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    Located on the northern edge of Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz is a stunning city known for its breathtaking beaches, historic landmarks, and high-stoke surf culture. It is considered a classic California beach town where residents enjoy a laid-back suburban vibe. Our Santa Cruz movers will be ready to relocate you to this city of redwood-covered mountains and hippy culture at any time. If you are searching for a moving and a car shipping company in one, USA Auto Transport has you covered. Book your move as early as today.

    Get Your Car Transported By Our Santa Cruz Moving Company

    Professional relocation crew in a van

    Customers who need professional movers to transport their vehicle to a new destination should look no further. USA Auto Transport company has considerable experience in shipping numerous vehicles across the country. Being in the business for a long period of time has given us an opportunity to transport any kind of vehicle all over the US. The proofs of our expertise are countless positive reviews from our satisfied customers. Many clients choose not only to have their car transported by our reliable drivers but also to have their belongings moved by our firm.

    Customers interested in our car shipping service should contact our customer support representatives and request a free quote. Having the precise information and details about your car, such as the make and the model, as well as dimensions, would greatly help our team provide you with the most accurate estimate.

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    You Can Have Your Vehicle Shipped on an Open Carrier

    By choosing to get your car transported on an open trailer, you are opting for the most affordable and convenient method of transport. So, what does it mean to have a car transported on an open carrier? Our big trailers are intended to carry as many as nine cars. The option is best for individuals who want more than one car shipped to another location. Our well-trained movers in Santa Cruz are experts at safely strapping and transporting any type of car. Even though there is no roof or sidewalls on open trailers, our team will do everything possible to protect your vehicle.

    Enclosed Auto Transport Is Also Available

    Enclosed trailers are best suited for vintage, expensive, or invaluable vehicles. Clients who are adamant about the safety of their cars during the move should consider requesting this type of auto transport. The advantage of enclosed trailers is that a roof and side walls protect all the four-wheelers in transit.

    Santa Cruz Movers Offer Two Different Pick-up and Delivery Options

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    Depending on your special requirements and needs, we offer two different options of delivery. One can either opt for door-to-door delivery or terminal-to-terminal delivery. The customer should request the option that is most convenient for their situation. Also, the cost of these options is different.

    What Does Door-to-Door Auto Transport Entail?

    By picking the door-to-door delivery option, you won’t have to worry about any part of the shipping process. Our long-distance drivers will prick up the car from your home and ship it directly to the new location. You won’t have to take part in the moving process (save from being present at both ends of the road). The customer should only disable the alarm, take all the documents and valuables out of the vehicle, and make sure that they have a copy of the key before handing over the car.

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    Why Should Customers Pick Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping?

    If you live in an area where large carriers cannot easily access, consider investing in terminal-to-terminal car shipping. It is more affordable than door-to-door delivery simply because the client is obliged to take part in the shipping process. With this type of delivery, you will need to drive the vehicle to an appointed location where our crew will arrive and strap it onto a carrier. They will proceed to transport the car to another regional terminal where the customer should show up and pick up the vehicle.

    What Kind of Car Insurance Can You Expect From USA Auto Transport?

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    Accidents rarely occur, but it is vital to have an insurance to cover the financial damage when something unexpected happens. Our customers should know that we want to take great care of their vehicles. In the event of accidents, our customers can count on our free insurance policy.

    So, the financial reimbursement for any type of external damage to the vehicle is already included in the quote. We guarantee that cars that will be shipped on open carriers will be insured for up to 100,000 dollars, but the vehicles shipped on enclosed carriers will be insured for up to half a million dollars.

    Get the Best Santa Cruz Moving Services

    Do you require boxing-up and storage services for your move to one of the most beautiful surf cities in California? With our long-distance movers, there is no need for anxiety and fear over your relocation. Get our packers to safely wrap and load your belongings into a truck or have our crew store your items from the attic in our safe storage units. We are able to provide you with everything you might require. So don’t wait any longer and invest in our moving services.

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    If You Require Our Moving Services, Provide Us With an Inventory List

    You’ve finally made a decision to schedule your relocation to SC, and now you are trying to calculate the overall price. With a simple phone call, our call center representatives will give you the most accurate price for the whole move. However, in order to do that, they need to review your inventory list. The price will be determined based on the number of items you have on your inventory list.

    Clients often wonder what happens when they want to change their list before the relocation. We have come up with a simple solution for this situation. All of our clients are free to add or remove items as much as they desire until the relocation day. Still, it should be emphasized that our long-distance movers will need to have your complete inventory list a day before the move.

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    What Can You Expect From Our Packing Service?

    We have different types of packing services that each client can select. The first option is the standard packing option which is included in the free estimate, meaning each client gets this service. Clients can rely on our experienced packers to pack and safely store any type of item that can’t fit in a regular-sized cardboard box, such as appliances, furniture, and larger electronics. In case anything is too big, our packers can disassemble it and assemble it when it gets transported to your new home.

    For customers who want to get more than their bulky belongings packed by our team, we recommend selecting either partial or full packing service. These options are paid additionally, and there is a slight difference that should be mentioned. If clients opt for partial packing, they will have a chance to get our packers to pack up to 15 cardboard boxes of their items. On the other hand, full packing is for clients who don’t want any limit on how many boxes USA Auto Transport’s packers can use. This option guarantees that the crew can use as many boxes as is required.

