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    If you are a sun chaser who enjoys colorful, dramatic sunsets, bright sunny days, and exquisite natural environment, Phoenix movers will take you just there. Welcome to  Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, also known as the Valley of the Sun, which has more than 300 sunny days a year and becomes a new home for 200 people each day of the year.

    Because of its beneficial climate, an abundance of sun, great business opportunities both for entrepreneurs and employees, and affordable housing solutions, this place has become the most common choice for relocation for Americans of all ages. If you need an additional reason why to move here and how USA Auto Transport can help you organize the move, stay tuned – we will explain in detail how the whole process will work.

    About Phoenix, the Valley of the Sun

    USA Auto Transport

    Arizona, and particularly PHO, were ranked among the top-ten inbound moving destinations in the US in 2020 and 2021. With a population of 1.66 million citizens, PHO is the fifth-most populous city in the US and the seat of Maricopa County.

    When it comes to the economy, there is a strong job market. The Five C’s, which stands for cotton, cattle, citrus, climate, and copper, still define the economy of this area. In addition to that, the highest-paid jobs are within quarrying, oil & gas extraction, and scientific and technological services. Due to its beneficial position, the city is a host for 16 million tourists every year, so the accommodation and food service sector also reports growth, making it one of the city’s most prospective industries. With the cost of living 5% lower than the national average and a median household income of $58,000, this place offers a great opportunity for a better quality of life.

    Another reason why the Valley of the Sun is a very famous destination for moving is its great position, which makes it a perfect starting point for road trips. Los Angeles is a 5-hour drive away, and it will take you 3 hours to get to the Grand Canyon. If you want to visit some of the best-known landmarks in the US, then Phoenix provides various opportunities.

    open trailer on the road

    Find Your Perfect Home in the Valley of the Sun

    Choosing the right part of the city for living is of tremendous importance since it can affect your quality of life and budget, too. Here is the ultimate list of the best neighborhoods to choose from.

    Downtown Phoenix – this is a perfect place to live for all those who want to be in the heart of happenings. Since this is an old quarter of the city, Downtown is a great opportunity to be close to the best-known landmarks, restaurants, and shopping malls, as well as sports events. Due to its central position, this is one of the most expensive areas within the city proper, too.

    Willo – this part of the city is recognized as one of the best historic destinations within the city. If you’re seeking a quiet family life in the charming surroundings of 1920-style mansions and streets, then Willo is the right choice for you.

    Coronado – another historic area that resembles the 20s and 40s architectural style marked with ranch homes and the greatest city park, Coronado Park, is the perfect fit for all those who enjoy outdoor activities with family and friends.

    Spending Free Time – What to See in the Valley of the Sun and Where to Find a Perfect Spot for Sunset Gazing

    Knowing the area you’re moving to means knowing its past, remarkable people that changed the town’s history and cultural tendencies, and its surroundings and natural beauties. And this place can offer everything, from theatres, art galleries, museums, and university campuses to breathtaking surroundings. Don’t forget that it is also located in the vicinity of a couple of national parks, lakes, and forests.

    Exploring the heart of downtown and attractions such as Heritage Square, the Convention Center, Science Centre with a planetarium, and the 5-story high giant-screen theater are essential parts of all sightseeing tours. The next step is exploring the history of the Valley, which was once inhabited by Native American tribes, and visiting the Heard Museum, which showcases their art and history. This is especially important to do because, in the city’s immediate vicinity, there are few reservation parks such as Fort Apache and San Carlos. If you really want to explore the area in detail, these places should also be on your list.

    Aside from landmarks, the downtown is also known for its great relaxed atmosphere, live music, rooftop lounges, and more than 200 top-class restaurants. Taking a walk through the famous Roosevelt Row Art District, which is home to colorful street art and various contemporary art galleries, bars, and boutique shops, is the best way to get familiar with the city’s urban culture.

    Becoming a local in the Valley, which is famous for its spectacular sunsets, means you’ll have to find your special place for gazing at it. South Mountain Park and Preserve, Papago Park, Desert Botanical Garden, which is home to hundreds of different cactuses and wildflowers, and Tempe town lake are only a few options for a romantic getaway.

    Talking of getaways, going on weekend tours once you relocate is certainly something you’ll want to do. A weekend at the sea in California, hiking, exploring the Grand Canyon, or a quick casino trip to Las Vegas are some of the advantages you would definitely like to take.

    Best Customer Service

    As Phoenix’s greatest auto transport service, we have a remarkable reputation for providing the best customer service, professional drivers, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, reliable car carriers and the fairest personally tailored quotes. Take a moment to read our Testimonials page, and see why our clients recommend us.

    From the moment you request a free quote from USA Auto Transport, our experts will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth ride for your vehicle shipping. We know that every vehicle has its own story and sentimental value, that’s why we offer a transparent door-to-door open or enclosed trailer service.

    How Using USA Auto Moving Services in Phoenix Can Get You to the Valley Faster?

    usa auto transport truck

    Once you stand in front of all the belongings you have to pack, it will become clear how time-consuming and emotionally draining moving can be since you have to finish everything by the set date while still tackling your regular daily commitments. If you want to avoid all that unnecessary stress, hiring a professional moving company whose staff will take care of every phase of your relocation is the right choice.

    You will definitely want to choose a reliable and trustworthy moving company whose services can cover any relocation need you have. USA Auto Transport provides a full relocation service, which means that we can take care of every single detail during the packing, transporting, and insuring of your belongings. And if you’re searching for a truly specialized car shipping company, then USA Auto Transport is, again, the right match for you and your vehicle.

