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    Suppose you are searching for trustworthy Sacramento movers because you plan on relocating to or from this fascinating city. In that case, the USA Auto Transport company is just the right choice for you. Our movers will efficiently and safely transport all of your belongings. Once you unpack, you’ll realize that the relocation process went smoothly, all because you had help from our professionals. Give us a call if you want a stress-free and effortless relocation experience.

    Living In the Capital of California Can’t Be Boring

    USA Auto Transport

    The capital city of the US state of California is located where two rivers meet, the Sacramento River and the Americans River. If you are looking for an affordable Californian city but full of opportunities, you found the right place. This metropolis has more than 500,000 inhabitants, and that makes it the ninth-largest capital city in the US. If you are planning to move here and you don’t have a job, that shouldn’t be the main preoccupation of yours. This city is thriving more and more every year, and there are great opportunities for jobs.

    The cost of living is not high, regarding Californian standards, and it doesn’t matter if you are relocating on your own or with kids because there are also suburbs where you can avoid traffic jams and noise of the large city. We have to say a word or two about the traffic too. Like in every metropolis, traffic is not so good. The city is one of the fastest-growing in CA, and over 25,000 people come here to find their homes every year. So, considering this, it’s no wonder there is a traffic jam.

    The weather is another big reason why many want to live here. The climate is the Mediterranean, which means summers are very hot and winters are pleasant.

    Cali’s capital has many historical landmarks, such as the famous Zoo that almost every US family visits at least once. But not only that. If you are willing to explore, there will be a lot of places you need to see.

    open trailer on the road

    If You Are Moving to Sactown, Choose the Right Neighborhood

    The essential thing when relocating is to find the place right for you and your needs. The great thing about this metropolis is that everyone can find something that suits them, from young people to retired couples. Here are some areas and neighborhoods to check out after you call our moving services Sacramento:

    • Midtown could be the best place for young people because it is near the downtown area, bars, restaurants, and nightclubs.
    • Roseville is the perfect area for families because there are great schools and it is very safe.
    • Land and Tahoe Park are also good places for families and ones who are looking to buy their own house near lots of greenery.
    • Elk Grove should be your choice if you want to be away from the city noise and avoid the crowd.
    • Davis might suit students best.

    This, of course, is not the final list of neighborhoods. If you need some additional help, don’t hesitate to ask our experts once you call our local long distance relocation team because they know every angle of this amazing city. Each customer wants to know every little detail when it comes to relocation to a new home. So don’t waste any more time and let us help you, that is where we are best.

    Free Time and How to Get the Best Of It

    The Californian capital is also known as Sactown, but not only. There are other creative nicknames like “City of Trees,” “Camellia Capital of the World,” and the “River City.” Sactown has a great art scenebeautiful landscaped streets, and excellent farmer’s markets. If you are an outdoor person, there’s a lot you could do. You could try kayaking and swimming. But if you prefer indoor activities, there are interactive museums and galleries. There are also exciting activities for kids – visit the Zoo, Fairytale Town, or McKinley Park.

    Best Customer Service

    As Sacramento’s greatest auto transport service, we have a remarkable reputation for providing the best customer service, professional drivers, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, reliable car carriers and the fairest personally tailored quotes. Take a moment to read our Testimonials page, and see why our clients recommend us.

    From the moment you request a free quote from USA Auto Transport, our experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth ride for your vehicle shipping. We know that every vehicle has its own story and sentimental value, that’s why we offer a transparent door-to-door open or enclosed trailer service.

    Ask For a Free Quote and Experience the Best Moving Services With Our Sacramento Movers

    If it’s your first time relocating or you had a bad experience before, you should hire a reliable relocating professional. This process requires a lot of work and organization, and our professionals are trained to help a customer with every kind of relocation, no matter if it’s a big or small one. USA Auto Transport is one of the moving companies in Sacramento that offers transparent and all-inclusive moving services to every customer in California’s capital city.

    The important thing to know is that we are the home and car shipping company that sets the price based on the inventory list you prepare. Weight, volume, and distance can’t affect the cost of our services. So, if you add some items to the list, the price will rise and vise versa. Other benefits are included, such as transportation, loading and unloading,. Don’t forget that fees and taxes are included. The best way is to call us and get a free quote, and your relocation agent will give you the precise and exact information you seek.

    A Whole Month of Free Storage With USAA

    IIf you are panicking because you have some stuff you don’t know where to put in your new apartment. We at USAA offer you 30 days of storage completely free of charge. Don’t hesitate to call your sales representative that will provide you with every information you need.

    Get the Partial or Full Packing Services and Make Your Life Easier

    We offer standard packing service without extra paying (already included in quote.) This means we pack everything that can’t fit in the regular-sized box, such as furniture, mirrors, paintings, appliances, lamps, and electronics. Disassembling and reassembling furniture is included too. The items we pack in the standard service are protected with moving blankets as well, apart from standard wrapping up supplies.

