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    Should the government proclaim the largest borough of New York to be a city, it would be the fourth most populous one in the country. Having one of the most culturally diverse communities, this is truly a unique and wonderful place for living, and with the help of our Queens Movers settling in this beautiful part of NYC won’t be a problem at all.

    USA Auto Transport Provides First-Class Car Shipping Services

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    Let’s say you live on the other side of the country. Driving all the way to your desired destination will take at least a day or two, and let’s not forget about gas expenses. But, there is a great alternative way. You can contact our car shipping company, and we’ll take care of everything. Your car will be in safe hands as we are a leading USA auto transport company.

    We Offer Two Great Auto Transport Options

    Transportation with an open trailer is the first and more affordable option. This mode of transport is known for its high efficiency, and nine vehicles can be transported simultaneously. But, there is one characteristic that is perceived by some people as a disadvantage. Your vehicle will not be covered during transportation, which means it will be unprotected against potential bad weather conditions.

    Enclosed auto transport is the other, a bit more expensive option. However, your vehicle will be placed in an enclosed trailer and protected against the weather and other external elements. It is wise to consider this option if you are moving an expensive vehicle or an old-timer.

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    Concerning Delivery, We Have Two Options in Our Offer

    The first and more affordable option is terminal-to-terminal car shipping. This option requires you to leave the car at our terminal (parking space) in your home city. Once you have done this, our crew will load the vehicle and transport it to our terminal in NYC. We will provide you with instructions on how to reach both terminals, and you’ll be notified as soon as the relocation is complete.

    Although the second option, door-to-door auto transport, is a bit more expensive, it is at the same time significantly more convenient. Our crew will arrive at your address, take the vehicle and transport it directly to the new address in NYC. Please note that it sometimes occurs that the truck can’t properly enter the street and safely unload the vehicle. If this happens, our movers will look for a parking place in the vicinity where the vehicle can be safely unloaded

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    USA Auto Transport Will Also Provide Insurance for Your Vehicle

    First of all, we would like to say that our movers are highly-skilled professionals who will adequately secure your vehicle for transportation. But, we cannot disregard the fact that there is always a possibility of accidents happening. Therefore, having coverage for your vehicle is always smart for long-distance moves. The following types of coverage are available:

    • Coverage for vehicles transported in an open trailer is 100,000 dollars.
    • Coverage for vehicles transported in an enclosed trailer is 500,000 dollars.

    Our NY Queens Movers Have the Finest Long-Distance Moving Services

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    When people see the heavy pieces of furniture and the amount of smaller things that have to be relocated, they tend to start to panic. But, there is a way out of this predicament, and it’s booking our long-distance moving services. You’ll just need to help by giving us an inventory list, and if you remember to add or remove something, feel free to contact us at any time. You are free to modify the inventory list up to the moving day, and, of course, the quote will be modified accordingly.

    Professional Packing Services Are a Necessary Part of Relocation, and We Offer the Best

    To begin with, we would like to state that the packing of objects that don’t go in boxes (furniture, appliances) is included in the starting quote. Everything will be adequately dismantled, prepared for transportation, unloaded, and assembled afterward. Our movers will be happy to help with furnishing. Furthermore, all necessary packing materials will be provided for free.

    When it comes to items that have to be placed in boxes for transportation, we have two different types of service:

    • Partial packing service – When the number of boxes does not exceed 15, it is considered partial.
    • Full packing service – When the number of boxes exceeds 15, it is considered full. This option has a slightly more expensive quote.
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    The Service of Custom Crating Was Specifically Implemented for Valuable Things

    The notion of having to transport a valuable painting, for example, is frightening for many people. But, with custom crating, there will be nothing to worry about. Custom crating means that a special container will be specifically designed for the item in question. Hence, the valuable item will be completely protected and secured for transportation.

    In Case You Require Storage Services, Our Movers Can Help as Well

    It often happens during long-distance moves that some pieces of furniture can’t be transferred immediately, and in that case, storage facilities are required. We offer top-notch storage units for your furniture and all other items. Moreover, there is no quote for the first 30 days, but if it is required, for a reasonable quote, you can use our storage facilities as much as it is needed. Finally, we would like to say that our storage units are constantly maintained, and all are in excellent condition.