    Once you go through all the details with our representatives, you can schedule an in-house estimate and start creating your inventory list which is essential for defining the total costs of relocation and providing you with a fully transparent cost estimate.

    usa auto transport truck

    Let the Best Movers in Phoenix Help You With Packing When Moving

    Once you provide us with an inventory list, which you can change, add to, or remove items from until the relocation day comes, you will decide whether you’ll use full or partial packing services. No matter which option you choose, our standard packing service includes disassembling the furniture, wrapping and protecting fragile items, packing all boxes into our truck, labeling all the boxes with barcode stickers that protect your belongings from being mixed up or any potential loss. If you want us to pack anything outside of the standard service, let us know, and our representatives will provide you with the price for this service. Our standard packing service also entails unloading your furniture and other items, organizing it, and repositioning it in the new home.


    Storage Space or How Our Company Takes Care of Your Belongings Awaiting Transport

    In case you need to leave your home before the relocation day comes, we can support your need for a storage unit for your belongings by providing a one-month-free usage of our storage facility. Of course, this period can be extended, and as our customer, you’ll have the advantage of paying for this extension only per day, not per month.

    At our 24/7 protected storage facilities with video surveillance and security equipped with an electronic automated system for recording the check-ins and check-outs of goods, there is no chance anything can go missing and you don’t have to worry about the safety of your stuff.


    Insurance Policies or What Happens in Case of Damage

    Despite all the best efforts, accidents can happen. For that reason, we provided two possible solutions when it comes to moving insurance for your items in case of damage during the transportation process.

    The basic package of our moving insurance, which is also defined as mandatory liability coverage is free of charge and always included, guaranteeing reimbursement of 0.60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

    However, if you have valuable pieces of art, antiques, or expensive musical instruments, we recommend an extra paid solution, which guarantees a full-value replacement policy for damaged items packed by professional packers.

    Top Reasons For Choosing Us

    Safe & Secure

    Cross Country Moving Company's top priority is to keep your valuables safe and secure during your move.

    Knowledgeable Customer Service

    Our team will keep you informed throughout the whole moving process. If you have any questions, we're just a call away!

    Flat Price, No Hidden Feese

    Get a flat price for your inventory, and rest assured that there won't be hidden fees for the work we quote.

    Easy, Fast Booking

    You have many options for booking with us: email, call or use our online forms.

    USA Auto Transport Provides the Best Car Shipping Services

    USA Auto Transport is highly specialized in auto transport all across the US. We can cover literally any destination, so when you’re in need of a reliable and punctual auto shipping company that can deliver any type of vehicle at a set date right in front of your home address, USA Auto is the right choice for you.

    We know how useful your car can be at the new destination once you relocate, so when it comes to the time needed for delivering the vehicle, depending on the distance, it may take from five to fourteen business days to deliver to the requested location. We can provide you with door-to-door auto transport, which means your car will await you right in front of your house, office, or any other location you note. Terminal-to-terminal car shipping, on the other hand, means you’ll be obliged to pick up the vehicle from our regional storage terminal located in every major city.

    Car shipping on an open trailer

    What is the Best Transportation Service for Your Car

    No matter what type of car or size you want to transport to your new location, USA Auto Transport can provide you with a solution. The only thing you should decide at the moment of booking our car shipping services is whether you’ll use an open trailer or enclosed auto transport. Of course, our representatives will help you choose the best option.

    For example, if you want to transport a jeep, a luxurious car, or any other larger type of vehicle, enclosed trailers will be the right match since this is the only guarantee your car won’t be exposed to any environmental influences. If you need to transport small to medium-sized vehicles, an open trailer will be just the right option. Moreover, quotes for an open trailer are more affordable providing you with the possibility to save up to 30% compared to an enclosed trailer.

    usa auto transport truck

    Additional Protection for Car Shipping Services – Car Insurance Policy

    We understand your worries when it comes to potential damage to your precious vehicle. Being our customer means you will be provided with an additional insurance policy that covers all kinds of external damage up to $100,000 on an open trailer or $500,000 on enclosed trailers.

    Contact Our Movers to Phoenix and Schedule Your Relocation Today

    Ready to move to one of the sunniest destinations in the US? USA Auto Transport’s professional team of movers will be ready to assist you with all your requests and relocate you in record time to the new address. Contact us today, explore your options, and make sure to book our services in advance for an impeccable moving experience.

    Open vs. Enclosed Trailer

    USA Auto Transport will make sure that everything goes smooth as silk with your car’s move. Your choice of car haulers include:

    Open trailers are the most common choice when it comes to auto transport. This method is cost effective, you will be able to get faster pickup times and you can transport more vehicles at once.

    Enclosed Trailer is a premium method which offers special transport when moving an expensive, exotic, racing, classic or irreplaceable cars. These types of cars need a little more care, that’s why only the most experienced drivers will be assigned to handle this move.

    How do you know which option to choose?

    moving truck with open trailer

    As true experts in the business, we believe that it’s our responsibility to find the best auto shipping solution in Phoenix. Our goal is to not to overcharge you and offer a service that you don’t need, instead, we believe in creating long-lasting relationships by going an extra mile in finding a perfect solution. Whether you are:

    • Relocating for the job
    • Moving to the University
    • Purchasing a car from eBay
    • Going to an auto show
    • Transporting a racing or an exotic car
    • Wanting to enjoy your holiday and having your car available at the new location

    Where can you find us?

    No road is too long for us, as we are present in all major cities in the US, from Phoenix to Seattle, Boston, San Francisco, Miami, Las Vegas… Give us a call and our local representatives will arrange your vehicle relocation. We will pickup or deliver your vehicle to any Phoenix location…

    Learn more about our local and cross country shipping services in Arizona, contact our experts today and make sure that your precious vehicle is in the safe hands. USA Auto Transport – a class of its own.

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