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    When relocating to Salt City, the educational and economic hub of Central New York, it is of utmost importance to select the most experienced Syracuse movers. How will you disassemble, pack and load all the heavy furniture into a truck? How will you transport your vehicle to another location? With our devoted team of long-distance movers, you won’t have to deal with any relocation mistakes. Count on us to provide you with the best team that has already completed hundreds of successful moves.

    USA Auto Transport Company Ships Your Car to Your New Home

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    Do you own a vehicle that requires transportation from one state to another? With our movers in Syracuse, NY, you won’t have to search for another car shipping company. We have unrivaled experience in long-distance auto transportation. The proof of our expertise and professionalism are countless positive testimonials and reviews from our satisfied customers. So, even though we provide clients with moving services, car shipping can also be separately requested.

    But, what do you need to know before contacting our representatives? The price of auto transport services depends on what type of vehicle you have. The dimensions and weight play a huge role. So, what does this mean? Our high-quality trailers can carry limited weight. If you own a heavier vehicle, we would be able to transport fewer cars on one trailer. The price also depends on the length of the model. Therefore, make sure you know the exact dimensions of the car before reaching out to us for a free quote.

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    Get Your Car Shipped on an Open Trailer

    When searching for the most convenient and cost-effective method of auto transportation, you should opt for open trailers. These types of carriers usually have double or triple levels, which means that as many as nine vehicles can get transported during one move. For customers who cannot afford any time to waste and who own more than one car, this option is the best choice. We guarantee you will receive faster pickup times and a knowledgeable crew capable of carefully strapping your vehicles and driving them to another address.

    Do You Own an Invaluable Vehicle? Enclosed Auto Transport Would be a Better Option

    In case when our client requests car shipping services and doesn’t want their vehicle to be exposed to the outside elements such as rain, snow, sun, or dust, we recommend that they invests in exposed trailers. These types of carriers are completely covered on every side – unlike open trailers, these have sidewalls and a roof. With our most experienced drivers, your irreplaceable exotic car will be completely protected in an enclosed carrier.

    USA Auto Transport's Syracuse Movers Have Different Pick-up and Delivery Options For You

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    Having accomplished different types of moves, the USA Auto Transport company decided to offer its clients to choose between two types of pick-up and delivery. The specific options are tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of our customers. The type the client opts for dictates the price of the move. Available options are door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal delivery.

    You Won’t Deal With Any Problems With Door-to-Door Delivery

    Door-to-door auto transport is intended for clients who want to get their car shipped the most convenient way. This option is perfect for individuals who are overwhelmed with different obligations and don’t want to spend more time on getting their car shipped to another state than absolutely needed. Instead, they desire to leave everything under our long-distance movers’ care. Door-to-door delivery means just that – professional drivers pick up the vehicle from your home and deliver it directly to your desired destination.

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    We Offer Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping to Clients With Specific Requests

    Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is an alternative way of auto transportation. It requires the client to drop off the vehicle at a designated location for pick-up. It is intended for more flexible customers willing to participate in the car shipping process. Also, the advantage of this option is that it is more affordable than door-to-door delivery. The client will meet the drivers at a regional terminal when the car arrives, which is great if our trucks cannot access the client’s home. Give us a call, and our agents can give you additional information about this type of auto transportation.

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    The Client Can Always Count On Our Excellent Car Insurance

    USA Auto Transport protects its clients from any financial loss in the event of external damage to vehicles. As soon as you schedule a relocation with our company, you receive a free car insurance policy included in the quote. That means that the vehicles we ship are all insured. But, there is a slight difference in the coverage. The vehicles we ship on open trailers are insured for up to 100,000 dollars, whereas those shipped on enclosed trailers are insured for up to 500,000 dollars.

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    Contact USA Auto Transport Because We Provide Excellent Moving Services

    USA Auto Transport can provide you with a free quote and all the necessary details about your potential move to Salt City as early as today. Do you require reliable packers? Are you in need of secure storage units? We can arrange for all of this the moment you contact our representatives. Leave all of your invaluable items to our trustworthy crew, and you won’t have to deal with any anxiety about moving out.

    It’s Time to Schedule Your Moving Services – What Should You Do?

    Have you already made a decision about what items you are going to transport to another location? If so, it would be best to make an inventory list. Based on your inventory list, our agents would be able to provide you with an accurate estimate. If you have many items on your list, the price will be higher, but if you opt for transporting less stuff, the price will decrease.

    When you get our moving services, you also get an opportunity to alter the inventory list you have given us. People sometimes forget to remove or add items to their list, so we want to make sure they transport exactly what they require to their home. You can change the items on your list as much as you want to until 24 hours before the move. Your designated agent will then require the full and complete inventory list.

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    Invest in the Best Packing Service If You Require Professional Packers’ Help

    There are different packing services our clients can count on. The option included in the free estimate is the standard packing option. For customers who only require professionals’ help to disassemble and load items such as electronics, furniture, and appliances in the truck, this is the best option. The packers will bring special supplies, barcodes, and materials for wrapping and securing specific items. With our crew handling your belongings, there is no need to worry about anything getting damaged or shattered in transit.

