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    When relocating to Pennsylvania’s largest city, it is essential to have the most experienced team of Philadelphia movers handling your belongings. USA Auto Transport is the ideal choice for your move since we always have our client’s best interest in mind. Our work and reviews speak volumes about our expertise. You will find yourself in the Cradle of Liberty in no time with all of your items intact and ready to unpack.

    Our Philadelphia Movers Offer Top-Notch Car Shipping Services

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    If you are looking for the most knowledgeable and professional car shipping company, look no further than USA Auto Transport. We can guarantee that your car will be safely transported to any given address. With various packages tailored to specific individual requirements, you can rest assured that your vehicles will be in capable hands.

    To get from one side of Philly to the other, most residents require their vehicles. Investing in a new car and driving over long distances just seems too exhausting during a relocation. It would be best to have your vehicle shipped so you can always reach any destination you desire. What is more, we have prepared insurance so the client will be financially reimbursed in case of any accidents.

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    Get Your Car Transported on Open Carriers

    People usually ask what type of carriers are best suitable for their vehicles. What we usually recommend for those who want more than one vehicle transported is selecting open trailers. This option is as much as 40 percent more affordable than any other type of carrier. If you have standard-sized cars that should be transported promptly to the new destination, consider this safe and inexpensive option.

    Do You Own a Vintage Car? Then, Enclosed Carriers Would Be a Better Option

    For clients who have modern luxurious cars or old-timers that need to be protected from any potential damage at all times, we recommend investing in enclosed trailers. The advantage of enclosed auto transport is that the carriers are covered on all sides, so the vehicles are fully isolated from the outside world. The USA Auto Transport company guarantees that the cars will be protected from unexpected weather conditions and any circumstances on the road.

    Pick a Suitable Pick-up and Delivery Options

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    Clients have an opportunity to choose a pick-up and delivery option that best suits their needs and requirements. Different types of delivery options cater to different circumstances of particular moves. The price and the location also dictate which pick-up option is better to request. Therefore you can choose either door-to-door auto transport or terminal-to-terminal car shipping.

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    Our Movers in Philadelphia Recommend Investing In Door-to-Door Delivery

    Regarded as one of the most convenient options for every customer, door-to-door delivery implies that the vehicle gets picked up from your home and transported directly to your new driveway. The only thing you have to do is prepare your vehicle for shipping, and we’ll get the job done. Our professional drivers will drive the car safely to your destination, and you will only need to wait for the vehicle to arrive at your new address.

    Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery is For Clients Who Have Specific Requirements

    Let’s face it, moving drains the client’s budget to the maximum. For this reason, many opt out of a car shipping service. But, we have a solution for anyone who can’t spend a lot on this service. For terminal-to-terminal delivery, the client has to do his part, too. This means that our crew picks up the vehicle from a designated location and transports it to the regional terminal, where the client must show up for the delivery. All the details of this kind of delivery option should be settled with our agents so that any potential mistakes can be avoided.

    So, What Kind of Car Insurance Can You Expect?

    Car insurance

    USA Auto Transport’s movers in Philadelphia are dedicated and serious about the long-distance transportation of their client’s belongings. That is why as soon as you schedule a move with us, you instantaneously receive a free car insurance policy that differs based on the type of carrier you invest in. Even though accidents don’t happen often, it is of the utmost importance to have some proof that your vehicle is insured.

    What we can guarantee is that your car will be insured for up to 100,000 dollars if its exterior gets damaged on an open trailer, but those vehicles transported on enclosed carriers will be insured for up to 500,000 dollars. You won’t have to request insurance separately – it is already included in the estimate that you will receive.

    Searching For Best Moving Services in Philadelphia? USA Auto Transport Got You Covered

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    Are you wondering if there is a reliable and trustworthy long-distance moving company in Philly that can ship your vehicle but also pack up your furniture and transport everything safely to the new location? If the answer is yes, you are in luck. By scheduling a move with USA Auto Transport, you will get a chance to have your items packed, stored, and shipped by the most reliable team of long-distance movers.

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    Contact Our Agents and Inform Yourself On Our Outstanding Moving Services

    Do you have an inventory list? If you do, make sure you contact our call center agents and request a free estimate. The number of items you have on your list will dictate the price of our moving services. We can guarantee that we will give you the most accurate estimate based on the inventory list you provided us with, but bear in mind that the more items the list has, the price will be higher.

    Also, it should be mentioned that there is no limit on how many items the list can have. What is more, each client can alter the inventory list as much as they want to until one day before the day of the move. Therefore, if you have additional pieces of furniture you want our movers to transport, don’t hesitate to add to the list and exclude some other items.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    Our Movers in Philadelphia, PA, Always Have Available Storage Units

    USA Auto Transport’s moving and storage in Philadelphia are the best of the best. We do not only pack and transport your belongings, but we can also take care of the stuff you don’t want to move right away.

    If you are looking for available storage units, we will be glad to inform you that our storage containers are constantly monitored and temperature-controlled. We want to ensure that your belongings are kept safe and protected; therefore, we usually pack your items such as furniture, musical instruments, and old appliances with our supplies and materials. Our service is available to you completely free of charge for a whole month.

    A young woman with a pile of packages

    USA Auto Transport Company Can Arrange For Professional Packer’s Help

    No one can say for sure that they are experts at packing. Some clients struggle to find the right supplies and materials and end up incorrectly boxing up their furniture. This is why we offer professional help to every customer.

    We can provide you with the basic packing service. This option is free, and it ensures that you will get packing supplies and materials from us as well as electronic barcodes that will help identify your boxes. Of course, the team will help you with the loading and the unloading of your stuff.

