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    Long-distance relocation can get really hectic if you do it on your own. That’s why hiring Columbus movers might be ideal if you are looking for a professional USA Auto Transport Company and the convenient assistance of our experienced team. With our help, you can easily move your vehicle and belongings across the country in no time. Give us a call, ask for a free quote, book a move and relocate ASAP!

    If You're Moving Across the Country, Getting Professional Car Shipping Services Might Solve Many Potential Problems

    Professional relocation crew in a van

    Relocation across the country can be pretty challenging, especially if you go through this process on your own. Luckily, you can always get convenient assistance if you want to hire the best professional mover in Columbus, Ohio. The USA Auto Transport Company has been in this business for ages, and in that period, we learned how to help our clients while following their specific requirements and answering all their special needs.

    Furthermore, relocating your home and all of the household inventory is a serious task, so you don’t have to bother with driving your vehicle across the country as well. We can always jump in and help you relocate your vehicle to any address. You just have to contact us and tell us the details about your long-distance move and any special preferences – everything else is our concern. We are one of the best moving companies in Columbus, Ohio, so you don’t have to worry about your vehicle’s safety during this process.

    USA Auto Transport

    Long-Distance Transportation in an Opened Trailer Is One of the Most Frequently Chosen Options

    If you want us to move your vehicle, you just have to make a few choices when it comes to long-distance transportation methods. The first thing to consider is the type of trailer you want your vehicle to be relocated in.

    For starters, we can offer you an opened trailer as one of the most frequently chosen options. With this type of trailer, your car will still be exposed to some external factors such as rain and sun, but it will arrive at the destination safely – the same way as if you drove it there yourself. This is also a more affordable option than the following one – an opened trailer can fit more vehicles than the enclosed trailer.

    Trucks on the road

    Columbus, Ohio, Movers Also Offer Long-Distance Transportation in an Enclosed Trailer

    If you want to ensure your car is completely protected from any type of potential damage and external factors, we can offer you the following option – transportation in an enclosed trailer. This is also a more expensive option that is recommended for exotic vehicle transport across the country. Transportation in an enclosed trailer will ensure your vehicle gets the best possible protection, so you don’t need to worry about anything.

    You Also Need to Think About Pick Up and Delivery Options

    usa auto transport truck

    When it comes to transporting your vehicle across the country, except for choosing the type of trailer we want us to use for shipping your car, the other thing to consider is pickup and delivery. We offer two different options, which both can be very convenient, depending on your personal needs and preferences. One is the door-to-door auto transport, and the second is terminal to terminal car shipping.

    Terminal to Terminal Transportation Is One of the Options Our Movers Offer to Clients

    The first thing we offer is terminal to terminal car shipping. With this service, you have to drive your vehicle to the designated parking lot, and our team of movers will take it from there. After we transport your vehicle to the desired destination with the type of trailer of your choice, we will leave your vehicle at the designated terminal in that city, and you can pick it up there. This is also a more affordable option than the following one.

    Next Option Is Door to Door Relocation – Our Mover Can Deliver Your Car at Your New Home Address If You Need

    The other thing you can choose is the door-to-door relocation. This can be a more convenient option for those who want to leave every part of the process to professionals. If you choose a door-to-door relocation service, our team will pick up your vehicle at the chosen address and transport it to the desired one. You don’t have to drive them at all, and you’ll still have your vehicle at the desired time at the desired place.

    Car insurance

    Our Service Also Includes Car Insurance, So In Case of Any Accident, Damage Will Be Covered

    Car insurance is included in our car shipping services both in open and enclosed auto transport. The only difference between these two options is the amount you can get for potential damage as the coverage.

    If we transport your car in an opened trailer, the coverage limit goes up to $150,000, and for transportation in an enclosed trailer, this limit goes up to $500,000 for any external damages. You don’t need to worry about any additional charges – the insurance price will be included in the given quote for required services.

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    Our Car Shipping Company Can Even Offer You Other Kinds of Moving Services at Affordable Prices

    The relocation process includes various different steps – except for relocating your vehicle, it can also be complicated to move all of your other belongings without professional assistance. Luckily, our company can offer you various relocation services that can be convenient for various types of relocation needs. Regular moving service includes packing your belongings and relocating them to the desired address – you just need to give us a detailed list of inventory you want us to relocate, and everything else is our concern.

