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    If you’re thinking about hiring Atlanta movers for your future relocation, we have an amazing offer for you. With USA Auto Transport moving company, Atlanta, you will get not only the best service for an affordable price but also outstanding customer care and high efficiency. Our movers in Atlanta, GA, are here for you to make sure that your relocation goes smoothly and without any stress.

    USA Auto Transport

    Why Is ATL Such a Hot Spot for Relocating?

    So many people move here each year, and there are so many reasons for that. The ATL is known as a Black Mecca and a great place for job opportunities. Fifteen Fortune 500 businesses have headquarters in this city, such as Home Depot, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, CNN, and UPS. Many students come here for a world-class education on the Georgia State University campuses, such as law, business, and health professions. It’s also pretty inexpensive to live here – having in mind that you’ll easily find a job and have a safe source of income, you can easily pay the rent, utilities, groceries, and other essentials.

    Do the calculation – an average salary after all the taxes is $5,000, the rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center area costs around $1,500, while a three-bedroom home rent costs less than $3,000. Still, the rent won’t be your only cost, since there’s a lot of places where you can spend money. The shopping is huge in ATL, and so is eating out and having an active nightlife.

    There are all four seasons, so you can expect both hot and humid summers and even snow during the winter months. However, during the biggest part of the year, you can spend time outside because the weather is mostly sunny and the temperature is warm or mild. Another huge pro is having a Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport – the busiest airport in the US and the world.

    USA Auto Transport

    Pay Attention When Choosing Where You Will Live After Long-Distance Moving

    ATL is spread out, so make sure you research the area you plan to live in. Try to be as close as you can to your workplace since traffic can be really bad. It’s also important to consider only the areas with a high level of safety since it can be an issue in some parts of the city. There are nice areas both within the perimeter and outside of it. If you’re looking to live in one of the suburbs, you will save money on rent, but the commute time will be longer. Some of the good suburbs that have a lot to offer are Smyrna, Sandy Springs, Marietta, and Douglasville. Some good but expensive picks inside of the perimeter are Midtown, Buckhead, Edgewood, and Downtown. North Druid Hills and Dunwoody are also great options that offer all the amenities that the fancy neighborhoods have, but for a bit more affordable price.

    There’s No Dull Moment in This City

    No matter who you talk to, you will hear that there’s always something to do. ATL has a famous nightlife scene, the restaurants are excellent, and there are lots of festivals and concerts. The city’s history is very rich, the culture is very diverse, and the civil rights movement’s history is very important here. There’s also the unavoidable southern hospitality, so you’ll have no problems finding people to hang out with. The food options are delicious, so if you’re a foodie and you love BBQ and soul food, you’ll love it here. Also, the museums are amazing. You can also go visit the Coca-Cola factory, Georgia Aquarium, and Martin Luther King National Historical Park. ATL is a city within a forest, so hiking or doing some other outdoor activities is always an option. If you’re a sports fan, you can visit sports events at the Mercedes Benz Stadium or State Farm Arena. Don’t miss the Fox Theater for a classic Broadway show or Six Flags amusement parks.

    Best Customer Service

    As Atlanta greatest auto transport service, we have a remarkable reputation for providing the best customer service, professional drivers, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, reliable car carriers and the fairest personally tailored quotes. Take a moment to read our Testimonials page, and see why our clients recommend us.

    From the moment you request a free quote from USA Auto Transport, our experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth ride for your vehicle shipping. We know that every vehicle has its own story and sentimental value, that’s why we offer a transparent door-to-door open or enclosed trailer service.

    Get Help from Professional and Quick Atlanta Home Movers

    Having a reputable and trustworthy company when relocating from one state to another is crucial if you wish to have a pleasant experience. Experts from professional moving companies in Atlanta, GA, will do all the hard work for you, including carrying everything to the relocation truck, loading and unloading, and taking care that nothing breaks along the way. Find movers in Atlanta that have enough experience to provide you with a safe and stress-free relocation. Check out the reviews online, make sure that the business is licensed and insured, and book your move on time. It will help you stay organized, and you’ll have much less anxiety and pressure on your shoulders.

    USA Auto Transport

    USAAT Atlanta Movers Offer All Kinds of Relocation Services

    If you’re looking for movers in Atlanta, GA, to relocate your home items or move your car, USAAT is a perfect choice. We’re one of the Atlanta moving companies that have all the services you might require. Working with just one company instead of dealing with several relocation specialists will not only save your time, but it’s also more affordable to pay all the fees and costs just once. With USAAT, your costs will be transparent, and you’ll have direct contact with your dedicated relocation specialist that will be there for you any day of the week. Our Atlanta moving services include:

    • Long-distance relocating of your household goods,
    • Pricing based on an inventory list,
    • A guaranteed and all-inclusive quote,
    • Packing service for all of your bigger items for free,
    • Packing up to fifteen boxes of smaller items for an additional fee,
    • Full packing at an extra cost,
    • Free storage services for a month,
    • Disassembling and reassembling services for everything that needs it,
    • Auto transportation service,
    • Insurance for your shipment.
    USA Auto Transport

    Locals Recommend Having a Car in ATL

    Even though there’s a public transportation system called MARTA, keep in mind that it’s not the best and it doesn’t cover the whole city. ATL is not very walkable, and it can take you quite a lot to go from point A to point B on foot. This is why it’s essential to have a car when living in ATL. Traffic is an issue when living in ATL, and the highways get congested frequently. The rush hours are the worst, but traffic jams can happen even during weekends. What locals recommend is figuring out the back roads. In the morning and the afternoon, the highways become so congested that it’s much better to find an alternative way to get home. It will be much easier and faster, and you’ll also spend less money on gas. If you plan on taking your vehicle with you from another state, we have an amazing offer for you.

