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    Are you planning on moving to the largest city of Illinois soon and are searching for the greatest of all Chicago moving companies? Our company, USA Auto Transport, can provide you with the finest Chicago movers, so your transportation goes safe and smooth. Chi is one of the most beautiful cities Illinois offers, and relocating here is definitely a great decision. Keep reading to see why choosing our moving services in Chicago is the right choice.

    Our Movers in Chicago Will Provide You With the Best Moving Services

    A girl sitting next to a box writing down her tasks for a long-distance move and auto transport

    Picking the greatest moving and car shipping company is a crucial step in every moving process. However, it is not easy to find reputable, experienced, and trustworthy professional movers. That is why we are here to help you out. If you take a look at our reviews, you will see that customers are always satisfied with our professional movers in Chicago, as well as in many other cities in the USA.

    Once you contact us, you will see that we can do so much to help you with your relocation and make the entire process easier for you. The greatest part about working with us is that you will not have to worry about high prices and hidden expenses.

    Our crew will generously provide you with a general free quote based on the size of your home inventory list. You do not even have to worry about changing it during the process, as we can update it as many times as you need. Just keep in mind the last date to update your list is one business day before the move-out date.

    Happy couple packing cardboard boxes, moving out of home

    Our Moving Company in Chicago Can Offer You Outstanding Packing Services

    Our standard packing services are included in the price of our basic moving package. Our team will make sure all of your appliances are properly packed, secured, and protected with the optimal packing materials and supplies. In case you want us to move some of your bulkier furniture, it will not be a problem packing it and protecting it with our supplies. We can disassemble them before packing and reassemble them once we relocate them to your future home.

    If you believe you will need some further professional assistance with packing furniture, choosing supplies, and wrapping stuff, we can offer you a partial or a full pack service. Just keep in mind that with partial, we pack 15 boxes maximum. Every single one of your boxes will get a barcode label, and it will be scanned twice, so nothing gets lost.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    We Give You 30 Days of Free Storage

    Most people deal with the frustration of unboxing all of their stuff once they arrive in their future homes. The boxes take up a lot of space, create a mess, and it is difficult to clean the whole place. This is why our storage units are so beneficial.

    You can place your belongings into our units until you clean your new apartment and figure out how to arrange the furniture. The greatest thing is that we offer you storage out of cost for the first 30 days. And, there is no need to worry about the safety of your precious belongings and furniture since our units are highly secured and under camera surveillance.

    insurance claim form

    Our Mandatory Insurance Will Help You Relax Throughout the Relocation Process

    Because keeping our customers without worries through the moving process is so important to us, we’ve decided to provide them with mandatory liability coverage. It is included in the initial price of relocating with us and covers 60 cents per pound of the damaged items. In case you think you might need some additional protection, you can contact our team, and they will be more than happy to inform you of other types of insurance you can get, such as the Full Value Replacement.

    Choose Shipping Your Car With Our Auto Transport Company if You Want a Stressless Move

    usa auto transport truck

    Our company has a long love for cars, and that is why we understand that everyone has a hard time trusting others with their vehicle. However, with our experience and knowledge, we have proved that we are trustworthy and reliable. With us, you won’t have to worry about safety or affording the car transportation services since we offer reasonable prices.

    We believe no one needs to spend their life savings on hiring a team of professionals to transport their car long distances safely. We also made sure to moderate our service for each customer because everyone deserves a relocation according to their preferences.

    The Delivery Options Are Flexible, and You Can Choose Between Two Types

    Our professional movers offer two types of long-distance transportation and delivery options, so you can choose the one that fits your needs perfectly. We offer door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. We can deliver your vehicle in front of your future home, office, or whichever place you choose. Whatever option you choose, we will ensure your experience is optimal.

    usa auto transport truck

    Choose the Transportation Option for Your Vehicle According to Your Personal Preferences

    Many of our customers are confused about which long-distance transportation method to choose, so don’t worry if you feel confused too. We are here to explain exactly what each option includes and what it represents. Both of these options are the finest transportation methods, and whichever you choose, you will not be wrong. Here are the options you can choose from:

    • Open trailer shipping service is the most common choice among our customers. This method is very effective, for a very good price. These types of carriers do not have roof or sidewall protection, which basically means your car will be exposed to outdoor conditions the entire trip. However, that should not worry you because our team is well-trained and has experienced drivers that will provide you with the finest car transport experience. These trailers are generally easy to book, and usually, there’s no wait.
    • Enclosed trailer shipping service is more of a premium method that offers our customers a special transportation experience. These types of trailers are usually for people that are transporting expensive, racing, classic, or luxury cars, and they want the highest possible protection. The price for enclosed carriers is higher, but you can be assured that there will not be any additional charges from the quote we give you.

