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    USA Auto Transport company has the perfect offer for you – our Miami movers have years of experience and expertise with relocating household items and vehicles from one state to another. If you’re looking for someone reputable to take care of your possessions and to properly relocate them, our team of movers in Miami, FL, are an excellent choice.

    What Should You Know Before Becoming a Miamian?

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    If you’ve been thinking of relocating to Florida’s Magic City, there are some things you need to know before you come. This is one of the most glamorous cities in the nation with an amazing and fun lifestyle. If you’ve visited it for a vacation, you probably got the impression that this city never sleeps and that there’s always a party somewhere. This isn’t far from the truth, but The Magic City is much more than a tourist destination. If you desire to become a Miamian, keep in mind the following things:

    • Residing here is pretty affordable. When compared to other US metropolises, the Magic City is undoubtedly less expensive. According to the latest data, renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs around $1,800, and a gallon of gasoline is $2.40.
    • Job opportunities are plentiful, but the salaries aren’t the best. Wherever you look, you can find at least a part-time job. However, the minimum wage is $8.56, and the average salary after the taxes is $3,400.
    • The Magic City is an excellent destination if you’re in media, finance, entertainment, or trade.
    • You won’t have to pay any state income taxes.
    • It’s beneficial to learn Spanish. It will help you a lot since 70% of people here speak this language. This will also be very helpful for learning about new cultures, meeting new people, and it will be easier to make friends.
    • The best and easiest way to meet someone is to sign up for memberships for sports, gyms, dance classes, and alike.
    • Traffic is very bad, so choose where you will live according to where you plan to work. Still, the area is very walkable and bikeable, so it can even be better to walk where you’re headed than driving or using public transportation.
    • This is the perfect place to be active and to spend time outside. The weather is beautiful and warm almost all year round, and the winter here feels like spring in some other parts of the country. If you love being near the ocean and you enjoy water sports, you’ll love it here.
    • You can expect lots of tasty food options, especially Mexican specialties.
    • It’s very touristy, and there are many snowbirds – people who migrate to the warm climate once the cold weather starts.
    • Hurricanes do happen, but there’s always a way to be prepared for them, so you don’t need to worry about them. Residents have days or weeks to prepare, buy water, canned food, candles, and flashlights, and put sandbags for protection.
    • It’s very important to choose the neighborhood wisely because they’re very different from one another. This will have a huge impact on how you experience the city. Research the whole area before you make the decision.
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    Know How to Choose a Safe and Affordable Neighborhood

    The area you choose for living will pretty much determine how much you’ll like being a resident here. You’d want to live somewhere within walking distance or a short commute to your work, grocery store, and recreational activities. The perfect example of that would be Miami Beach. This is a great option for families and young people as well. Edgewater is also a family-friendly neighborhood with beautiful views of the beaches and the ocean. Another ideally located area is Brickell – restaurants, clubs, shopping, and beaches will be at your fingertips. If you’re coming here to study, choose Coconut Grove. It’s very close to the University of Miami, there are lots of parks and outdoor activities.

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    The Magic City Is a Synonym to Having Fun All the Time

    Arts, museums, parks, beaches, music and sports events, outdoor activities – this Florida city has it all. The clubs here don’t close until 5 AM or even later, there are pool and beach parties and great concerts and live music all the time. Because of the beautiful weather, you can spend time outside all year round. Go snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, or simply swimming. The ocean will give you endless opportunities to have some quality time. If you love art and culture, you can enjoy one of the world’s largest art deco architecture collections in the Art Deco Historic District. There are also many art galleries, theaters, ballet shows, and Miami’s own symphony orchestra. No matter what time of the day or year it is, you will always find some amusement.

    Best Customer Service

    As Miami’s greatest auto transport service, we have a remarkable reputation for providing the best customer service, professional drivers, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, reliable car carriers and the fairest personally tailored quotes. Take a moment to read our Testimonials page, and see why our clients recommend us.

    From the moment you request a free quote from USA Auto Transport, our experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth ride for your vehicle shipping. We know that every vehicle has its own story and sentimental value, that’s why we offer a transparent door-to-door open or enclosed trailer service.

    USAAT Miami Movers Can Provide You With the Best Moving, Packing, and Storage Services

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    Long-distance moves aren’t as simple as they might seem. They require a lot of organizing, and planning and a lot of things can go south if you don’t start early. If you’re interested in how to make the relocation process easier, the best answer is to hire a good home and car shipping company. That way, you won’t have to worry about handling heavy furniture and appliances or safely packing all the delicate stuff. USAAT is one of the moving companies in Miami that can provide you with all kinds of relocation services for an all-inclusive and guaranteed price. Our prices are based on the list of items you wish to move, which means that it isn’t important how big or heavy your belongings are. There are lots of things included in the quote – from transportation fees and taxes, loading and unloading, to a month free of high-end storage and free minimum liability insurance. Just one price covers all of this.

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    Professional Miami Movers Offer Free Packing of All Bigger Items With Our Long Distance Moving Services

    Our standard packing service is completely free, and it covers all of your furniture, disassembling and reassembling them if needed, electronics, mirrors, lamps, and pictures. Simply put – everything that can’t fit in a regular-sized cardboard box.

