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When relocation is ahead of you, you have a choice to either move by yourself or invest in long-distance moving services.

While DIY is always an option, it’s a tedious job, while a reliable long-distance moving company can make the whole ordeal seem swift, effortless, and as easy as pie. Most of us know just how complex a relocation can be and how many things we are bound to handle. There’s some house hunting to be done, and finding a job is on the list of our top priorities. Picking the school for our kids and perhaps finding a neighborhood that has it all. And just when you think you’re handling it well, it occurs to you that you should pack your entire home and drive to another part of the country. Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

Pick the Right Movers for the Job

Knowledge is power, and knowing how to pick the best moving and car shipping company will ensure you have a fantastic experience. But finding the right movers isn’t as simple as picking up the phone and dialing the nearest company (although it may work in some cases). It takes thorough research and proper informing to avoid making a mistake.

How to Research Moving Services Long Distance

The Internet has many advantages. In the case where we’re looking for a relocation and car shipping company, it’s more than a convenient source of information. After you do your initial research and make a list of companies that caught your eye, take a thorough look at their reviews. This is the first step where you can eliminate a few. If the customer reviews are mostly praises, like in the case of our company, you’re on the right track.

Another way to find your movers is to get recommendations from the people you know. Perhaps you’ve heard about USA Auto Transport by word of mouth. Since Americans tend to move a lot, up to almost 12 times in their lifetime, many of our satisfied customers return and invest in our services.

This Is Where We Step In, as Movers Make a Relocation Pretty Straightforward

So, what do we do when a relocation is ahead of us, and we can’t (and shouldn’t) handle it all by ourselves? That one’s easy – we should let professionals take care of it. But good companies consist of more than just a truck and some packaging supplies. Companies such as USA Auto Transport will do so much more than simply tossing all your boxes in the back of a relocation truck. We always strive to make each move so relieved of stress for our customers that they’ll forget how demanding it is and enjoy the change to the maximum.

Avoid Extensive Worry and Checking – Our Our Company has Spectacular Reviews

Relocating with USA Auto Transport guarantees you many things. Whichever need for the relocation you have, we’re here to back you up. Our ultimate goal is always the complete satisfaction of each customer, and we strive to be even better than best. No matter if they’ve never used any similar solutions before, so they don’t have what to compare us with or have already moved, our customers have left outstanding reviews.

Do You Need an Auto Transport Company That’s Going to Help You Move, Too?

Perhaps you’ve already come across our name, as many of our customers have been more than satisfied with our services, which include door to door auto transport, as well as the terminal to terminal car shipping. But in fact, if you’re relocating, you needn’t look any further, as we won’t only make your move a breeze with our enclosed auto transport; we will do everything relocation-wise. Our solutions include a complete relocation package, and our basic quote might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Our Relocation Service is Unparalleled

Our auto transport is punctual, modern, our drivers trained to take care of your four-wheelers and deliver them spotless, while our carriers are state-of-the-art. But we also keep our relocation and other solutions on the same level. So, besides relieving you of driving across the country, we can also provide you with packing, storage, and several relocation insurance options.

Contact Us, and We’ll Provide You With a Free Quote

Our customer representatives are available at your convenience and to answer any questions you may have. But what usually interests our customers first is how much the whole process could cost. If you contact us, we will provide you with a general free quote based on the size of your household. However, to give you the exact price, you will need to provide us with a detailed inventory list of all the belongings you want us to transport in our relocation truck. If you are unsure how the final list should look, don’t worry – you can update it as many times as you like, until the last business day before the move-out date.

Standard Packing Is Free and Included in Our Initial Quote

So, what is exactly standard packing, and how come it’s free? Since we always want to relieve our customers of any backbreaking work, for the initial price, our team will do some packing:

Even if you’ve managed to pack all your belongings into boxes, your appliances wouldn’t fit anyway. And since we take care of everything that goes into the back of our truck, it means we will make sure these appliances are secured and protected.