    Professionals wrapping up a sofa

    Our Team of Trained and Experienced Movers From Columbus, Ohio Provide Packing Services As Well – Full and Partial

    If you want our team to pack your belongings because you can’t find suitable packing materials or don’t know how to use them properly in the way to protect your belongings, we got you covered. The only thing you need to pick is between partial or full packing service, which depends on your inventory list. If everything you want us to pack for you fits in 15 cardboard boxes, this will be counted as the partial packing service. If your inventory goes over 15 cardboard boxes, you’ll be charged the price for full packing service.

    Custom Crating Is Also an Option

    One of the many amazing things about our company is that we can even offer you a custom crating service – this unique option is phenomenal for packing and protecting the most fragile and valuable possessions on your inventory list. If you have any antique objects or paintings and you want to ensure they are fully protected for relocation, this is the smartest solution for you. We will make custom wooden caskets in the right size and use them to ensure everything is completely protected from any potential damage.

    A moving dolly with boxes in front of storage units

    You Can Even Use a Free Storage Unit for 30 Days

    In case you’re relocating to a smaller apartment than your current one or your old furniture simply doesn’t fit the aesthetics of the new one, you probably don’t know what to do with all the extra belongings. Until you find another purpose for them or sell them, it might be convenient to rent a storage unit where you can keep all of these belongings.

    Luckily we can offer you amazing storage units with a temperature control system and 24/7 camera surveillance, and the most amazing part is that you can use it for 30 days completely off charge. After that period expires, you can decide if you want to keep them in storage or move them somewhere else. Our team can also help you move all of your furniture from your home to your desired storage unit, or anywhere else you find convenient.

    insurance claim form

    If You Choose to Move With Us, You Can Also Get Insurance for Required Moving Services

    If you want to ensure every potential damage will be replaced, we got you covered as well. Our regular moving service already includes mandatory liability coverage – it is included in the given relocation quote, and it doesn’t require any additional payments. The only issue with this can be that it only covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. If you are relocating valuable objects and want to ensure you’ll get full coverage, a full value replacement insurance policy is the right choice for you. This policy will require additional payment, but in case of an accident, any loss will be recovered.

    Is Moving to Columbus, OH, a Good Idea?

    City of Columbus Skyline and the Scioto Mile

    If you’re considering relocating to Ohio, Columbus might be one of the best options. This amazing city offers everything you need. It has great job opportunities, affordable cost of living, amazing options when it comes to outdoor activities, great dining places, and most importantly loving community.

    You’ll instantly feel welcomed and safe, which is amazing no matter if you’re relocating alone or with the whole family. Educational options are fine as well, so you don’t have to worry about your children’s future. They can attend some of the highest-rated schools while you work on your career development.

    Cost of Living Shouldn’t be a Problem If You’re Moving Here – It’s Decently Affordable

    When it comes to the cost of living and relocating on a budget, this might be one of the best options. The cost of living here is actually 11% lower than the national average. This fact makes Columbus one of the most affordable cities in the U.S. This is one of the many great news about this place, especially for future homeowners.

    The median home price goes around $130,000, while the median rent is only about $900. Apart from that, you can find a decent place to stay for a small price, and you can also hope to find a good job. The unemployment rate here is 4%, meaning that the job market is currently flourishing. Some of the most required professions here include healthcare, education, and finances.

    Columbus buildings on a sunny day

    Columbus Offers Many Great Neighborhoods You Can Settle In

    If you decide to move here, you’ll have the chance to get to know some of the most beautiful neighborhoods this place has to offer. Some of the highly recommended options include:

    • The Short North Arts District – home to many fantastic art galleries as well as public art displays that make this place unique. You can also try amazing food at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream and Arch City Tavern.
    • German Village – known for its traditional old homes that are now restored and many quaint shops and original German pubs such as Valter’s.
    • Arena District – another amazing and unique neighborhood known for its fabulous six music venues and two sports venues, and many great bars and restaurants, such as R Bar Arena, which is one of the best hockey bars in the city.
    usa auto transport movers

    Columbus Movers Can Also Assist You If You’re Moving Out of the City – Feel Free to Contact Us for a Free Quote

    Although living here is great and highly recommended, we can also help you move out of the city if that’s what you want. You only have to contact us and give us a detailed inventory list, and we’ll handle all of your requirements. When it comes to services, you can choose from any of the previously mentioned options. If you’re interested in the price, just contact our customer service, and we’ll get back to you with the potential price of the required services. We always try our best to meet our clients’ specific needs, so you can feel free to ask us about any special requirements.

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