    We Provide Long-Distance Moving Insurance for Household Possessions

    Again, we must repeat that our professional movers will treat your household belongings with the utmost care and attention. But, it is advisable to have everything insured against damages when moving. We offer the following types of coverage:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – When booking cross-country moving services, this insurance will be incorporated into the basic service. Sixty cents per pound of damaged possessions is the rate this coverage provides. Furthermore, it is not important whether you packed the items or the relocating crew. This insurance will remain valid throughout the whole process of relocation.
    • Full Value Replacement – This insurance covers separate items, but it is not free. In order for the coverage to be legitimate, you’ll also have to produce an inventory list of all the items that will be covered with this insurance and have them packed by our crew.
    • Special Insurance for valuable Items – USA Auto Transport company provides special insurance for items of high material value. But, this coverage can only be acquired after you have purchased custom crating for the specific item.

    Queens Is One of the Most Beautiful Boroughs of New York and a Great Place to Live In

    Queens sunset

    Did you know that Queens, NYC, is one the most culturally diverse places in the USA and, overall, in the world? It is estimated that around 50% of the population consists of foreign-born people. Research done in 2010 showed that nearly half of the population spoke another language besides English, and it is estimated that around 140 languages are spoken in total.

    Having so many different communities has naturally resulted in incredibly diverse cuisine as well. As a resident of this borough, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy great food from pretty much anywhere in the world. Greek traditional restaurants are probably the most popular places, but Indian and Latin American cuisine is also one of the more prominent ones.

    Queens, NY, is also known to be one of the main sports centers of New York. Citi Field is the home to baseball giants the Mets, and Shea Stadium is home to the popular football team NY Jets and the iconic Yankees. Moreover, the US Open, one of the four tennis grand slams, is played in this borough. USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is located in the vicinity of Citi Field stadium.

    This borough is also an artistic center of New York as many cultural venues are situated here, like the African Poetry Theatre, Noguchi Museum, NY SCI, and many more. The well-developed music scene has always been one of the main characteristics of this borough. The jazz scene stands out, especially as Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Charlie Parker were all residents of this place. Nowadays, rap and hip-hop scenes have gained immense popularity, and many leading performers come from this borough.

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    Queens Has a Bit Higher Prices When It Comes to the Cost of Living but Offers Great Job Opportunities as Well

    The median house value is 544,400 dollars, and rent is around 1,600 dollars per month. Both are, unfortunately, above the national average. However, the median household income is approximately 69,000 dollars which is also above the national average. Therefore, don’t feel disheartened by these prices immediately, especially if you are starting your career in this beautiful borough.

    This borough offers employment opportunities for almost all fields of expertise, healthcare, transportation, construction, and manufacturing being the leading employers. But, it is also estimated that there are around 40,000 small enterprises. JetBlue Airways, Steinway & Sons, and Bulova are some of the corporations based here. Furthermore, two of the three main NY airports, JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, are situated in this borough. All in all, finding stable and well-paid employment shouldn’t be a problem.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    You’ll Have the Opportunity to Choose From Many Different and Wonderful Neighborhoods

    Having a population of around 2,400,000 people, you would imagine that there are a lot of neighborhoods, and indeed there are. What makes these neighborhoods even more interesting is the aforementioned cultural diversity. Therefore, depending on the communities settled there, each neighborhood will have its own unique characteristics. We will provide you with brief descriptions of a few popular ones:

    • Flushing – Being one of the largest neighborhoods, Flushing has much to offer. This area is home to many Asian communities like Chinese and Korean. Therefore, the best Asian cuisine can certainly be found here. It is also home to many landmarks, such as the Smithsonian Institution. Flushing has many beautiful green areas, and Flushing Meadows-Corona Park is the largest one in this borough. All in all, it is considered to be one of the better places to move to, especially when knowing that it has one of the lowest crime rates in the city.
    • Astoria – This neighborhood is known to have some of the best Greek traditional restaurants in the city as a big Greek community has settled here. Astoria has many interesting cultural landmarks like the Museum of the Moving Image, Isamu Noguchi Museum, and Socrates Sculpture Park. The oldest NY beer garden is also located here – the Bohemian Hall.
    • Ozone Park – The famous entertainment venue Aqueduct Racetrack is located in this neighborhood. Many different communities have settled here, the biggest ones being Caribbean, Hispanic, and Asian. This area is also one of the safest in NY.
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    Are You Considering Moving Out of This Beautiful Borough? Feel Free to Contact the USA Auto Transport Company

    Are you looking to relocate somewhere else? If that is the case, we highly encourage you to contact the USA Auto Transport company and ask us any questions you may have about relocation. We offer relocation assistance in numerous locations across the state, and you can be sure that your possessions will be safe regardless of the chosen location.

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