    But what should one do with some expensive and invaluable items? USA Auto Transport offers custom crating as well. To avoid placing these items in regular cardboard boxes, our team can make a custom-made crate where everything will be completely protected. Give us a call and tell us the dimensions of your items so we can make a perfect crate.

    A moving dolly with boxes in front of storage units

    Our Movers in Santa Cruz Can Place Your Old Belongings in a Storage Unit

    Do you require a temperature-controlled and safe storage container? If that is the case, use our reliable storage services. We can arrange for all the old books, equipment, furniture, and antique pieces to get safely packed and stored in one of our facilities. They are under surveillance at all times, so rest assured that all of your items will be protected.

    Another perk of having your things in our storage container is that you won’t have to pay anything for the first month. If you wish to keep your belongings in our units for more than a month, contact our agents and get more information.

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    Clients Will Receive our High-Quality Moving Insurance

    Our primary responsibility is to protect customers’ belongings to the best of our ability. But, when unpredictable situations arise, such as road accidents or movers’ mistakes, we want to ensure that the client gets financial compensation for any kind of loss or damage. Therefore, we offer two types of insurance to our clients – Mandatory Liability Coverage and the Full Value Replacement.

    With the Mandatory Liability Coverage, the customer can count on receiving 60 cents per pound for anything that gets lost or damaged in transit. This type of insurance is included in the quote.

    Still, customers who want to get an upgrade on the first type of insurance can request the Full Value Replacement. This insurance has to be additionally paid for since it guarantees financial reimbursement at the full value of the damaged object. This applies only to those belongings packed by our team.

    What Is Living in SC Really Like?

    Santa Cruz

    This coastal California city has been a popular destination for decades now. With a population of 63,000, it is a stunning beach town that has been known for its arts and pop culture. It has many cultural and art institutions such as universities, museums, and galleries. There is always something happening in SC. One of the most notable festivals is The Cabrillo Festival of Contemporary Music, which earned the title of ”new music mecca” by the New York Times. Residents have an opportunity to attend the annual film, music, and digital arts festival.

    Pacific Avenue, situated downtown, is the main street in the town. All the posh restaurants, unique coffee shops, and fun boutiques are situated on this street, as well as a lot of street performers. Important landmarks on Pacific Avenue are Del Mar Theater, The Town Clock, Beach Hill, and Friendship Garden. Apart from cultural events and exquisite restaurants, one can find outstanding historic landmarks all throughout the city. Branciforte Adobe, Golden Gate Villa, Octagon Building, and Cowell Lime Works Historic District are among the most significant landmarks.

    Those interested in recreational activities would be gland to know that there are numerous state parks and beaches such as Twin Lakes State Beach, Lighthouse Filed State Beach, and Natural Bridges State Beach. The city has many green open spaces that can be found within the city limits.

    Still, one of the crucial attractions in SC is surfing. It is known as the best place for riding the waves. But those individuals interested in other watersports such as sailing, paddling, swimming, and diving shouldn’t hesitate to move here also. Still, the surf culture dominates in this city. The best surf spots in the town are Steamer Lane, Capitol Beach, and Cowell Beach. People who yearn for a peaceful yet interesting beach town that has a lot to offer will love living in SC.

    Santa Cruz housing by the beach

    What Are the Living Expenses Like in SC?

    With top-rated school districts, cultural diversity, and exciting nightlife, SC is a great place for both young professionals and families. The cost of living is a bit pricier here since it is a stunning beach town that attracts a lot of people. Some residents own their homes, but a lot of them rent. The median home value is 855,000 dollars, whereas monthly rent stands at 1,900 dollars. However, consumer and rent prices are almost 70 percent lower than in Santa Barbara, for example. What is more, the overall prices are 50 percent lower than in Los Angeles. Therefore, it might be a pricier beach town to some, but it has some of the most affordable prices in the state of California.

    There Are Diverse Neighborhoods in SC to Choose From

    Choosing the right neighborhood to live in is easy in SC. You should first determine your priorities and what you are looking for. There are neighborhoods closer to the secluded beaches, and some are closer to the urban atmosphere of the downtown. You might want to pick:

    • Upper Westside – This neighborhood is perfect for young professionals and students since UCSC is situated right here. The area has some of the most beautiful natural scenery, and it is the best place for recreational activities since there is Pogonip Open Space Reserve with its long trails. As for accommodation, here you can find magnificent Victorian Style homes and secure apartment complexes.
    • Seabright – This is a coastal neighborhood with different types of homes, from cozy studio apartments to luxury homes. You can easily see the harbor, long beaches, and great restaurants here. The neighborhood is primarily known for its fabulous nightlife scene.
    • The Beach Flats – It is close to the well-known SC Beach Boardwalk, and residents can enjoy the wharf and the boardwalk at any time of the day in this neighborhood. Activities such as bowling and arcade games are readily available. Those who want quick access to the beach should know that you will be minutes away from the Main Beach in the Beach Flats.
    A professional mover next to the pile of boxes

    Will You Be Leaving SC? Contact USA Auto Transport Company and Schedule Your Move

    Surfing and going to the boardwalk may seem exciting for some time, but when you are required to move out of your home and relocate to another city, make sure to contact USA Auto Transport. We are among the best moving companies in Santa Cruz, without a doubt. There is no need to worry about insurance, storage, and car shipping – count on us to do everything for you. All you need to do is pick up your phone and inform us about your future move. We’ll be waiting for your call.

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