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    Organizing a relocation is never a simple task – it requires a lot of time and dedication. However, the amount of stress you will experience is entirely up to you. If you book our Hoboken movers to help you relocate to this lovely part of New Jersey, your moving experience will be quite a pleasant one.

    USA Auto Transport Is the Most Reliable Car Shipping Company in the Business - Ship Your Vehicle Safely With Us

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    When you start planning a long-distance move, you will face many tasks – the to-do list suddenly becomes endless. One of the critical things you will have to take care of is auto transport – you can’t move to another state without your car, right? One might say that you can simply drive the vehicle to the future home across the country, but is that such a good idea? We believe it’s not – why make up additional work for yourself? You will end up exhausted and ruin the excitement of finally arriving at your beautiful home.

    That’s where USA Auto Transport comes to the scene. We have been leaders in our industry for quite some time now, and we continue to improve and evolve with every job we do. Entrusting our skillful movers with your valuable vehicle will be one of the best decisions you will make over the course of the moving preparations. Don’t hesitate to get a free quote and see if our estimate fits into your relocation budget. We’re sure you won’t have anything against our prices, seeing as we are one of the reasonably-priced long-distance moving and car shipping companies. Transparency and honesty are the laws we abide by in business.

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    You’re in for a Pleasant Relocation Experience With Our Auto Transport Company and Professional Movers

    We have an excellent crew of professional movers with top reviews, not just in Hoboken but all around the country. Our workers go through extensive training and continue to perfect their skills and adapt to the newest shipping and moving industry standards. You can rest assured that the service they’ll provide will be a pleasant and highly professional one. Your concerns will be heard, and your wishes will be respected. We can guarantee you that your vehicle will arrive at its destination in perfect condition, like it hasn’t been through a long-distance move at all.

    Our Hoboken Movers, NJ, Can Provide Both Open Carrier and Enclosed Auto Transport

    moving truck with open trailer

    When it comes to car shipping options, there are open and enclosed carriers – our company offers both of these to the customers, of course, and the reviews are great for both options. Still, the question is – how will you know which one to choose? It isn’t as complicated as it sounds. The main difference in these types of trailers is the level of protection they provide to the vehicle.

    An open trailer is quite alright, and it does protect a car from any significant damage on the road, but both the facts and our experience in the business have shown that an enclosed trailer does have some additional benefits. It will make sure your vehicle stays absolutely intact because it also gives protection from road debris and weather conditions. This is something that you can’t get with an open trailer.

    Given these facts, it’s obvious that the enclosed carrier costs a bit more than the open one, so the only question is how much you can set aside for your car. We must mention that most of our customers prefer open carriers, which makes sense – it’s more than fine for most vehicles. If you own a luxury car or an antique one, and you are worried about even the slightest scratch, we suggest you go with an enclosed trailer, just to be sure everything goes smoothly.

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    What Determines the Price of Our Car Shipping Service?

    Our company doesn’t have a set price for every shipment – the cost of auto transport can depend on a few different factors, but that shouldn’t worry you. When you request a free quote, and we give you the number, you can be sure that we won’t add any unnecessary charges or unfair hidden fees. We always work transparently, and the trust our customers give us is something we value deeply. There are a few factors that can determine the cost of having your vehicle shipped to your desired destination:

    • Distance of shipping,
    • Weight and size of your vehicle,
    • Year, make, and a model of the car,
    • Time of the year when we ship the car.

    You Can Choose a Delivery Option That Suits You Best

    usa auto transport truck

    When you contact us for a free quote, you will be offered two delivery options. Both of them will ensure the car gets to your home in no time, but they differ in convenience and cost. Take a moment to think about which one works best for you, and then book our services.

    Door-to-Door Auto Transport

    Door-to-door service is a more modern concept, and naturally, it’s the one that provides you with more convenient assistance. As the name suggests, with this kind of delivery, our crew will drop your vehicle right in front of your home. This is the best solution for those who don’t want to bother picking the car up or simply are too exhausted after the relocation. Our reviews show that clients are more than satisfied with this kind of delivery. However, we must note one thing – if we’re unable to access your property, we will deliver the vehicle to the nearest parking lot, which would still be better than you having to pick it up at our terminal.

