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USA Auto Transport to Sacramento

Rely on the leading Sacramento Auto transport company on the road.

Are you thinking about relocating to Sacramento, California? If so, don’t forget to conduct extensive research of the city you are about to start calling home. In fact, you have probably already read all about Sacramento’s neighborhoods, climate, and entertainment options. However, you might have overlooked one important factor – public transportation in Sacramento. For this reason, we at USA Auto Transport have decided to put together a short guide to getting around Sactown.

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    How Do I Get Around Sacramento?

    The City of Sacramento is covered by a network of public transportation provided by Sacramento Regional Transit District. This is a bus and light rail system which was ranked the eleventh busiest one in America. Aside from that, the city is provided with several region-specific bus services, such as Yolobus. Other popular forms of transportation in Sacramento include walking and cycling. The city’s pleasant weather and convenient infrastructure make both options possible.

    Why Do I Need A Car In Sacramento?

    Although the city is home to a well-developed public transportation system, it can only get you so far. Unless you are moving to the downtown area of Sacramento or its surrounding neighborhoods, you are not likely to be able to walk or use the bus for your daily commutes. In addition to this, Sacramento offers a variety of outdoor activities just outside the city borders, which are pretty much only accessible by car. For this reason, it might be a good idea to hire a reliable auto transport company to help you with your car shipping.
    Besides, getting around Sacramento in a car is way easier and more time-efficient. Sacramento is well connected by several major roads and highways. These include:
    – Interstate 80, or I-80, which connects Sacramento to San Francisco and Reno,
    – Business 80, also known as the Capital City Freeway, which splits off from I-80 in West Sacramento, and rejoins it in the northwest,
    – U.S. Highway 50, which joins Business 80 on a short part of the route through Sacramento, and then splits and moves on towards South Lake Tahoe,
    – Interstate 5, or I-5, which runs in the south-north direction through Sacramento,
    – California State Highway 99, which connects Sacramento to Marysville, Yuba City, Fresno, and Bakersfield,
    – California State Highway 160, which runs along the Sacramento River.
    To see a comprehensive map of all of Sacramento’s major and minor roads and get directions for your daily commutes once you move to Sactown, click here.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.