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Most Popular Import Cars

While there are some outstanding ‘domestic’ cars in the USA, produced by the US carmakers, a lot of Americans prefer import cars. Ford F-150 may be the most popular model among the people from the States, but vehicles which arrive from Japan and South Korea are extremely renowned, and a lot of people buy them. USA Auto Transport made a list of the most popular import cars.

The most famous routes in the United States

The United States cover a large area of the North American continent as the country stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific. All kinds of terrains cover the land, and you can see everything from deserts filled with cacti to mountain ranges the stretch for miles and which are surrounded by dense forests. Are you planning to move to another state or you want to go for a road trip? USA Auto Transport

How to avoid Car Shipping Scammers

Do you plan to ship your vehicle with a professional car shipping company? This is excellent news and having your vehicle transported by professional and reliable movers is a lot less expensive than driving it to your final destination. However, when searching a car shipping company, you need to be careful, and you should know that scammers exist. The good news is that if you know what you are doing, you can easily identify them