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    Have you decided to relocate to one of the richest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area? San Jose, the center of economy, constant tech innovation, and cultural diversity, is an outstanding and exceptional place to live. Our San Jose movers can provide you with the most reliable and efficient services. Whether you require cardboard boxes packed, old furniture transported to storage units, or your car shipped, rely on our crew to get everything done in no time.

    USA Auto Transport Provides the Best Auto Transport Services

    Open trailer auto transport

    USA Auto Transport has considerable experience in hauling vehicles and transporting them from one state to another. Our positive reviews and testimonials of satisfied customers stand as proof of our professionalism and knowledge. Clients who only require transportation services will be glad to know that our company is first and foremost a car shipping company. Also, the transportation of vehicles can be scheduled individually.

    So, before reaching out to us, make sure that you have all the accurate details and information about the vehicle you want to be shipped. You might wonder – why is this important? Our carriers can sustain a limited weight, meaning fewer vehicles can be transported on one carrier if the cars are too heavy. The price will also be higher for heavier cars. The same applies to the length of the vehicle. Smaller cars are easier to fit on the trailer, so the price can get reduced. Therefore, if you want to ship your car, ensure you know all the characteristics before deciding to contact our agents.

    open trailer on the road

    Our San Jose Movers Offer Open Carriers as an Affordable Transportation Option

    Have you ever wondered what the most popular method of vehicle transportation is? The answer to this question is simple – open trailers. Even though these carriers are unprotected, meaning they don’t have a roof or sidewalls, they have double or triple levels, and as many as nine cars can fit on one. Our long-distance movers are experts at strapping and loading the vehicles on the trucks, which keeps them protected during the move. This affordable opinion is perfect for clients who want to ship more than one vehicle.

    The Second Available Option is Enclosed Auto Transport

    Do you own rare old-timers or modern luxurious vehicles? Then, the best choice is to invest in enclosed trailers. These carriers will protect your vehicle from dust, sun, rain, and snow since they are completely covered on every side. USA Auto Transport company ensures that all the valuable four-wheelers will arrive intact to the new address in our safe enclosed carriers.

    Select a Pick-up and Delivery Option That Best Suits Your Needs

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    USA Auto Transport’s San Jose professional movers care about their client’s specific requests. Since there are instances when our drivers cannot access a particular location, we have prepared different pick-up and delivery options. The option the client chooses dictates the price of the entire car shipping service. The customer can choose between door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal delivery.

    USA Auto Transport’s Movers in San Jose Offer Door-to-Door Delivery

    Customers usually request a door-to-door delivery option since it is the most convenient way to get your car transported to the desired destination. Our experienced drivers will arrive at the location of your choice (usually the client’s home,) load the vehicle into the carrier, and get it shipped to your new home. The only thing the client is obliged to do is get all the important documents out of the vehicle, disable the alarm, and hand over the keys.

    cars stuck on open trailer

    The Second Option Is Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping

    We offer this type of delivery to more flexible customers who also live in locations our truck cannot easily access. This option is more affordable, but it is required that the client participates in the process. Namely, our reliable crew will pick up the vehicle from an appointed location and ship it to the regional terminal. The client will be informed about where and when the vehicle will arrive at the terminal, so they are obliged to show up and pick up the car. All the details and information about the delivery should be discussed with our helpful call center representatives.

    a car insurance policy

    The Customer Is Protected at All Times With Our Exceptional Car Insurance

    Our movers in San Jose, CA, want to make sure that the client feels that they are protected in any situation. In case accidents occur on the road or the vehicle arrives at the client’s home with noticeable scratches and dents, we have a perfect solution. With our exceptional free car insurance policy, there is no need to worry.

    The cars that we transport on open trailers are insured for up to 100,000 dollars for any type of external damage, and the vehicles transported on enclosed carriers are insured for up to 500,000 dollars. This free car insurance policy is included in your free estimate.

    Checklist and a house

    Having Difficulty Finding Excellent Moving Services? Invest in USA Auto Transport

    When moving long-distance to California, it is essential to find the most capable and knowledgeable moving company that can handle all of your items. Whether you require packing service or help with unloading and loading moving boxes into the truck, count on the best movers in San Jose to get the job done. Book your move with USA Auto Transport and leave all of your valuable belongings to our reliable long-distance movers.

    Request a Free Quote When Scheduling Moving Services With Us

    The advantage of using our moving services is that you will receive a free quote. If you have written down an inventory list, we will be able to give you an accurate quote based on all of the household items you have on the list. The fewer items you want to get transported to another location, the less you will have to pay and vice versa.

    With our moving services, you will also have an opportunity to change your inventory list as much as you want to. In case you have forgotten to add something to the list, no need to panic. SImply revise, add and remove anything you want to. Of course, the company will need to have your complete list 24 hours before the day of the move. But until then, change the list as much as you want.

    Professional movers will work hard to complete your moving and auto transport without a hitch

    In Need of Top-Notch Packing Service? Our Long-Distance Movers Can Help You

    We have prepared a couple of packing options so clients can take their pick. Those individuals that only require professional help with their furniture, electronics and appliances, and heavy items will have the opportunity to use our standard packing option. It is included in the free quote, and every client can count on it. Our San Jose movers and packers will bring their own materials, supplies, and barcodes. Your household will get smoothly and easily packed.