    Still, this standard option isn’t enough for some customers as they need capable hands boxing up their belongings. In this case, we recommend getting our partial or full packing services. These two options come at an additional cost.

    So, what can be expected from partial or full packing options? With the first option, our crew will pack up to 15 boxes of belongings. If there are more boxes, it will be considered a full packing service. The professional packers will arrive at your doorstep with the necessary supplies and tools to box everything up as well as dismantle and disassemble some furniture such as tables, chairs, and beds. It should be underlined that with the full packing option, you are free to ask our team to pack as many boxes as you’d like.

    If you own some expensive recording equipment or valuable pieces of art, you should avoid boxing it up in ordinary bubble wrap and loading it into the truck. Instead, consider getting custom crating. Long-distance movers will build custom-made containers where your items will be kept safe during the whole move.

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    We Can Provide You With Relocation Insurance, too

    Accidents are rare, but in cases when they happen, it is vital to have relocation insurance. We provide our clients with different types of insurance, and they can choose which one they require the most:

    • The first option is Free Mandatory Liability Coverage which is included in the relocation quote. This type of insurance is available to everyone. As soon as someone purchases our service, they get this policy. It implies that you will receive 60 cents per pound for any damaged or lost item.
    • The second option is the Full Value Replacement Policy. It covers only what our movers have handled, and the client will receive a financial reimbursement at the full value of anything that gets lost or damaged. Also, this type of insurance has to be additionally paid for.

    Relocating to the Cradle of Liberty? Philly Is An Outstanding Place to Call Home

    Philadelphia area

    The so-called Cradle of Liberty is the largest and oldest city in PA, sitting on the confluence of the Delaware and Schuylkill river. The Philly metro area is considered to have as many as 6,000,000 residents. Even though many people call Philly their home, this metropolis has an atmosphere of a small town. There are tree-lined streets, open spaces, waterways, and public parks that contribute to the tranquility of the city. It has one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, too. The importance of this city to the US is great because it is considered to be the birthplace of American democracy and independence. The Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776 right here, in Athens of America. The Liberty Bell stands as a reminder of where and how freedom was won.

    Have you ever wondered where the oldest street in America is? Well, the right answer is in Philly. Elfreth’s Alley is the oldest street in the US, located close to the port. Also, what you might find fascinating is the Reading Terminal market where people can taste fresh food from all over the world. Don’t forget Philly’s cheesesteak, which should be on everyone’s bucket list since it is one of the trademarks of this town. For people interested in art and history, there are some of the top museums and art collections in the country. Maybe the most famous attraction is the Philadelphia Museum of Art, where the well-known Rocky steps are located. But, some may not know that this museum features 240,000 pieces of art. If you want to see all the various building designs and skyscrapers, that’s only possible from the top of the One Liberty Observation Deck. Only from there will you be able to grasp the significance of this outstanding city.

    Philadelphia night

    What Are the Living Expenses in the Cradle of Liberty?

    The cost of living in the largest city in Pennsylvania is 17 percent higher than the national average. But the expenses differ depending on the neighborhood the person lives in and the salary and work opportunities in the area. The median home price is estimated to be 450,000 dollars, and the median rent for a one-bedroom apartment located outside the city center is 1,200 dollars, as opposed to the median rent price of 1,700 dollars for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center.

    Also, when the cost of utilities, transportation, and food are calculated without rent, monthly expenses for a single person are 1,100 dollars. Even though Philly has higher prices than the national average, consumer prices are still lower in this metropolis than in other big cities such as New York and Los Angeles. What is more, a lot of work opportunities and an exciting cultural scene can compensate for higher living costs.

    Pick a Unique Neighborhood in Philly

    Did you know that Philly is known as “the City of Neighborhoods“? This nickname is as old as the city itself since it was given by its founder, William Penn. It captures the city’s core because here, you will find the most distinct areas. Some of the well-known neighborhoods are Chestnut Hill, Society Hill, and West Washington Square:

    • Chestnut Hill – Residents in this area, have an opportunity to enjoy leafy streets, Victorian townhouses, and magnificent mansions. It is known as the garden district where everyone can escape the hustle and bustle of big city life. It is perfect for families and nature enthusiasts. Many museums, theaters, antique shops, and art galleries are scattered throughout the neighborhood. Also, literature fans come to Chestnut Hill for the annual Harry Potter Festival.
    • Society Hill – This neighborhood is steeped in history. It is located near Independence Hall and Liberty Bell, and homes from the 18th and 19th centuries are a constant reminder of the cultural significance of this district. Taking time to walk down the cobblestone streets is a true delight. You can visit the oldest farmers’ market on Headhouse Square or eat at classy restaurants and bars on Dock Street. Society Hill is considered one of the most visited tourist attractions in the city.
    • West Washington Square – It is considered to be one of the safest neighborhoods to live in. Some buildings have guards that constantly keep an eye on the residents. There are many outstanding bars and eateries within walking distance as well as big public parks. The area also boasts an exciting nightlife scene. Irish pubs and hip restaurants charm many visitors.
    Philadelphia sunrise

    Relocating Out of the Cradle of Liberty? Not a Problem For Our Movers in Philadelphia

    Living in the largest city in Pennsylvania can be exciting and fascinating. However, new job opportunities and interests appear in time and make people relocate to other parts of the country. In case you need moving services out of Philly, make sure you contact our agents and schedule your move. It is vital to have your move out of the city handled by a trusted team. We are waiting for your call.

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