    Open trailer car shipping

    Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

    If you don’t want a door-to-door delivery service, there is always an option of old-fashioned terminal-to-terminal shipping. We have car terminals in almost every big city in the US, and if you decide to go for this option, you can expect to pay less than for door-to-door delivery. Of course, it’s all a matter of personal preference, but before you definitely decide on one of these two services, make sure it won’t be inconvenient for you to get across the city in order to pick up your vehicle.

    a car insurance policy

    If You Book Our Auto Transport, You Will Get Car Insurance With No Additional Fees

    When you contact us for car shipping services and book our assistance, you will automatically receive car insurance for no additional fee – we always take care of our clients. Car insurance is always important, no matter how skillful your moving crew is – it’s better to be safe than sorry, right? When using our open trailer, the policy is $100,000, and for our enclosed carrier, it’s $500,000. Keep in mind that these policies apply only to external damages.

    USA Auto Transport Provides Other Moving Services as Well

    A pile of empty boxes on the floor

    We might be leaders in the auto transport industry, but that’s not the only thing we do excellently. When you contact us for a quote, you can also request long-distance moving services, including packing, storage service, and moving insurance – we do it all, and our reviews are outstanding for everything we do. When we set the quote for your move, know that it will be 100% transparent – the price is based on your household inventory list, and that list can be changed up until the day before the move.

    Packing Assistance By Our Movers in Hoboken, NJ

    There are two kinds of packing available – full and partial. The only difference is in the number of boxes our workers will pack – with partial packing of your items, the limit is 15 boxes, and with full services, there is no limit in the number of boxes or items our crew will pack. So, why bother wrapping stuff on your own when you can have professionals with outstanding reviews handle everything for your long-distance move to New Jersey? If this seems unnecessary to you, you can always count on our standard wrapping, which is included in the price of regular relocation assistance. This includes wrapping everything that is too large to fit into a box, like appliances and furniture.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    Storage Services Are an Essential Part of a Long-Distance Move

    You can also contact us for storage services – we have the most modernly equipped storage facilities where your items will be safe for extended periods. When you book our storage unit with relocation assistance, you will get the first 30 days of storing your items free of charge. After that, we start charging a standard fee for a unit.

    insurance claim form

    Moving Insurance Will Help You Relocate With a Peace of Mind

    Even though you will have brilliant professionals taking care of your move, it’s still good to get insurance, as you never know what can happen that’s outside our control. With our relocation assistance, you will always get mandatory liability coverage that’s 60 cents per pound of damaged goods, but you can also pay for a full value replacement (this policy can only apply to the items packed by our workers).

    Hoboken, New Jersey - The Famous Mile Square City

    Hoboken buildings

    This place is a true gem located just 10-15 minutes away from the center of NYC. It offers the residents an urban feel but lacks the crazy pace of NY – in recent years, this city has seen an increase in the number of residents, mostly families who are looking for a great public school system that this place in New Jersey can provide. The area’s development isn’t stagnating, and the place is doing better than Jersey City, for example.

    What Makes This New Jersey Spot Unique?

    With 53,000 residents, this lovely place just outside The Big Apple is a safe area with plenty of amenities. It’s considered one of the most walkable cities in the US – thus the nickname Mile Square, although the area actually has 1.25 square miles. It also has a lot of parks, and there are excellent restaurants, coffee shops, and bars. Many young professionals live here, even though it’s an ideal spot for families with kids.

    Hoboken, New Jersey waterfront and skyline viewed from the Hudson River. The historic Lackawanna train terminal, built 1907, is seen in the foreground.

    What Is the Cost of Living Here?

    Is it expensive to reside here? Well, when compared to the nearby Manhattan, of course, it isn’t. The median rent is around $2,300, and most of the residents rent their homes. The median price of real estate is $720,000. If we look at the median household income, we see that people in this part of New Jersey earn more than twice the national median household income – the number is around $147,600.

    Which Parts of Hoboken Are the Top-Rated Ones?

    We believe that no matter which part of this area you choose, you won’t regret it. Here you will find such a great quality of life that even the most exhausting relocation will be worth it. Residents tend to prefer the center, of course, but if you’re looking for something more affordable, be sure to check out the northwestern part of this beautiful NJ place.

    usa auto transport movers

    Whether You’re Moving to or From Hoboken, Our Excellent Movers Are Here to Help – Contact Us for Assistance

    Cross-country relocations can be tough when you don’t have good help and trained professionals by your side. Why bother trying to pull off a DIY move when you can simply reach out to one of the top-rated relocation and auto transport companies out there? We will make sure your move to NJ goes smoothly. Naturally, you can also book our assistance even if you’re about to move out of Mile Square City – we operate nationwide and can help you get anywhere in the US.

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