    We recommend investing in full or partial packing service, which comes at an additional cost if the client requires expert help with their belongings. Getting the first option implies that the customer won’t have a limit on how many boxes the packers can use to pack their belongings. However, the second option has a limit on how many boxes can be used, and that is only 15 boxes.

    What is more, custom crating is available for individuals who possess valuable and expensive items. If you have anything that cannot be safely transported in a cardboard box, reach out to our agents, and you will have a custom-made crate ready for you.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    Your Old and Rarely Used Belongings Should be Stored in Our Secure Storage Units

    Do you own some gardening equipment? Or do you have many boxes filled with unique books? These belongings might seem essential at first hand, but you don’t need them immediately upon your arrival at the new place. So, what can you do about all of these things? What we usually recommend to our clients is investing in our storage units.

    The perk of this option is that you won’t have to think about paying anything for a whole month. Yes, our storage service is free for the first 30 days. Additionally, the units are under constant surveillance, and the space inside is temperature-controlled.

    insurance claim form

    Get More Info on Our Moving Insurance?

    So, how do we protect our client’s belongings in case of unpredictable accidents? Well, we offer financial compensation for anything that breaks, gets shattered, or is lost in transit. Here is what kind of insurance we have for the customers:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – Every client gets this type of insurance which is also included in the quote. What you can count on is 60 cents per pound for anything that gets damaged during the move, regardless of who packed it.
    • The Full Value Replacement Policy – If the client is willing to pay additionally to upgrade on the previous option, they will receive the full value replacement policy. We guarantee with this insurance that the client will get financial reimbursement at the full value of the damaged item. However, it can only apply to the things taken care of by our team.

    The Garden City in Bay Area Is an Exciting Place to Move to

    San Francisco bridge view

    When searching for the best place to relocate to in the San Fransico Bay Area, San Jose is the best choice since it is the city of blooming tech economy and cultural diversity.  It is surrounded by hills in Silicon Valley, which is the tech hub of California. Some of the most significant employers in the area are Cisco Systems Inc., PayPal, and Adobe Systems.

    It is also an area of architectural landmarks, such as the Oddfellows building and Spanish Colonial Revival structures. In the downtown area, one can find the outstanding Tech Museum of Innovation. Getting a chance to see the San Pedro Square Market, where delicious foods from all around the world are sold, is a real treat. Also, The Winchester Mystery House is a major landmark that all the tourists usually come to visit.

    Apart from interesting landmarks, the city boasts many spacious parks. Alum Rock Park has many trails for hikers, picnic areas, as well as mineral springs, and Kelley Park has many facilities such as History Park, the Japanese Friendship Garden, and a zoo. There are also shopping opportunities throughout the town where one can enjoy upscale shops and boutiques. Some of the places one can visit include Westfield Valley Fair on Stevens Creek Boulevard, Westfield Oakridge, and Santana Row.

    Calculator with writing cost on display

    What Are the Living Expenses Like in Bay Area’s Second Largest City?

    California’s booming city, the so-called Capital of Silicon Valley, is a perfect place for families and young professionals. The metro area population is about one million people. It has a suburban and urban feel to it, which is why the living costs are a bit pricier. Since it is an innovative and promising city, the median home value is almost 865,000 dollars, whereas the median one-bedroom apartment rent outside the downtown is 2,130 dollars. For the same apartment in the city center, the average rent is 2,400 dollars.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    So, What Neighborhoods Are Best in This Affluent California City?

    The capital of Silicon Valley is known as a great place to live because it has peaceful neighborhoods and exciting downtown. Our neighborhood guide will reveal to you what to expect from certain areas in the city you might choose to live in:

    • Willow Glen – This residential neighborhood is described as cozy and laid-back. For individuals searching for a suburban atmosphere mixed with an urban lifestyle, Willow Glen is an ideal place to relocate to. It contains tree-lined streets, local boutiques, unique bookstores, and trendy restaurants. It is praised for its safety and excellent quality of life. The homes in the area are designed in Victorian and Spanish Stucco styles.
    • Campbell – This neighborhood can be an ideal place for singles, young professionals, and students. It is one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Silicon Valley. It is connected to the downtown via public transportation, and it has an array of different bars, coffee shops, and eateries. Some of the top-rated public schools are located right here, like the King’s Academy and Branham High School.
    • Silver Creek – Considered to be San Jose’s hidden gem, Silver Creek is an affluent neighborhood of this city. Successful businessmen and entrepreneurs buy homes in this neighborhood. It is incredibly safe since there are numerous mansions and gated country clubs in the district. Schools are also praised in Silver Creek, such as Chaboya Middle School and Silver Creek High School. Individuals looking for luxurious boutiques, exquisite dining, and breathtaking scenery should consider living in this neighborhood.
    Real estate agent and woman in new apartment

    If You Plan On Relocating From the Capital of Silicon Valley, Contact USA Auto Transport

    The third most populous city in California, just after Los Angeles and San Diego, is an excellent place to raise a family and pursue a career in tech. However, sometimes new opportunities come your way, and you have to move to another state. USA Auto Transport always has an experienced crew waiting to start boxing up your home and relocating you to a new location. Contact our agents and book your relocation today.

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