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All you need to know about Safety when Shipping a Car

One of the biggest concerns people have when they are shipping a car with a car transport company is safety. No matter how reliable a company is, there is always going to be a shadow of doubt that makes us ask ourselves whether it was smart let someone else handle our vehicle. Most car shipping companies guarantee safety, but it is a dangerous thing to do because the chance that your car will get damaged always exists, and sometimes it is not the company’s fault. USA Auto Transport wants you to have a positive car shipping experience, and that is why, in this blog, we will address the following things, which are the essentials you need to know about shipping your vehicle safely:

• Finding a dependable car shipping company
• Different services and how safe they are
• You are responsible as well – prepare your car the right way
• What if I am shipping an expensive new car or a vintage vehicle
• Car insurance

Car Shipping begins here – finding a company

Your first step is the most important one in the entire vehicle transportation process. You need to find dependable movers who will relocate your car securely. If you choose a company which is not professional, get ready to lose your nerve. When people realize that they need to ship their car, they start browsing the web in search of companies as if they are reading the news. Approach this hunt more seriously.

The reason for this is that your car’s safety depends on you. Find a few companies, write down the information that you like, write down their phone numbers and when you have enough companies you like, and you have checked their reliability, start calling. Your goal at first is to get the price estimates from each company so that you can compare them. Quotes tell you a lot about the company and only if you are certain that you have found the right one contact them to get extra information. If you are in two minds, make sure to ask them questions which will help you make the final cut.

What can help here is if you have a friend or a colleague who has shipped their vehicle with professionals. They can give you valuable advice on what you should and should not do.

What do car companies offer and what do you need?

By this point, you know either the approximate or a flat price of shipping a car, and you need to select car shipping services. Most of the companies in the moving industry offer similar car shipping services, and the two of the most important ones include open and enclosed auto transport. But how can you know which one is a better choice for you? Which of these is safer?

If this is your first time moving, you must be feeling overwhelmed, but don’t worry. All car companies have their representatives or agents, who will help you if you don’t understand how something works. USA Transport is here to back you up and arm you with knowledge, so let’s consider both options.

Open auto transport means that your car will be exposed to the mercy of the weather. This is the reason why open carriers are more affordable, but if you don’t mind visiting a car wash after your vehicle has been delivered, this option is just fine for you. Sometimes there is no need to pay extra. On the other hand, enclosed car shipping will fully isolate your vehicle, and no rain, snow or road debris could damage it. If you believe that this option is better than the other one and that your car requires full protection, go for it. Keep in mind, though, that enclosed carriers are usually reserved for sports cars and vintage vehicles.

Essential preparation steps – safety comes first

The company which will ship your car has provided a pickup window, and by this point, you have done most of the work. Soon enough, your car will hit the road on the back of the truck and arrive at the destination quickly. But before that, you need to prepare your four-wheeled companion for the journey. USA Auto Transport will not go step by step on what you should do, because the company you have selected will provide necessary instructions. Instead we will just focus on safety during the car preparation. However, if you would like to read step-by-step instructions, feel free to browse our blog.

The most critical part is removing things and personal possessions from your car. Most of the car shipping companies will allow you to put belongings in your vehicle that weigh up to 50 lb and some would even go as high as 100 lb. This is what you need to check with your respective company, but even if can pack some of your things in the vehicle before the pickup, it is not an advisable thing to do. The things you put inside the cabin can damage your car during transportation and car shipping companies are not responsible for this kind of damage. If you cannot help it and you have to put some stuff in, make sure that you include nothing heavy – instead, put some clothes inside.

Luxury and vintage cars

A lot of car shipping revolves around transporting luxury cars and vintage cars which are heading to an exhibit or auction. All the things you can read above can be applied to these types of cars, but we would just like to note that both luxury and vintage cars require additional special treatment. Consider paying extra money if that will increase the safety during the transportation, because if these cars get damaged by a strayed rock from the road, for instance, the repair can be quite costly.

Car Insurance

We have decided to leave car insurance for the end because it is probably the most important thing. You can sometimes do everything – choose the most reliable company, the best services possible, prepare your vehicle – but someone can always cause an accident on the road that a truck driver cannot avoid. That is why, at the beginning of the process, ask the car shipping company what kind of insurance they provide. If you want to increase security, getting car insurance from a third party is always an option.

These are essential things that you should know about safety during car shipping, and USA Auto Transport hopes this will help you in your vehicle transportation endeavors! If you need to transport a vehicle from one state to another, contact USA Auto Transport for additional information.