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The economic way to transport your vehicle!

Open trailers aren’t reserved only for car dealerships anymore. If you need to ship your vehicle, calculate the expenses involved, as well as the time factor, and you will see that the best option is to hire USA Autotransport company to ship your car to your desired destination.

What transport options does USA Autotransport suggest?

We look into your vehicle’s characteristics, value and distance of the new location and offer the premium personalized tailor made door-to-door solution for the upcoming move.

Open Trailer

As the most common shipping method used in auto transport services, open trailer transport is one of the two essential types of auto transports, with enclosed trailer being the other one.

Benefits of Choosing an Open Trailer

  • It's cheaper than enclosed trailer
  • You can transport multiple vehicles at once
  • You can get faster pickup times
How far your vehicle needs to be transported will affect the size of the trailer. If you need to move your vehicle within the state this transportation will be two to four car open trailers. For long distance, auto shipping vehicles are usually transported on six to ten car open trailers.

Our drivers are highly experienced professionals and know what it takes to get shipment delivered safe and on time. Your car will be loaded onto a hauler and then transported cross country.

If you are concerned about the weather and want to ship with an enclosed trailer, we offer fully enclosed auto transportation as well.

To find out more about open auto transport call us today and we’ll make sure that we deliver on our promise of a reliable top-quality auto transport company in the USA.
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USA Auto Transport Open trailer
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