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    Relocating to the most populous city in the US will be swift and stress-free if you seek help from the best professional New York movers. Fortunately, USA Auto Transport is a relocation company that can lend you a helping hand by providing you with top-notch moving, packing, and car shipping services. Just give us a call, book the move, and we’ll ensure you become a New Yorker in no time.

    We Are a Car Shipping Company Specialized in Efficient and Safe Auto Transport

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    Having a car in a city as big as NYC is always a good thing. Not only will you commute to work without using crowded subways, but you’ll also be able to travel around and explore the metropolis. That’s why, when looking for the right New York mover to transport your vehicle, calling USA Auto Transport is the best move.

    Our company has been in the relocation business for quite some time, so we honed our skills and learned how to ship cars smoothly and efficiently. Also, this is how we know that each and every move is different. And that’s the reason why our movers in New York offer different transportation and delivery options to all of our customers.

    USA Auto Transport is the real deal. Our team is not only talking the talk we can also walk the walk. That can be seen not only in the variety of services we offer but also in the stellar reviews our satisfied customers left us.

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    Pick Between Open Trailers and Enclosed Auto Transport

    We’ve been shipping cars for a long time, and that’s how we know that every customer has different vehicle needs. With that in mind, we offer two types of trailers – open and enclosed ones. Each comes with its own set of benefits, and there is no right or wrong choice, just the one that fits your requirements better. If you can’t decide which hauler is better for the vehicle, contact us, and our agents will gladly help you decide.

    Open Trailers Are a More Affordable Option

    For starters, know that if you pick an open carrier, your machine will be loaded onto a hauler that has no roof or sidewall protection. Meaning that the machine will be exposed to external factors such as wind and rain.

    However, you don’t have to worry about its safety. Our drivers are experienced and will take good care of the four-wheeler, ensuring nothing bad happens to it during the move. Also, when your car is loaded onto a trailer, it is strapped and packed in a way that reduces mobility and vibration.

    On top of that, open haulers are a more popular way of shipping cars, so they are more affordable. Also, they are bigger and can fit more vehicles, making them an ideal choice for families with multiple cars.

    USA Auto Transport

    Enclosed Carriers Are a Great Option for Luxurious Vehicles

    As the name suggests, enclosed trailers are covered on all sides, giving the machine an extra layer of protection from different external factors. That’s why this type of transport is usually used when customers have expensive and highly valuable vehicles.

    Besides protecting cars from rain, wind, and dust, these haulers make the loading and unloading process fast and safe because they come with a lift gate. Using lift gates allows us to safely load low-profile and custom vehicles onto a truck. Also, we use straps to ensure the machine stays in its spot during the ride.

    And although these trailers are safer, they are not as common as open ones, making them a pricier option out of two. That being said, if you still don’t know which option is better for the car and your budget, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer all the questions you might have.

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    There Are Also Two Pick Up and Delivery Options You Can Choose From

    The USA Auto Transport crew knows a lot about shipping cars and making customers happy. That’s why besides choosing the type of carrier that will transport the vehicle, we let the clients decide on pick up and delivery options as well. Our clients can pick between door-to-door auto transport and terminal to terminal car shipping.

    Terminal to terminal option is for people who have more free time and can drive to our outposts to leave and pick up their cars. We have terminals in all major cities, so you won’t have to drive too far if you opt for this option.

    On the other hand, those with overbooked schedules can use the door-to-door service. You don’t have to drive the vehicle to our outpost with this type of delivery. The driver will come to your home, pick up the car, and deliver it to the desired destination. You won’t have to lift a finger.

    Before deciding on a pick up and delivery option, contact us. We will answer all of your questions and ensure that the option you choose is really the best solution for your car.

    Use a Variety of Our Moving Services When Relocating to NYC to Make Your Move a Breeze

    What makes USA Auto Transport one of the best New York moving companies is the fact that we are a one-stop destination when it comes to your relocation needs. Our team of professional drivers, movers, and packers can assist you every step of the way, ensuring that the move goes smoothly. All you have to do is give us a call, ask for a free quote and then book a move.

    Another thing that makes us stand out from the competition is the way we form prices for moving services. They are not based on the volume of the belongings but on an inventory list. The quote you get shouldn’t change unless you add or subtract items on your list. Keep in mind that you can do that up until one day before the move.

    A woman packing plates with packing paper before door-to-door auto transport comes to pick up her vehicle

    USA Auto Transport Crew Can Provide You With Top-Notch Packing Services

    The basic moving service includes disassembling and packing items that are bigger than a standard box. However, if you have a large number of smaller items that you don’t wish to pack up on your own, we recommend using our packing services.

