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    Whether you have a commercial or residential move, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than prime-quality service, and that’s where our Atlanta movers come along. Experienced, highly efficient, and professional, our team is the best one to provide you with smooth and stress-free relocation. No other moving company in Atlanta can match what USA Auto Transport has to offer – and you’re about to see why.

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    Our Auto Transport Services Are Unrivaled Between Other Long-Distance Moving Companies in Atlanta, GA

    Yes, you’ve heard it right – traffic in ATL is far from perfect. According to US News, Atlanta’s one of the most congested cities in the country. MARTA, a public transportation system, is not implemented well and doesn’t cover the whole city. Most importantly, with it, you can’t explore possible side routes to shorten your commute time. That is why owning a vehicle in ATL, Georgia, is a necessity rather than convenience.

    It’s no wonder many decide to move their car here, too, when relocating. Since cross-country road trips can be pretty tiring and dangerous, getting professional auto transport should be a no-brainer in this case.

    The main question will become which auto transport company to choose – and there is only one right answer. USA Auto Transport has years of experience in the car shipping and moving industry. If your goal is to move the vehicle (or vehicles) as fast and safely as possible, our movers are by far the best for the job.

    USA Auto Transport Company Works With Both Open and Enclosed Trailers

    Trucks on the road

    When you decide to get our car shipping services, you will be presented with two choices when it comes to car carriers – open and enclosed. Based on our company’s vast experience, an open trailer auto transport is a go-to option for many customers. There are several reasons why open carriers have become a preferable choice.

    Affordability is considered their biggest advantage, but that is not all. USA Auto Transport, along with other Atlanta moving companies, have more open than enclosed trailers available. That means that it generally takes less time to deliver a vehicle when we’re using this type of trailer. On top of that, our open carrier can ship up to ten cars, which is a significant convenience for people who own more than one car.

    However, as the name suggests, open carriers don’t have barriers on top and sides. Because of that, a car can suffer damage caused by circumstances our drivers can’t control. Rain, snow, poor road conditions, or road debris can all harm your vehicle.

    Have no doubt that our drivers will handle your vehicle with the utmost care. However, if you want your car to have maximum protection, remember that choosing an enclosed auto transport will minimize the risk of any damage. Enclosed carriers are a costlier solution but worth every cent if you’re a proud owner of an expensive or classic model or just want complete protection.

    Calculating the prices of car shipping

    What Is The Price of Car Shipping?

    USA Auto Transport doesn’t have a set car shipping price, but that doesn’t mean you should fear hidden expenses when hiring our team. On the contrary, transparency is one of the qualities responsible for our long list of satisfied customers.

    To get your free quote, all you need to do is contact us and provide us with the necessary details, such as:

    • The size and the weight of the car,
    • Time of the year,
    • Distance,
    • Make, year, and model of the vehicle

    USA Auto Transport, however, is offering you even a possibility of saving up! If you choose to combine our auto transport with residential or commercial moving services, there will be a significant discount to look forward to.

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    With Our Atlanta Movers, You Can Choose the Pickup and Delivery Place

    Our car shipping company operates nationwide – no matter where you are currently located, our movers will be able to help you ship the vehicle all the way to the Big Peach. However, you need to decide about the most suitable pickup and delivery option.

    Most of our customers are happy to hear that we offer door-to-door auto transport. It means that you can hand us the vehicle in front of your soon-to-be old home and expect fast delivery at your new one. Although it’s a less affordable option, our clients find it much more convenient and are ready to pay more for the smooth and time-efficient auto transport experience.

    Keep in mind that there are times when we won’t be able to pick up and deliver a car exactly at your doorstep. It can happen if your current or future home is located in a busy street where no stopping is allowed or in a too-narrow street for our carriers to pass. In that case, we will estimate the surroundings and pick up or deliver a vehicle at the closest possible location.

    The second option in our offer is terminal-to-terminal car shipping. It should be your choice when you’re looking for a cheaper way to ship a vehicle. Our company has terminals in many large cities around the country – although you’ll need to set some time aside to take over the car, it shouldn’t take you long. Keep in mind that this is also an excellent solution if you can’t be around for drivers to contact you.

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    With Us, Car Insurance Somes Without Any Additional Costs

    Car insurance is part of our standard offer, no matter the vehicle shipping option you choose. Chances of your vehicle getting damaged are minimal if you decide to hire us, but having insurance just in case will help you sleep better. As for the amount, you can count on up to $100,000 for external damage if you go with open carriers, while enclosed ones can bring you up to half a million dollars. Don’t hesitate to contact our customer service center for any additional information.