    If you have some trouble choosing which service option fits your needs perfectly, you can always call our support crew. Under no circumstances will we ever offer you the pricier option if we think it is unnecessary for you to pay the additional cost. Be free to consult our people, and they will hundred percent give you the optimal solution.

    a car insurance policy

    Insurance Must Not Be Avoided When It Comes to Auto Shipping

    Getting insurance is one of the crucial steps when it comes to shipping your precious vehicle. No matter how experienced our drivers are and the fact that the chances of an accident happening are minimal, insurance is obligatory. The insurance we provide to the customers that choose to ship their car with us covers up to $100,000 per car on an open trailer transport. The enclosed trailer transport insurance covers up to $500,000 of external damage. We believe that safety comes first and that it is always better to be safe than sorry.

    usa auto transport movers

    Contact Our Chicago Movers, and We Will Provide You With a Quote Immediately

    It is always best to call our people and ask any possible questions you have. If you call us now, we will give you all of the instructions and walk you through the process of shipping the car with our crew. You will also be able to receive a free quote, as well as all the possible information you may need. Give us a ring, and you will surely see why we are the greatest in business.

    Why Relocating to Chi-Town May Be the Greatest Decision Ever

    City Of Chicago By Night

    If you are still figuring out whether relocating to Windy City is the right choice for you, we are here to help you out. Relocating to this beautiful City by the Lake can present you with plenty of opportunities. Even though it is not the capital city, it is the largest one in the state and one of the most interesting and vibrant places in the United States.

    With Michigan Lake, this town offers many different activities to do and sightseeing options. It has great sports culture, diverse food, and excellent public transportation, so you won’t have trouble traveling from one side of the city to the other. It is also rich in history and culture, and there are plenty of amazing museums to visit, such as The Art Institute, Field Museum, as well as the Museum of Contemporary Art.

    What Are the Best Neighborhoods in Chi?

    The Chi-town is divided into 77 community areas and many different neighborhoods within. Before you choose the neighborhood you wish to live in, carefully consider your options, preferences, possibilities, and needs. Whether you are relocating to Chi to raise a family or to grow a career, these are some of the greatest neighborhoods Chi has to offer:

    • Downtown,
    • Beverly,
    • Bridgeport,
    • North Center,
    • Oak Park.
    Person calculating monthly costs after long-distance moving

    What’s the Cost of Living in Chi-Town?

    Location and neighborhood generally dictate the cost of living, and usually, the neighborhoods close to the city center are the most expensive ones. On average, a single adult needs around $1,000 per month for different living expenses without the rent.

    When it comes to renting, for a one-bedroom apartment in the center, you will have to pay around $1,900 per month. If you choose to go outside the center, you will be able to cut down on the expense by paying the rent of around $1,300. On average, having a $60,000 salary per year is quite manageable, and you will be able to provide yourself with a nice life that way.

    The Finest Food You Must Try in Chi

    The food scene in this town is so vibrant and will definitely be something you will love. It has to offer more than 8,000 restaurants with various dishes, from local to international. However, it is most known for its home specialty – deep dish pizza. Once you start living in this town, you will have plenty of time to figure out which restaurant offers the best pizzas. Besides pizza, there are also Italian beef and hot dogs that are considered local specialties. Be sure not to add ketchup to your hot dogs once you are a Chi resident, as it is considered a sin.

    two long-distance movers carrying a large case

    Call Our Movers in Chi Once You Feel Like Relocating Again

    Relocations are such an enriching experience, and we like to believe that people should relocate as much as they can during their lifetime. There is no doubt you will love being a resident of this beautiful Illinois town, but there are so many nice places to see that we don’t doubt you would want to miss out on.

    That is why we are ready whenever you contact us wishing to relocate somewhere else. Our services will always be there when you need them, and we will move you out whenever you feel like it. Remember, relocations should be a fun experience, and with our assistance, they will be stress-free as well.

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