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    Whether you are planning to relocate to this town or move out of it, you will definitely need some professional assistance from Palo Alto movers. The USA Auto Transport company is the best in the business, and there is no doubt we will provide you with top-notch services. Your relocation will be as smooth as possible.

    The Services Offered by Our Car Shipping Company Are the Best You Can Find in California

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    We all know how complicated relocations can get, and many people do not want to deal with all those tasks on their own. That is why our Palo Alto moving company can provide you with all the relocation options that are necessary for a safe and smooth relocation. We have been in the business for quite some time and have many satisfied customers behind us, which you can easily tell from our numerous positive reviews.

    When it comes to shipping your vehicle, our crew offers the greatest transportation experience. Most people want to take their car with them when relocating, and they want to be hundred percent sure the car will stay safe. That’s why we made sure to create an optimal vehicle transportation experience, so each and every one of our clients is happy. We provide our customers with few options, so they can moderate the offered assistance according to their needs.

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    Invest in Long Distance Moving Services for a Stress-Free Relocation Process

    Is your relocation approaching, and you are starting to feel overwhelmed? This is a sign you should invest in hiring our moving company in Palo Alto so we can help you out with the entire relocating process. Finding the right assistants is not easy, and you should be careful when choosing who you are going to hire to relocate your personal belongings.

    Our business has decades of experience, knowledge, and professional employees that will make sure you are provided with top-notch service. We make sure that many of our satisfied clients return and invest in our service again. This is because all of our workers are punctual, kind, and trained to solve any long-distance relocation problem you may have.

    Because we know how problematic the cost of long-distance relocating service can be to most people, we made sure our prices are reasonable. If you are interested in working with us, be free to contact our customer support, and they will provide you with a general free quote. The quote will be based on the size of your home inventory list. And you can update the list as many times as you want. Just make sure you do it one business day before the relocation date.

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    The Standard Packing Service Is Included in the Initial Quote

    Packing is one of the most demanding parts of relocating to a new home. We understand that it can get quite frustrating, especially if you have some items or furniture you don’t know how to safely pack and protect on your own. If you decide to book our standard packing, we will take care of everything that is on your home inventory list and make sure it is packed, secured, and protected.

    The standard packing option is out of cost and comes with booking our basic moving services. The standard packaging also includes disassembling and reassembling furniture, if needed. In case you think the standard package won’t be enough, you can always upgrade it to the full packing option or get the partial one. You can contact our support team and ask them to answer any questions you may have.

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    If You Are Our Customer, We Will Offer You 30 Days of Storage Services for Free

    Once you come into your new apartment, you will need to clean it thoroughly, and it can be quite hard with all the boxes lying around. You probably won’t need to open everything at once because some boxes are less urgent than others. This is when our storage units come in hand. In our storage, you can leave all the belongings or furniture you know you won’t be needing the first few weeks. They won’t be in your way, plus they will be completely safe in our units.

    All of our storage units are under surveillance, highly protected, and climate-controlled. So you don’t have to worry about your goods getting damaged or lost. The first 30 days of using our units are free for all of our clients. If you need to use it longer, you will be charged by the day, affordable and without any hidden fees.

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    Our Movers Will Provide You With Our Mandatory Liability Coverage for Free

    Since our most important task is to keep our clients safe, happy, and satisfied, we pay attention to all the possible problems that can occur. That is why we provide our mandatory coverage to all of our clients, in case some of your belongings get damaged during transportation. This happens rarely, but when it does, the insurance covers 60 cents per pound of the damaged goods.

    If you feel like this won’t be enough because you have some valuable items or furniture you wish to transport – you can easily upgrade to Full Value Replacement Insurance. With that coverage, you will be provided with the total value of the damaged goods. Feel free to contact our representatives and ask them any questions you may have.

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    Our Team Will Provide You With Two Vehicle Delivery Options to Choose From

    Everyone has their own specific preferences when it comes to how they want their vehicle to be handled for transport. That is why we made sure to create a few options, so everyone can choose what they feel the most comfortable with. When it comes to delivering your vehicle, there are two options, and you can pick the one that fits your needs the best.

