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    Why struggle with relocation when you can call up professional Queens movers to save the day? There’s no need to do everything by yourself. After all, relocation is not a one-man job. So rather than torture yourself, we recommend getting the best team behind you to help with the task.

    The Best USA Auto Transport Company Will Transport Your Vehicle Without Problems

    Truth be told, we do a lot of things well when it comes to relocation. But, as our name suggests, there is one thing we absolutely can’t be beaten at – and that’s car shipping. We are literally the best company when it comes to the safe transport of your vehicle (or vehicles if needed) to your future home.

    Our Movers in Queens Provide a Variety of Professional Services When It Comes to Moving Your Cars

    We provide our customers with the option to tailor their auto shipping to their needs from start to finish – and it all starts with deciding what type of trailer you’ll transport your car in. With us, there are two trailer options to choose from, and they go as follows:

    • Open trailer auto transport – The most popular (and affordable) way to transport your car is via an open trailer. These types of carriers don’t have walls, hence their name. But don’t worry, they are extremely safe and secure for the cars that are loaded onto them. And just in case anything happens to your vehicle, know that we will cover any external damage of up to $100,000.
    • Enclosed auto transport – If you are a car lover who won’t be able to sleep soundly unless their vehicle is 110% safe in transport, you may feel better by purchasing our enclosed trailer With it, you’ll have your car safely stored between four walls and transported to the destination of your choice. The car will be covered in transport for any external damage of up to $500,000.

    Choose Where You Want Us to Pick and Drop Off Your Vehicle

    There is another part of vehicle shipping that you can tailor to your requirements and budget, and that is by deciding where your car will be picked up and where it will be dropped off. We provide all customers with two options which go as follows:

    • Door-to-door auto transport services – If you want to move your vehicle in the most convenient way possible, door-to-door is the perfect solution for you. It implies we’ll pick up your car at your front door and deliver it to your future address. You won’t have to worry about anything at all, knowing your car is safe in our hands. Keep in mind that if your street is too narrow, we may have to leave your vehicle at the nearest parking lot. However, we’ll agree on the details the moment you contact us.
    • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping services – All those who don’t require their vehicle the moment they move to Queens will be better off with the terminal-to-terminal option. It is less expensive, and yet you won’t lose much regarding convenience by purchasing it. We have pick-up and delivery terminals all over the country, so all you have to do is take your car to the nearest one and then pick it up from the previously agreed upon location after it has arrived.
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    Hiring Queens Movers Is the Best Way to Get Moving In NY

    If you want to change your address to NY, it’s best to do so with the help of professional movers. Long-distance moving is never easy, and most of the time, it requires expert assistance if you don’t want to spend all your time and nerves before you even reach your new home.

    After all, it’s only after you relocate that you get the chance to enjoy all the fruits of your hard labor. Yet, if you’re burnt out from packing up, carrying things, and loading trucks, the enjoyment might escape you. So, why go through all that trouble when you can obtain a quote from us with just one phone call and start your move the right way?

    With the Ultimate Experts in Relocation, Your Move Will Be a Breeze

    The best way to ease up on all the unnecessary stress is by hiring professionals. And who better to call in times of need than a reputable and affordable company? By contacting us, you’ll obtain a free quote, and as you’ll see in the quote, become entitled to a variety of services and a team of tried and true professionals. And what’s best is that you won’t have to pay extra for anything. Here is what you’ll obtain by getting our long-distance moving service:

    • A free truck our professional drivers will get to your address,
    • The loading and unloading of the said truck by our movers,
    • The packing up of your furniture and basic appliances,
    • A month of climate-controlled and monitored storage use without any costs,
    • Basic relocation insurance that covers damage and misplaced items.


    Purchase the Best Packing Services Around, and You’ll Get the Ones That Fit Your Needs Perfectly

    You may not know this, but packing is by far the most dreaded part of relocation. That is because, to be executed correctly, the task requires experience, materials, and equipment. And, if you don’t pack your items correctly, you may find some of them broken or damaged later on. Most people want to avoid these unnecessary problems, and so they call us up.

    Decide Whether Full or Partial Assistance Is Better Suited to Your Requirements

    When it comes to obtaining packaging services, we provide a multiplicity of options. Depending on your needs and budgets, you can choose the adequate assistance we can provide. Here is how we can help pack your inventory:

    • Partial service – If you want someone to pack up to fifteen boxes worth of your items, this will be the perfect assistance to purchase. Partial assistance is most often obtained by those that want someone to take over the boxing up of their fragile and expensive items. It’s wise to have professionals handle the more difficult part of the job – especially if you are relocating on a budget.
    • Full service – When you want to avoid going through the packing process altogether, it may be best to obtain our full packaging assistance. With it, you’ll have the best men (and their professional equipment) on the job. Rather than having to do all the heavy lifting yourself, you’ll have our expert team packing up everything you own. All you have to do is provide us with the list of your inventory. And if you have any further questions regarding that, feel free to contact our friendly customer service.