    Since every move is unique in a way, and every client has different needs, we offer two types of packing assistance – full and partial service. Using partial assistance will be ideal for people who don’t have many items in their homes, and all of their stuff can fit in 15 boxes or less.

    However, if there is a large number of things that require boxing up, using full packing assistance is the way to go. Just remember to provide us with a list of items that need to be packed up, and the rest is up to us.

    usa auto transport storage

    You Can Use Our Modern and Secure Storage Facilities for 30 Days Without a Charge

    Don’t despair if your home is not ready after you move out of the old one. We got you covered. The belongings won’t end up in the street. They will be kept in our climatized and monitored state-of-the-art storage facilities.

    Furthermore, you’ll get to use storage units for 30 days for free. After that initial time runs out, give us a call if you still need to use our facilities. Our agents will gladly explain the pricing process to you.

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    Your Belongings and Cars Will Be Covered With the Right Moving Insurance Policy

    USA Auto Transport is one of the best relocation companies because we put the safety of your belongings first. Not only are our team members highly trained and well equipped to handle all sorts of moves, but also we provide all of our clients with moving insurance.

    For starters, all the belongings are covered with a mandatory liability policy. This policy ensures that you get 60 cents for every damaged or broken pound of your goods. However, some of our clients own highly valuable goods such as huge TVs or a family heirloom. Those items require additional insurance, and we recommend obtaining Full Value Replacement coverage.

    On top of that, since we ship four-wheelers as well, our company offers car insurance as well. The policy will depend on the type of trailer customers opt for. Open trailers have a policy that covers up to $100,000, while enclosed haulers are covered up to $500,000. Just remember that these policies cover only the external damage done to your machine.

    The Capital of the World Can Make All of Your Dreams Come True

    New York City area view

    NYC is not only the most populous city in the country, but it is its cultural and financial center. It is also a place with a significant influence on education, tourism, art, sport, and entertainment. All of those different employment, education, and entertainment opportunities attract different crowds, making NYC one of the most diverse places in the world.

    That’s why if you are looking for a place to thrive and chase your dreams, there is no better location than the Capital of the World. Here you’ll find highly ranked universities such as Columbia, Juilliard, Barnard, and Cooper Union, where you can study whatever you want to. Also, multinational corporations such as JPMorgan, Verizon Communications, and PepsiCo have headquarters here, making job hunting that much easier.

    And even though the cost of living is higher than in most cities in the US, the paychecks are as well. However, if you want to save up, it is crucial to pick the right borough that you want to settle in.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    You Will Surely Find a New Home in One of Five Boroughs

    Relocating to an urban jungle such as NYC means that there will be plenty of different spots you can call home. If you still haven’t decided where to put down some roots, check out what each of the five boroughs can offer to newcomers:

    • The Bronx is one of the more soulful boroughs of the metropolis. As the birthplace of hip hop, the location is buzzing with different art, music, and cultural events. It is also a great spot for all of those who don’t mind commuting to Manhattan for work. On top of that, since it is a mix of urban and suburban vibes, it offers plenty of different housing options.
    • Brooklyn is the most populous borough in the city, and it is often portrayed as a quirky spot filled with hipster cafes and restaurants. However, Brooklyn has a lot to offer to newcomers. From excellent educational institutions to tight-knit communities. It is ideal for families but also for career chasers because of its booming job market.
    • Manhattan might be the smallest of them all, but it surely has a lot to offer. This is the home of legendary skyscrapers NYC is famous for. Its streets are buzzing with workers that commute daily to work in media, entertainment, finances, or cultural institutions. And even though housing is pricey, it will be worth all of your money.
    • Queens is geographically the largest borough in the city, meaning there will be plenty of places you can call home. From modern condos to townhomes, there is something for everyone. Also, it is more affordable than other boroughs making it ideal for people on the budget or big families. On top of that, Queens is a diverse hub filled with colorful neighborhoods, various entertainment options, and yearly events.
    • Staten Island is for people that want to be a short drive away from all the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. This lovely area is filled with outdoor attractions and activities that can keep you entertained throughout the year. Furthermore, it offers affordable housing options suitable for most people.

    Give USA Auto Transport Company a Call if You Wish to Move Out of NYC as Well

    Being a resident of such an enormous city like NYC can become too much for some people. If you are one of them and crave change, relocation is the solution. Start fresh by moving from New York with the help of our experienced movers. Using moving, packing, storage, and car shipping services USA Auto Transport crew offers, you’ll leave The Capital of the World in no time. All you have to do is pick up the phone, ask for a quote, book the move, and the rest is up to us.

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