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    Famous for its laid-back atmosphere and everlasting summer, this small California town has always been known as one of the best resort cities. However, more and more people are acknowledging it as a great place for living, and if you’re one of them, definitely consider booking our Palm Springs Movers. Relocation will never be easier when you have our team to back you up.

    When It Comes to Vehicle Shipping, We’re One of the Best USA Auto Transport Companies

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    Moving is a daunting process. There’s no doubt about that. A lot of energy has to be spent, and when a person realizes how long a drive will be to the desired destination and how much money has to be invested for gas and hotels, the morale can significantly drop. However, you can make your life much easier by hiring our USA Auto Transport company.

    Your Car Can Be Transported to California With Two Different Kinds of Trailers

    Our car shipping company offers vehicle transportation with open or enclosed trailers. Whichever the decision might be, you can be sure that your vehicle will be in good hands. However, there are differences between these two services, and we’ll explain them:

    • Open trailer transport – Among customers, this is the most frequent choice as it’s cost-effective and efficient. Furthermore, an open trailer can support a greater number of vehicles, the total being nine. However, there is one aspect that can be seen as a downside. Namely, your car won’t have any cover against potentially unfavorable weather conditions and other external factors.
    • Enclosed auto transport – Even though it is more expensive, enclosed trailers provide thorough protection for your vehicle. This option is especially recommended if you, for example, have to transport a new or a luxurious vehicle or some vintage model. Weather conditions and other factors won’t be able to affect your car during transportation during long-distance moves. Bear in mind that an enclosed trailer can support the transportation of a total of four vehicles at once.
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    We Offer Door-To-Door and Terminal-To-Terminal Vehicles Deliveries

    Terminal-to-terminal car shipping means that a vehicle has to be left at our parking space from where it will be taken to the terminal in California. This method of delivery has a lower price than the door-to-door. Of course, our team will contact you and give the necessary directions as to how to reach both terminals.

    Door-to-door auto transport means that our team will come to your address, take the car, and directly transport it to your desired home address. As mentioned, this method is a bit more expensive, but the higher level of convenience has to be taken into account. Please note that in some cases, it can happen that the street where your new home is located is inaccessible for our trucks. Our crew will then contact you and look for a parking space in the vicinity where the vehicle can safely be parked.

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    Getting Car Insurance for Your Vehicle When Relocating Cross-Country Is Advisable

    We’re one of the best USA auto transport companies for a reason. Our team takes each vehicle relocation seriously, but we cannot deny the fact that accidents do happen during long-distance moves. Hence, we highly recommend getting vehicle coverage. USA Auto Transport offers the following:

    • For open auto transportation, the coverage is 100,000 dollars.
    • For enclosed auto transport, the coverage is 500,000 dollars.

    Finally, this car insurance will only be valid if some external damages happen to the car during transportation. The insurance will not cover any internal damages that might be noticed after the transportation is complete.

    Our Palm Springs Movers Have Top-Quality Moving Services

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    There is no point in moving to a new location without your household possessions. Our movers in Palm Springs, CA, will take care of everything when it comes to relocating home belongings. Once you give us a list of items to be transported, we will give you an exact quote. Furthermore, alterations to the list can be made at any time before relocation. Just contact our team, and the quote will be altered accordingly.

    Moving Cannot Be Performed Without Packing Services, and USA Auto Transport Has the Best

    For objects like furniture and appliances that don’t go into boxes, there is no quote for packing. This service will be automatically included once you have hired long-distance moving services. Our crew will perform all needed preparations for transport, and later we will help with furnishing the new place. Furthermore, we will provide all the necessary protective equipment needed for transportation.

    For objects that have to be packed in smaller containers, depending on the number of containers, there are two options:

    • Partial packing service – when 15 containers are enough for relocation.
    • Full packing service – when more than 15 containers are needed for relocation. The quote is slightly higher in this case.
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    Our Movers in Palm Springs, California, Offer Custom Crating for Prized Objects

    Transporting a valuable item can create a lot of anxiety if appropriate measures have not been taken. Custom crating is a service specifically implemented for such cases. It does not matter what size your valuable object is. After measuring the item, our movers in Palm Springs will craft a crate that will perfectly fit the object’s size, thus maximizing safety during long-distance transportation.