    Obtain a Month of Free Storage With Our Long Distance Moving and Car Shipping Company

    As already mentioned, we provide all our customers with a free month of storage. If this is your first time moving, and you didn’t plan on leaving extra furniture or items in a unit, you may not realize how handy storage can be. That is because, after you move all your objects into a new house, you are left with rooms full of boxes that clutter the space.

    Trust us when we tell you that unpacking, organizing, and decorating your new apartment is much easier when you are not constantly tripping over full containers. And with a free storage unit at your disposal, your life will be that much easier. Our climate-controlled and monitored units are waiting for you to leave your things inside. And if you decide that some of your furniture and items are better off in the unit rather than at your place, just call our customer service up. They will explain everything about prolonging the use of the storage unit.

    With Us, Your Entire Home Inventory Will Be Covered by Insurance While in Transportation

    No one wants to worry about their items while relocating, and with our basic liability packet, you won’t have to. That is because we provide all of our customers with insurance that will keep any worry at bay. And, let us place a disclaimer – that doesn’t mean we expect anything to go wrong while we move your entire inventory – on the contrary, we know it will all go perfectly smoothly. However, we know how stressful relocation is, and we don’t want you thinking you don’t have a backup plan if any mistakes occur. So, know that you will be provided with a policy that will cover 60 cents per pound of any damaged or lost inventory. And in case you want Full Value Replacement liability coverage, we provide this option too. Just call our friendly customer support up, and you’ll get all the necessary information.

    We Congratulate You on Your Decision to Move to the Amazing Queens

    As you probably know, Queens is a beautiful New York City borough that many people dream of living in. It is home to the two biggest and most popular New York airports, as well as a multitude of attractions, such as the US Open tournament, the New York Mets, and the Flushing Meadows Park. It is much less expensive than the rest of NYC, while it still provides easy access to the same amenities, nightlife, and outings. And soon, it will be your home as well!

    Before You Move to an Area You Choose, Here Are Some Things to Keep in Mind

    However, before you decide on one specific area of the borough, we recommend getting information on the housing and living costs. Although in comparison to the rest of NYC, this borough may be somewhat less expensive, it is still higher in comparison to the rest of the US. The general rent price goes for about $2,700, while the median home cost goes for about $640,000. So, wait until you have the average salary of about $75,000 a year before you decide on one of the following neighborhoods:

    • Astoria – One of the local favorites, this urban neighborhood is one of the best residential areas for young professionals. Only 20 minutes away from the city via metro, you’ll be on the brink of everything NYC has to offer. And still, you’ll get to enjoy peace, great nightlife, and upscale restaurants without practically any potential of becoming a victim of crime.
    • Jamaica Estates -If you’re more of a suburban type who values privacy and space, this is a great place for you. Jamaica Estates is architecturally beautiful, filled with stunning houses and well-kept yards. It’s quiet, safe, and friendly, so you’ll surely enjoy life here.
    • Long Island City – Long Island is becoming more and more popular in the last few years, and no wonder since it has everything you may need. You may even find it difficult to come up with a reason to cross the river. That’s because here, you’ll get to enjoy everything from art galleries to amazing restaurants and even great clubbing. And residential options are vast and affordable as well.

    Now That the Scene Is Set, There’s Nothing Else to Do but Book Your Move to or Out of This Borough

    Now that you’ve obtained all the relevant information, the only thing you have to do is contact our moving company. We have all the services you need for long-distance moving, and we’ll make sure your relocation is as comfortable as can be. And that goes in both directions. No matter if Queens is your final or starting destination, we’ll be there to help out. Just pick the assistance type that suits you best, and contact us to obtain your free quote. Once you get it, there’s not much to do but book your move, and begin the next chapter of your life – all with us by your side.

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    “I have used auto shipping companies before, but USA Auto Shipping exceeds them all!

    Great service, wonderful customer service, fantastic communication and great handling of my truck. Thank you USA Auto Shipping. I will be recommending your services.”

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    “Don’t move your automobiles without calling USA Auto Shipping first! They help with the shipping. Talk about a load off! Thanks guys for taking great care of our car and making the move we had ahead an enjoyable one!”

    Joseph B.

    “I had no idea how to ship 6 vehicles, but USA Auto Shipping did it for me. They made the whole auto shipping process tolerable. Every dealing I had with this company was professional, and there was not a scratch on any of the vehicles when they were delivered. This is definitely a company that can be trusted.”

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    No road is too long for us, as we are present in all major cities in the US, from Queens to Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas… Give us a call and our local representatives will arrange your vehicle relocation. We will pickup or deliver your vehicle to any Queens location…

    Learn more about our local and cross country shipping services in New York, contact our experts today and make sure that your precious vehicle is in the safe hands. USA Auto Transport – a class of its own.

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