If you have other bulky things that aren’t easy to handle, such as mattresses, we will protect them and wrap them up thoroughly for shipping.

Everyone owns at least one piece of massive furniture. It may be a bed, a closet, or a heavy wooden desk that serves as your home office. These things take up space and are hard to handle when in one piece. But don’t worry – our standard service means that our team will skillfully disassemble everything too large to fit into the truck. They will also wrap it up to protect it in transport.

Later on, our team will also reassemble all the furniture once they deliver everything to your new home.

As part of the initial quote, we’ll repeat – you get all of this and more. If you’re not amazed just yet, hang on, we have more.

Top Reasons For Choosing Us

Safe & Secure

Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.

Knowledgeable Customer Service

Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!

Flat Price, No Hidden Feese

Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.

Easy, Fast Booking

You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms.

Another Thing We Give for Free – 30 Days of Storage

When you decide to move across the country, making arrangements in your new home is probably somewhere low on your list of priorities. But once you arrive and get things settled (take care of utilities, scout the neighborhood, and other basics,) it’s time to figure out the layout of the place. But it will be quite hard to do it while cluttered with piles of boxes and bags scattered around.

That’s the moment when you’ll highly appreciate the fact that we can provide you with storage service. And to top the whole deal off with a cherry on top, our storage units are free for the first 30 days. Each package we take to storage will be labeled with a barcode system to avoid any mixups in the transport. Our units are climate-controlled, so your belongings will be kept in warm and dry conditions and devoid of any mold or other damage. Our storage is also highly secured, under camera surveillance, and with our team members that walk the perimeter regularly. If you require storing longer than the initial month, we can provide you with our units and charge by the day.

Loading and Unloading Is Included, Too

Having packed the whole household and all your belongings, you’ll probably feel a sense of accomplishment. But it might hit you just how hard it will be to load all of those packages, furniture, and other belongings on a truck. Basically, it’s backbreaking work. But not to our vetted and efficient team. Loading all of your belongings and later unloading them in your new place is also a part of our relocation service and comes at no additional expense.

Our Mandatory Liability Coverage Comes at No Additional Cost and Will Help You Relax

Since we do our best to help in every aspect of your move, we also strive to keep your stress levels at bay. That’s why we provide you with mandatory coverage, so you can have peace of mind while your possessions are in transport. It’s included in the initial price of our relocation service, and it covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. You can also contact our customer representatives and get informed of other types of insurance if you think your possessions need an additional policy other than this basic coverage.

Additionally, We Can Provide You With the
Best Professional Packing for a Price

We offer packing as an additional option, and we have both partial and full solutions based on the number of boxes you want us to pack. If you have less than 15 boxes, we will charge you for partial service. Do you want us to box up more? No problem, our full service is swift and professional, and our team will bring our high-quality supplies to your home.

Relocating With Us Means Relocating Smart

Whether you’re going to move to the next city or find a home in another part of the country, we are the best partners for all your moving needs. No matter the size of your household or the number of your possessions, we are here to help and make the whole process a breeze. Each of our relocation solutions is designed to make everything seem swift and effortless and to the ultimate satisfaction of our clients. We are reliable, and our pricing is transparent, so contact us today and get your free quote.

How Much Do Packing and Moving Services Cost?

The cost of a move depends on the number of things. We’ve already mentioned that we base our prices on the inventory list. But several other things also affect the cost – the distance we have to travel to move you, the time of the year you have chosen to relocate, and the services you’ve picked.

Should You Tip Movers?

It’s not mandatory to tip your relocation specialists, but giving them a tip for a job well done is more than appropriate.

How to Know if a Moving Company Is Legitimate?

If you want to know for sure if a business is legitimate, check whether they have a USDOT number registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

How Far in Advance Should You Book Movers?

It partly depends on the season, because May to September tends to be the busiest. But ideally, it should be done two months prior to your move.

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