    USA Auto Transport

    Consider Hiring USAAT Atlanta Movers for Auto Transport

    We’re one of the moving companies in Atlanta that are experts at long-distance relocating vehicles of all kinds and sizes. If you don’t know a lot about car shipping, our relocation specialists will make sure you understand the whole process. Transporting your car long distance is a pretty usual thing, and we are experienced in that. Our team just needs to know the zip codes of the pick-up and delivery locations, the date you had in mind for your move, and the year, make, and model of your vehicle to provide you with a non-obligatory quote. Keep in mind that the price you hear is only valid for 48 hours. The price will also depend on the method of transportation that you choose.

    Our team will need a maximum of three days (except for Sundays and holidays) to show up and pick up your vehicle, while the relocation itself can last anywhere from five to fourteen business days, depending on the mileage. The three-day pick-up window is guaranteed, as is the delivery time frame. Another great option is that you can pack up to 100 lbs of your possessions in the trunk of your car. If there’s no separation between the back seat and the trunk, our customers can place their things on the back seat but below the window level.

    Choose Between Door-To-Door and Terminal-To-Terminal Delivery When Moving Your Vehicle

    USA Auto Transport

    The first thing you can choose between is whether you’d like to have door-to-door auto transport or terminal to terminal car shipping. Here’s the difference – if you choose the first option, our driver will pick up your vehicle from a location of your choice, and we’ll deliver it to the destination you choose. This can be your home, business office, or anywhere else where you find it convenient. Just let us know what will be your desired location for pick-up and drop-off, and we’ll be there. If it happens that you can’t be there when we take and deliver your car, make sure someone else is. As long as our truck can access your locations, we will perform door-to-door delivery. In case there are some restrictions, you can agree with your relocation specialist to have the car delivered to the nearest parking lot.

    The second option, terminal-to-terminal, is performed if you have some extra time and want to save some money. We will pick up and deliver your vehicle from regional storage facilities, also called terminals. This is a great option if you want your car delivered on a specific date and time and if you can’t be around for the pick-up and delivery. You can just simply drive to storage, leave your car there, and our car shipping company will come to pick it up. Once we leave it at the storage in another state, the only thing left is for you to come and get it.

    usa auto transport

    Which Option Is Better for You – Open or Enclosed Trailer?

    There are two commonly used types of trailers in the car relocation industry. If you have a dilemma should you choose an open or enclosed trailer, here are a few crucial things to know:

    • An open trailer is a cheaper and more commonly used option. It can fit from one to nine vehicles depending on their size and weight. The transportation lasts shorter since they’re the most frequently used type of trailer. Keep in mind that the vehicles loaded on an open trailer don’t have any protection from the weather and road debris.
    • Enclosed auto transport is a matter of prestige, and it costs more than using the open-air trailer. This is the preferred method of transportation for owners of exotic and expensive cars that have to be protected from all outside elements such as the weather, dust, rocks, and other road debris. This is a less frequent option, which means that it might take longer to transport a car this way. If you have no time for waiting, this might not be the best option for you.

    Your Car Is Safe With Our Auto Transport Company

    When relocating your auto with USAAT, you will also have insurance included in the quote. For as long as the car is in our possession, it’s insured for up to $100,000 on an open trailer and up to $500,000 for the enclosed one. This is the coverage only for the external damage that happens from the moment when we take the vehicle until we deliver it to you.

    Contact Us and Get a Free Quote

    If you’re wondering how much it will cost to transport your car or household items to your new home in ATL, give us a call and get all the information you need for free. Our relocation specialists will make sure to guide you through the whole process, leaving no unanswered questions. We can help you with transporting cars, SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, scooters, and many other types of vehicles. Get in touch with our team and see why we are one of the best companies in the relocation industry.

    Atlanta USA Auto Transport Review

    “I have used auto shipping companies before, but USA Auto Shipping exceeds them all!

    Great service, wonderful customer service, fantastic communication and great handling of my truck. Thank you USA Auto Shipping. I will be recommending your services.”

    Bob K.

    “We just didn’t know where to begin when we started out planning for the long distance move ahead. A friend suggested we use USA Auto Shipping, so we gave them a call. They gave us a free estimate on what it would cost to ship a classic car, our truck and a custom Harley. We wanted to drive the RV ad take our time getting to the new place. We went ahead with the deal, and are very pleased with the outcome. Very professional and careful experts! Thank You.”

    George and Frances

    “The movers at USA Auto Shipping were very respectful, and they were careful with my old cars. It was a professional job from start to finish. I have some very valuable vehicles that were handed down through several generations, and I was worried about trusting a company to care for the classics like I would. They handled my auto shipping needs with such care! I would definitely use this company again, and I highly recommend them for anyone who may be moving their classic cars or trucks. Companies like this are hard to find nowadays!”

    Milla O.

    “Don’t move your automobiles without calling USA Auto Shipping first! They help with the shipping. Talk about a load off! Thanks guys for taking great care of our car and making the move we had ahead an enjoyable one!”

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