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USA Auto Transport to San Francisco

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Are you considering moving to San Francisco? We don’t blame you, who wouldn’t want to live in the Golden City? In fact, we would probably be just as excited as you are. We can only imagine you have already packed all your moving boxes and are eagerly waiting for them to be loaded onto a moving truck. But is there something you might be forgetting? What about your car? When moving to another state, most people accidentally overlook one big part of the moving process – researching into how to get around their future home city. For this reason, we at USA Auto Transport have compiled a quick manual to getting around San Francisco.

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    How Do I Get Around San Francisco?

    Around one third of San Francisco residents use public transportation for commuting every day. There are several public transport services in the city:
    – BART train service, which connects San Francisco to the East Bay,
    – Muni Buses, a large bus network operating throughout the downtown area,
    – Muni Metro, a light rail/streetcar public transportation system.
    In addition to this, many private transport options are available throughout the city, such as taxi service, Uber, and Lyft.
    All in all, San Franciscans are provided with a well-developed and relatively comprehensive public transit system.

    Why Do I Need A Car In San Francisco?

    Unless you are moving to the downtown area of San Fran, the city’s extensive public transit system won’t be of much help to you. Getting from the suburbs to the city centre is way easier and more time-saving when you have your own vehicle.

    The city’s street logistics is quite unique. Instead of having countless freeways and highways like most other major cities in America, San Francisco has arterial thoroughfares. That being said, the city is home to Interstate 80, which is the only direct connector to the East Bay, as well as U.S. Route 101, which connects I-80 to the San Francisco Bay toward Silicon Valley. State Route 1 enters the city through the Golden Gate Bridge, and then joins with I-280.

    For a comprehensive map of San Francisco’s major and minor roads, click here.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.