    In case you want us to take care of your smaller items, we can do that as well, but that service comes at an additional cost. Packing up to fifteen boxes of smaller things is called a partial pack while packing anything more than that (or everything you own) is called a full pack. Custom crating is another handy option for all of the delicate furniture, such as a glass-top table. Our movers in Miami will make a custom wooden crate and ship your breakables inside of it.

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    Having a Car Here Is Pretty Essential

    You’ve probably heard that the traffic in the Magic City can be just horrible. The thing that makes it so bad is a large number of tourists that come every year and the snowbirds who relocate here for the winter months. People who aren’t local don’t know the streets well, creating traffic jams and a long commute. However, having a car here is very important, since public transportation is not the best one. If you want to call this city your home, you might want to move your vehicle with you as well.

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    Call USAAT Movers, Miami to Get Top Car Shipping Services

    If you want to have your car relocated fastly and for an affordable price, give us a call. We are a moving company in Miami, FL, that’s been in the car relocation business for years, and we can guarantee you a pleasant experience. Once we get in touch with you, one of our relocation representatives will become your dedicated agent that you can contact whenever you have any questions or concerns. To provide you with a quote, just let us know the zip codes of both pick-up and delivery zip codes, year, make, and model of the car, and the date that would work best for you. The quote is guaranteed, free of charge, non-obligatory, and it’s valid for 48 hours.

    The pick-up window is guaranteed, and it’s a maximum of three days, while the move can last between five and fourteen business days, which depends on the mileage. Sundays and holidays aren’t included in the three-day window. If you wish, you can leave up to 100 pounds of your belongings in the trunk of your car. In case there is no separation between the trunk and the back seat, you can put your things below the window level on the back seat.

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    Our Auto Transport Company Offers You Both Terminal-To-Terminal and Door-To-Door Delivery

    Part of USAAT moving services in Miami is choosing how you would like for us to pick-up and deliver your car. If our customers pick door-to-door auto transport, our team will pick-up the car from whichever location works best for you. This could be a parking lot in front of your home, business office, or wherever else you want. If our truck can’t access the location you chose without causing problems in traffic, you can leave the car at one of the nearest parking lots. In case you can’t be present for the pick-up and delivery, find someone who can.

    Terminal-to-terminal car shipping is a perfect solution if you have a specific time and date when you want to leave and pick-up the vehicle. This option also saves you some money, but it takes longer. Your relocation specialist will tell you where the closest terminal is (also called regional storage facility), so you just have to drive there, leave the car, and pick it up from the regional storage in your delivery location.

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    Decide Between Open-Air and Enclosed Trailers for Your Vehicle

    Do you know the difference between open and enclosed trailers? Customers who choose to move their car on an open trailer do that in case they wish to relocate quickly and affordably. Open trailers are the cheapest type of auto transport, and they’re the most common ones. The only downside is that the cars don’t get any protection from the weather conditions, dust, and road debris. On the other hand, enclosed auto transport offers complete protection for the vehicles inside, but relocating your car this way also costs more. Enclosed trailers aren’t that common, so the move itself can last longer than if you choose an open trailer. This is a preferred method among owners of expensive models or modified ones that can’t fit on an open trailer.

    Damage from the hail

    You Will Be One Step Ahead of Any Possible Damage

    As in every other business, undesirable events can happen, and sometimes they can’t be predicted. Auto transport service with USAAT comes with insurance coverage. Cars transported on open trailers are protected up to $100,000 of external damage. For cars shipped inside enclosed ones, this figure is $500,000. As long as the car is in our possession, it’s fully insured.

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    USAAT Team Will Help You Have an Amazing Relocation

    To make sure that your life in Florida starts smoothly, we will take care of your car and household belongings. Everything will be safely packed and transported by our professional team, and you can just book a plane ticket and leave the worries behind you. Contact us today and become one more of our satisfied customers.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure

    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.

    Knowledgeable Customer Service

    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!

    Flat Price, No Hidden Feese

    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.

    Easy, Fast Booking

    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms.

    How do you know which option to choose?

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    As true experts in the business, we believe that it’s our responsibility to find the best auto shipping solution in Miami. Our goal is to not to overcharge you and offer a service that you don’t need, instead, we believe in creating long-lasting relationships by going an extra mile in finding a perfect solution. Whether you are:

    Big rig light blue long haulage car hauler semi truck with drivers rest compartment transporting different cars on the special two levels modular semi trailer driving on the flat road with green hill
    • Relocating for the job
    • Moving to the University
    • Purchasing a car from eBay
    • Going to an auto show
    • Transporting a racing or an exotic car
    • Wanting to enjoy your holiday and having your car available at the new location

    Where can you find us?

    No road is too long for us, as we are present in all major cities in the US, from Miami to Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, New York, Las Vegas… Give us a call and our local representatives will arrange your vehicle relocation. We will pickup or deliver your vehicle to any Miami location…

    Learn more about our local and cross country shipping services in Florida, contact our experts today and make sure that your precious vehicle is in the safe hands. USA Auto Transport – a class of its own.

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