    We Offer Top-Quality Storage Services for Cross-Country Relocations

    When moving cross-country, people are often unable to relocate all possessions to their new homes, which means that storage services are usually required. We offer great storage facilities where your items will be completely safe as we constantly monitor the conditions of the units. Finally, USA Auto Transport has no quote for the first 30 days of storage.

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    Don’t Forget to Insure Your Household Possessions Against Damages During Cross-Country Moves

    You can be sure that our crew will act responsibly at all times while handling your possessions. But, as with vehicles, we highly recommend getting coverage for your items. The following types are available:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – This is free insurance that accompanies every relocation. Each pound of items that are being transported is covered with 60 cents. Also, whether you have packed the items or our crew will not affect the legitimacy of this coverage.
    • Full Value Replacement – This insurance is not free, but in return, you’ll be able to cover each item individually. Before purchasing, you’ll have to provide us with a list of objects that you want to be covered, and each and every item from the list will have to be packed by our crew.
    • Insurance for prized objects – When you purchase custom crating, you’ll have the option to cover the item in question with this special insurance. It is highly recommended to have this coverage for prized possessions.

    Palm Springs Has Always Been an Attractive Place to Visit, and Now It Is Becoming a Nice Place to Live In

    California beach

    This town has been one of the most popular vacation sites for Americans for over a century now. There are many hot springs in the area that are nowadays utilized by many spa resorts and hotels. An abundance of golf courses and fancy restaurants are other prominent characteristics. However, with the beginning of the 21st century, people have increasingly started to relocate to this beautiful place.

    Since this town is located in a desert, flora and fauna are usually quite interesting for people visiting this place for the first time. The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens is one of the most popular attractions where you can see many different species of animals and plants adapted to the desert habitat.

    It is not unusual to come across a Hollywood star as this city has been one of the most popular vacation destinations for celebrities. As a result, there are many locations where it is possible to see all kinds of Hollywood memorabilia. There are also houses that have now been turned into museums. One of the most popular places is Frank Sinatra’s former residence.

    Although the city is known for its desert climate, you can always retreat to the surrounding mountains if sometimes the heat gets too oppressive. You can take the Aerial Tramway, which will transport you to the top of a nearby mountain where the temperature is much cooler. But hiking is also one of the most popular leisure activities. Indian Canyon has many hiking trails, and you will experience unique desert nature.

    Neighborhood in California

    Before Moving, Make Sure That the Cost of Living Will Be Suitable for You

    As it is still predominantly a vacation area, the housing prices are a bit higher when compared to the national average. But, as more and more people are moving to this town, housing options are increasing as well. Currently, the median house value is 390,000 dollars, while the average rent is 1,100 dollars. The median household income is 53,440 dollars, and the main employer is the hospitality industry.

    With So Many People Relocating to This City, Neighborhoods Are Slowly Developing as Well

    As of 2020, the city’s population is 44,575 people. However, it is estimated that, during winter, the population can double or triple. For many cold intolerant Americans, this is the most popular place to escape winter. Nevertheless, residential areas are slowly but surely developing. We will name a few:

    • Demuth Park – Demuth Park has the biggest green area in the whole city. It is one of the older neighborhoods with suburban-style architecture. Nowadays, it is a combination of residential houses and small businesses. This area is also known for being one of the residential areas which provided many homes for WW2 veterans.
    • Midtown – This is one of the more urban neighborhoods. Many popular hotels, restaurants, and bars are located here, with nightlife being highly active. Nowadays, it is slowly becoming a popular residential area for young people.
    • Sunmor – Sunmor is known for its unique 1950s-style architecture characterized by breezeways, modernist rooftops, and clerestory windows. All in all, it is a typical suburban area.
    • Four Season – Four Season is a new neighborhood that was developed in 2005. Since then, it has become one of the most popular areas for retirees. The architecture of choice is in the Mediterranean fashion, and all public amenities can be found within the neighborhood.
    Team from the car shipping company carrying belongings

    USA Auto Transport Company Offers Help With Relocation Out of This City as Well

    If by any chance you are thinking about moving out of this wonderful city, we just want to say that we can offer help in that situation as well. USA Auto Transport company offers relocations to many US cities, and everything stated in this article will be applied no matter what the destination is. Don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with helpful information about our company and relocation in general.

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