    For an additional cost, the client can receive full or partial packing service. These options are best suitable for clients who want to get their household completely packed by our professional team. However, there is a difference between these two options. When investing in a partial packing service, our packers will be able to fill only 15 boxes with your belongings, but with a full packing service, there is no limit on the number of boxes they can pack.

    Still, do you own some antique pieces or expensive equipment? If you own any items that cannot be simply shipped in a cardboard box, consider getting custom crating. Our professional crew will make a crate specifically designed for the transportation of your valuable items. Everything will be better protected in a custom-made crate.

    A man placing cartons into a unit

    Our Storage Services Are Free of Charge for the First 30 Days

    If you own old books, antique pieces, or some unique sports equipment that you don’t want to transport right away, it would be best to place everything in our safe storage units. Our storage facilities are constantly monitored and temperature controlled. The crew handling your belongings will carefully wrap and box up everything before storing it in our storage units. Storage units are free for the first month, so you won’t have to worry about the transportation of your items right away. Take time and plan it in advance.

    insurance claim form

    In the Event of Accidents, Count On Excellent Relocation Insurance

    Our clients will be protected every step of the way with the most reliable relocation insurance. They can expect financial compensation for the items that get damaged or lost during the move with our professional Syracuse, NY, movers.

    We can provide our customers with two different types of insurance. The first option is mandatory liability coverage which is the standard relocation insurance every client receives and is included in the free estimate. With this option, the customer will receive 60 cents per pound for any item that gets damaged in transit. The second option is the Full Value Replacement Policy. It comes at an additional cost, but with this option, the client will receive financial compensation at the full value of anything that gets damaged or destroyed. The only condition is that insured items are packed by our crew and not by the client.

    Moving to Syracuse, New York - What to Expect?

    New York City area view

    The fifth most populous city in the state of New York, named Salt City, is situated in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region. The city of Syracuse is an outstanding place filled with historical sites and restored buildings. Over the last two centuries, it has been a crossroads between the Erie Canal and other branch canals. Individuals interested in pursuing academic careers and searching for business opportunities would find this city a perfect place to live in. The most notable local universities are Syracuse University, State University of New York, Upstate Medical University, and Le Moyne College. Also, there are numerous things to explore, such as dining at world-class restaurants, shopping at great malls, and enjoying the beauty of some spacious public parks.

    The most important part of the city is the downtown, where you can see many Gothic and Neoclassical buildings. Here you will find the Erie Canal Museum and see what downtown looked like during the canal days. Also, visiting the Museum of Science and Technology is a great way to spend time with children – the whole family can enjoy the Science Playhouse and Earth Science Discovery Cave. Downtown is home to Clinton Square, a lovely public park where you can enjoy ice skating in the winter and recreational activities in the summer. Since the city has many coffee shops, restaurants, and bars it should be noted that many eclectic and unusual eateries stand out from the rest. Among the best are Funk & Waffles, Glazed and Confused, Modern Malt, and Pastabilities.

    counting money

    What Are the Living Expenses in Syracuse Like?

    Research has shown that Salt City is almost 30 percent less expensive than New York City. It is a popular place for families and retirees because it is more affordable than other larger cities in the country. Since the prices are acceptable and there are numerous things to do and enjoy, it has become a desirable place to live in. The median home value is 95,000 dollars (lower than the national average,) and the average rent price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about 700 dollars.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    After a Lond-Distance Move, Pick the Best Neighborhood

    Relocation can be stressful and overwhelming for anyone, so it is important to know what to expect when searching for the right neighborhood to live in. Salt City offers many safe and affordable neighborhoods, so people often find places that meet their budget. Here are some neighborhoods that would be great for you:

    • Eastside – It is situated near downtown, and it is known as a nice area where many people pursue different business opportunities. Mostly young professionals and families live in this area. There are many bars, local restaurants, and parks. The perk of living in Eastside is the highly-rated schools such as Jamesville-Dewitt High School and Jamesville-Dewit Middle School.
    • Strathmore – It is a historical residential district where one can find many buildings built during the 1920s and the 1930s. There are mostly single-family homes in Strathmore, and it is known as a great place to live because of the walkable streets, quiet atmosphere, and many local parks. Strathmore Beer and Cheese Festival is one of the neighborhood’s trademarks, and it is held every year so people can enjoy craft beer, live music, and different cheeses.
    • Wescott – Described as laid-back and eclectic, Wescott is a residential neighborhood mostly preferred by young professionals and college students. It is close to some of the city’s universities, and it represents a mix of a suburban and urban lifestyle. Through local cuisine and annual events, the district celebrates cultural diversity. You will find single-family homes, cozy apartments, and walkable streets here, as Wescott is also known for its high safety rating.
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    Do Your Want to Leave the Salt City? Our Movers In Syracuse, NY, Will Be There to Help

    Living in one of the most booming cities in the Empire State has its perks and charms, but there comes a time when clients have to leave and move to another state or town. In this case, count on USA Auto Transport’s capable team to get all of your belongings to another location in no time. Contact us today and get a free quote, so you can plan and organize your move efficiently. We will be waiting for your call.

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