Amtrak provides passenger service to and from Reno via their California Zephyr railway. Several Amtrak Motorcoaches connect Reno to Sacramento as well.

    Why Do I Need a Car in Reno, Nevada?

    While Reno does have a public transportation system, the truth is, unless you are moving to a downtown area, it wouldn’t be wise to rely on RTC bus lines. They tend to be intermittent to remoter areas, especially in case of snowfall. Since you are more likely to live in suburban parts of the city and work downtown, it would be a good idea to consider hiring a reliable auto transport company and using their interstate car shipping services to Reno.
    In addition to this, Reno is not too big of a city. This means that driving here won’t be a challenge, even to young and inexperienced drivers. Almost all streets in Reno form a grid pattern, which makes getting lost practically impossible. An exception to this rule would be several major roads, such as the South Virginia Street, or California Avenue. In addition, Reno is served by Interstate 80 (I-80) and U.S. Route 395/Interstate 580.
    If you find getting around the city easier with a map, we suggest visiting this website.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.