    Our Atlanta Moving Services Are the Top Choice for Relocation Without a Hitch

    Long-distance movers inside of a vehicle

    Aside from car shipping, USA Auto Transport offers top-notch standard long-distance moving services. Our professional moving team is there for all residential and commercial moves, regardless of place, size, and complexity. When you decide you want our movers to help you with the long-distance relocation, here is what you can expect:

    • Free guaranteed quote based mainly on your inventory list (which you can change up to one day before the move),
    • Utmost professionalism when it comes to handling your belongings,
    • Excellent communication, both with our on-spot team and customer support workers,
    • No hidden costs.

      Our Long-Distance Movers in Atlanta, GA, Can Provide You With Professional Packing Services, Too

      Our packers can take care of any object you possess, from books and plates to large furniture and pianos. Our basic packing service implies taking care of those belongings that cannot fit in a box, such as mattresses, appliances, and furniture. Even more than that, our professional team is trained to (dis)assemble any type of furniture and will do so with every bulky piece you decide to bring.

      Packing boxable belongings, on the other hand, is our additional service. With USA Auto Transport, you can opt for partial or full packing (remember that any number higher than fifteen boxes will be considered full packing service). Our packers will carefully pack all belongings you entrust them with, no matter your choice.

    A moving dolly with boxes in front of storage units

    Free Storage Is a Part of Our Initial Offer

    By hiring our movers, you’ll get a storage unit for thirty days free of charge. Our storage facilities are modern, equipped with the latest technology, and provide a temperature-controlled environment. Your furniture, boxes, and other belongings will be safe no matter how long you decide to use our storage. A cost-free first month is just an added bonus.

    Our Moving Insurance Options Can Put an End to All Your Worries

    No matter how rare, accidents can always happen. We decided to ease the minds of our customers by offering them Mandatory Liability Coverage. It’s a basic and free insurance option that entitles you to 60 cents per pound of a damaged item. On the other hand, Full Value Replacement is additional insurance that guarantees that you’ll be fully financially compensated for the damaged object, or it will be replaced (repaired).

    Welcome to Georgia's Capital - A Place Where Money Is Hardly an Issue

    USA Auto Transport

    The Big Peach combines excellent employment opportunities, cost of living and unemployment rate smaller than the national average, and high economic growth. If easy-to-find jobs, higher salaries, and smaller expenses are the things of your dreams, know that you’ll find it all in ATL.

    Did you know that the ATL metro area is home to 16 Fortune 500 companies and 29 companies that belong to the Fortune 1000 list? Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Delta Air Lines all have their headquarters here, just to mention a few. The tech scene in Georgia’s capital is also thriving, while WalletHub places this city between the 20 best places to start a business in the US. Add the fact that housing expenses are currently 6% lower than the US average (according to PayScale). Have you started to pack yet?

    USA Auto Transport

    How to Get the Most From Life In Big Peach?

    Amazing nightlife and dining scene, numerous entertainment options, museums, and galleries make ATL’s life highly interesting. Whether you want to watch a classic Broadway show at the Fox Theater, learn more about American (and world) history at the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, or just enjoy a scenic view of the Appalachian Mountains, this place won’t cease to amaze you. Even a simple walk through the city will be an experience of its own – ATL has so many trees to earn the nickname City in a Forest.

    The Big Peach is suitable for any lifestyle imaginable. Young professionals, for example, will enjoy both the fantastic business and bar scene, while people with kids will cherish many green surfaces and kid-friendly amenities. And how awesome would it be to know that The Walking Dead and Stranger Things are being filmed that close to your home?

    USA Auto Transport

    Where to Put Your Roots After the Long-Distance Move?

    Exploring the neighborhoods is necessary whether you have an office or residential move. Like any other city, ATL naturally has its bad sides (transportation and safety can be an issue in some districts, for example). However, they can be avoided if you choose the right area to live in. Here are our top picks:

    • Brookwood Hills – according to Niche, it’s a number one neighborhood for young professionals. Picturesque and unique, you’ll fall in love with this district in no time. Idyllic and safe surroundings are also making this neighborhood excellent for young families.
    • Buckhead – those who want to experience Atlanta’s nightlife scene as often as possible should find a home in the center of it. With plenty of clubs, bars, and restaurants at your fingertips, you’ll get a chance to party whenever you feel like it. However, this trendy neighborhood is also known as Beverly Hills of the South, so prepare to cash out more every month.
    • Poncey-Highland – famous southern hospitality combined with a true sense of community, plenty of possibilities for outdoor activities, and excellent schools make this place a perfect neighborhood for raising children.
    • Midtown – if you’re looking for a most vivid ATL neighborhood, Midtown should be on the top of your list. Plenty of museums and galleries are accompanied by many festivals and live performances throughout the year, which is why this neighborhood is constantly filled with tourists. Midtown, Atlanta’s center of performing and visual arts, is an ideal home to those invested in culture.

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