    The first option is door-to-door auto transport, which basically means we will pick up your car from a specific destination (usually front door) and deliver it where you want us to. Both time and place of the delivery are moderated by you. That is exactly why this delivery option is great for people that are running on a tight schedule and need everything done in a specific time.

    The second option is terminal-to-terminal car shipping, which is cheaper than the first option. And that is why it’s great for people who want to save money and cut down on expenses. With this type of delivery, we will pick up your car and deliver it to a designated place, usually one of our terminals which we have in most bigger cities.

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    You Will Be Offered Two Types of Transportation Carriers As Well

    Just like you can choose what type of delivery you want for your vehicle, you can also select a transportation carrier. There are two types of trailers in our offer – they are the same in quality but differ in prices and some specific features. And it’s completely up to you to pick out which one you want for your car to be transported in. Here’s what we can offer you:

    • Open carrier auto transport means your car will be transported in a cover-free truck. This type of transportation is very good, and your vehicle will stay completely safe throughout the trip. However, it is pretty budget-friendly since it’s a cheaper option, so it’s good if you wish to cut down on relocation expenses.
    • Enclosed auto transport is great if you desire full protection for your car. The enclosed trailer is the best you can do to ensure a safe and smooth relocation of your car. It gives maximum protection from bad weather and outside factors. It is a bit pricier option, but if you’re transporting an expensive car, you should definitely consider investing in this carrier.
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    Getting Insurance Is the Most Important Thing When Relocating

    Many people forget about how important it is to get insurance for your vehicle when relocating. Relocations can be unpredictable, and bad scenarios do occur, no matter how professional movers are. But, if you don’t have insurance, you will have to pay for the damage yourself.

    This is why it’s so much better to get insurance and ensure yourself a stress-free move. For the open carrier transportation, you will be provided with coverage of $100,000. On the other hand, if you decide to invest in enclosed transportation, we will provide you with insurance covering up to $500,000 for any kind of external damage.

    Why Moving to The "Tall Tree" City May Be the Perfect Choice for You?

    a view of a tower and building at Stanford University in Palo Alto

    This gorgeous charter city is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is named after a coastal redwood tree. The name of the city actually means “tall tree,” which is a quite fitting name since the town has over thirty thousand trees lining its roads. It is a sunny San Francisco area, and it’s great if you love warm Californian weather.

    It is also known as the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley” and for being home to many multi-billion dollar companies. It has an active nightlife and plenty of outdoor activities, so it’s interesting for young people but families with children as well.

    The Cost of Living in Palo Alto?

    “Birthplace of Silicon Valley” is not the most affordable location not only in San Francisco but in the entire state of California. According to Numbeo, it is actually around 68% percent more expensive to live here than in the rest of California. Housing is generally more expensive than the national average. The typical house value in this town is around $4,000,000 and has gone up over the past year.

    But, even though the housing costs are quite high, the utilities are somewhat cheaper than the national average. The grocery prices are also higher than the national average, by around 50%. However, the monthly net salary, on average, is approximately $8,500 after tax.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    The Best Neighborhoods for Moving Into

    This specific part of the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most expensive in the whole country, and its residents are very affluent. The most desired neighborhoods in this area are quite pricey but definitely worth every cent. Here’s a brief list of the most sought after neighborhoods:

    • Leland Manor is an upscale community with a pretty large neighborhood. Most of it was built in the 1940s and 1960s, so properties are usually single-story ranch homes and two-story Colonial homes. It’s a few minutes away from Stanford University.
    • Midtown is located in the heart of the city and feels distinctly residential. It’s known for being a quiet, family-friendly neighborhood, perfect for raising children.
    • Crescent Park is known for being quite an expensive neighborhood with beautiful architecture, which gives it a luxurious charm. It’s considered to be the city’s most prestigious neighborhood.


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    Once You Decide You’re Ready for a Relocation, Even Out of This City, Just Call Our Palo Alto Movers

    Whenever you feel ready to start a new chapter in a new town, be sure to hire a professional crew. Our movers in Palo Alto, California, are always available and will be more than happy to provide you with a safe and sound trip even if you decide to leave this charming place. Be sure to contact our team, so you can sit back and spend your whole long-distance relocation process relaxed.

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