    So in one price, we have standard wrapping up service, thirty days of storage we don’t charge, and minimum liability insurance. However, let’s look up some additional services that are extra charged if we are in charge of wrapping up your smaller things:

    • Partial packing – up to fifteen boxes,
    • Full packing – more than fifteen boxes, or your complete household.

    There is also custom crating for breakable items. It is an excellent way to protect the instruments or work of art that will go in wooden crates.

    USA Auto Transport

    Make Sure Your Belongings Are Insured With Our Movers Sacramento Service

    The minimum liability insurance is already included in the price. This means you get sixty cents per pound of potentially damaged goods. This value covers absolutely everything you want to move and it doesn’t matter if you packed or we did.

    However, if you want extra protection, you can buy a full-value replacement and high-value insurance. For this service, you have to provide us a detailed list of inventory. You can call your professional relocation agent for more information, and you’ll get all the details.

    Everything Seems More Easier With Car In a New City

    As you probably know, the public traffic here is not so great, so having a car is essential. If you see yourself in this metropolis, you might arrange the transportation of your vehicle too. If you prefer a weekend getaway, having a car around here will be a perfect solution for you. Because of that, with a bundle deal, we’ll lower the car shipping price, and you can get your vehicle transported as well.

    With Our USA Auto Transport Company Car Shipping Will Be a Piece of Cake

    Our professional team has many years of experience in long distance vehicle transportation, and the excellent reviews and satisfied customers are there to confirm it. USAAT experts are specialized in transporting vehicles of any kind and size. However, if you have some doubts, don’t hesitate to contact us. A trained representative will explain everything you need to know and provide you a free quote. To realize that, you’ll have to tell us the pick-up and delivery locations, your vehicle’s year, model and make, and the date you choose for relocation.

    How does it all work? Our movers will come to pick up the car within three days. The guaranteed time for delivery is from five to fourteen business days, which depends on the mileage.

    You can also leave up to hundred pounds of your personal stuff in the trunk or your car’s back seat if there is no separate place between. You just need to be sure it is lower than the window level.

    Decide If Terminal-to-Terminal or Door-to-Door Auto Transport Works For You

    The most convenient option is door-to-door auto transport because you will have your vehicle at the location you want. All we have to know is, exactly, the site for the pick-up and the delivery. Just be sure there is someone at the delivery address when our team comes. Of course, we’ll do everything to deliver your vehicle to the exact address, but if the street doesn’t allow it, we’ll be in touch and agree with you to find the nearest point for drop-off.

    Another option is terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Suppose you want to save some extra money, this is the option for you. It will take a little longer, but it is a perfect option if you can’t be at the delivery location when you choose. All you have to do is leave your car in storage, and our team will pick it up. Your vehicle will wait for you in the regional storage facility once you relocate

    You Get to Say What Method of Transportation Suits You Best

    When it comes to long distance relocating a car, USAAT can offer you two types of transportation.

    The first is an open trailer – this is a cheaper option, and the customer prefers this because it is faster. Keep in mind that this type of transportation does not protect from weather or dirt that could be on the road.

    The second is enclosed auto transport – unlike the open trailer, the enclosed one gives your vehicle full protection. It is a pricier choice, and it takes longer to transport the car, but if you have an expensive car or your vehicle can’t fit in the open trailer, you might consider this option.

    open trailer

    Get the Insurance With USAAT Moving Company Sacramento

    The essential thing to know is that auto insurance is included in our USAAT quote. During the relocation, when the vehicle is with our specialized movers, there is insurance up to to $100,000 on the open trailer. For the enclosed one, vehicles are protected up to $500,000. This stands only for external damages when a car is in our hands.

    With Our Sacramento Moving Services USAAT Will Make Your Relocation a Breeze

    The process of finding a reliable local team that can relocate your home and car isn’t something you can do in just a day. You have to be sure that your items and vehicle you want to transport are in good hands and are relocated safely to your new home. Don’t wait too long, give us a call, and ask our representative for help and all the information you want to know. Don’t let this relocation become something you don’t want to remember. Get in touch with us and see that a stress-free relocation is possible.

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    Safe & Secure

    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.

    Knowledgeable Customer Service

    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!

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    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.

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    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms.

    How do you know which option to choose?

    Auto transport company sipping cars on open trailer

    As true experts in the business, we believe that it’s our responsibility to find the best auto shipping solution in Sacramento. Our goal is to not to overcharge you and offer a service that you don’t need, instead, we believe in creating long-lasting relationships by going an extra mile in finding a perfect solution. Whether you are:

    usa auto transport truck
    • Relocating for the job
    • Moving to the University
    • Purchasing a car from eBay
    • Going to an auto show
    • Transporting a racing or an exotic car
    • Wanting to enjoy your holiday and having your car available at the new location

    Where can you find us?

    No road is too long for us, as we are present in all major cities in the US, from Sacramento to Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas… Give us a call and our local representatives will arrange your vehicle relocation. We will pickup or deliver your vehicle to any Sacramento location…

    Learn more about our local and cross country shipping services in California, contact our experts today and make sure that your precious vehicle is in the safe hands. USA Auto Transport – a class of its own.

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