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    Located at the confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers, Steel City is famous for its mellow atmosphere and gregarious community. USA Auto Transport’s Pittsburgh movers have years of experience with relocation to and out of this wonderful city, and it’s definitely worth checking out what we have to offer.

    Our Car Shipping Company Is Renowned for Reliability and Professionalism

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    When people are changing their address, among the main issues are vehicle moves. On the one hand, seeing the long distance that has to be crossed and gas prices is demoralizing. On the other hand, realizing that you won’t have your car at the new location is equally depressing. Luckily, there is a way to circumvent these troubles easily by hiring USA Auto Transport.

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    According to the Vehicle’s Needs, We Offer Two Great Kinds of Auto Transport

    We’ll start with the option of open trailer auto transportation. First of all, this is a more cost-effective choice, and this manner of vehicle shipping usually demands less time. However, before booking an open trailer, decide whether you’re fine with the fact that your vehicle will not have any protection against external elements such as the weather during transportation. For some car owners, this is not good news. Finally, an open trailer can support the transportation of up to nine vehicles.

    For people worried about possible occurrences of storms (or even worse, hail,) we have a perfect solution. It is called the enclosed auto transport, and this option provides total protection against all weather conditions. Indeed, moves with an enclosed trailer are slightly more expensive, but if you have a luxurious four-wheeler, the higher investment is absolutely justifiable. Please note that an enclosed trailer can support the transportation of up to four vehicles.

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    USA Auto Transport Company Offers Two Kinds of Car Shipment

    We’ll begin by explaining the terminal-to-terminal car shipping method. Terminal-to-terminal means that a vehicle has to be parked at our terminal in your home city. From there, the vehicle will be transferred by our professional movers in Pittsburgh, PA, to the terminal in Steel City. This is the less expensive option of the two. Our team will provide you with the information on how to reach these terminals, of course.

    The second car shipping method is door-to-door auto transport. This method is more expensive, but as the name suggests, the level of convenience is much higher. Our Pittsburgh, PA, movers will arrive at your place, take the vehicle and transfer it directly to your new location in Steel City. Sometimes it happens that our team cannot access the street with the truck and appropriately unload the vehicle. There is no need to worry. If that is the case, our crew will search for the nearest accessible place where vehicles can be unloaded.

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    Car Insurance Is an Important Part of the Vehicle Moving Process, and USA Auto Transport Has Two Kinds to Offer

    Firstly, we would like to state that our crew will act in accordance with all professional standards from the very beginning. But, accidents do sometimes happen, and having coverage for your vehicle is one of the smartest moves to make when moving. We have the following types:

    • Vehicles transported with an open trailer are covered for 100,000 dollars.
    • Vehicles transported with an enclosed trailer are covered for 500,000 dollars.

    However, keep in mind that coverage is only provided for external damages (scratches or cracks on the chassis or windshield, for example). Any engine or other internal troubles will not be covered.

    Your Home Belongings Will Be in Safe Hands With Our Pittsburgh Movers


    USA Auto Transport is among the best Pittsburgh moving companies when it comes to long-distance relocation of household possessions. We’ll just ask you to provide us with a list of items to be relocated. In addition, this list will serve as a base for establishing the quote.

    What is more, if you suddenly remember something, you can call our crew and notify them about the changes made to the inventory list. You are free to make changes up to the very last day. We will, of course, make the appropriate changes to the price.

    A pile of boxes ready for door-to-door auto transport

    Our Moving Company in Pittsburgh Offers Excellent Packing Service

    When booking our long-distance moving services, the service of packing hefty household objects is included in the basic quote. Our crew will secure every item appropriately for transportation, and afterward, we’ll be happy to help with the arrangement of your new place. Furthermore, the necessary packing equipment for such objects is also included in the basic quote.

    For smaller household objects that require boxes for transportation, there are two kinds of packing services:

    • Partial packing service – Partial packing is when your objects can be placed in a total of 15 boxes.
    • Full packing service – Full packing is when your objects need more than 15 boxes. The price is a bit higher for this type of packing.
    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    Custom Crating Is a Special Service Designed for the Transportation of the Prized Item

    Whether it is a delicate antique cupboard or a renaissance painting, with custom crating, your prized item will be appropriately secured for transport. Custom crating means that our crew will design a unique container suitable for the prized item. The item will be separated from all other belongings, and the custom container will be made of sturdier materials.

    Do You Need Storage Services? Feel Free to Contact Our Pittsburgh Moving Company for Help

    During relocations, storage services are often required. Because most of the time, people cannot relocate all their belongings at once. We offer state-of-the-art storage facilities that will provide perfect conditions for your belongings. What is more, there is no quote for the first 30 days of storage service, but if needed, your belongings can be stored for as much as you need for a moderate price.

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    As With Vehicles, We Offer Different Types of Insurance for Your Home Belongings

    We also feel the need to state that our crew will act professionally and apply all adequate techniques when packing and transporting your possessions. But, there is no need to take any unnecessary risks. Therefore, purchasing coverage is always the smartest move to make when relocating. Here are the types we have in our offer:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – This insurance always accompanies relocations, and it is free. Each pound of your packed possessions will be covered with 60 cents. Moreover, whether the items were packed by us or someone else does not matter. Your items will be covered with this insurance at all times once they are packed and loaded into our trailers.
    • Full Value Replacement – This insurance is optional and has to be paid for, but the coverage which it provides is more thorough. We will require a list of objects that you want to be covered, and everything must be packed by our crew.
    • Special coverage for prized possessions – When purchasing custom crating, you will have the option to insure that particular item against damages with special coverage. Please note that this coverage can only be bought after you have taken custom crating.

    Steel City Is Without a Doubt One of the Best Places to Live in the USA

    Pittsburgh area view

    Did you know that in 2015 Steel City was ranked among the eleven greatest cities in the world to live in? Truly, this wonderful place deserves such high praise. Steel City is an American economic giant that offers lucrative jobs in all professional fields. It is also a true artistic center with many famous artistic venues, there are many different expat communities, and the nature in and around the city is stunning.

    Steel City is known to have one of the best educational institutions in the country. There is a total of 68 universities and colleges within the city’s limit, Carnegie Mellon University being one of the most prestigious. Moreover, UPMC, one of the most prominent US health care providers, is situated here.

    If you are looking for a town that has a lot of artistic venues, Steel City will be the perfect place for you. The Carnegie Museum of Art, The Carnegie Science Center, and the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum are some of the venues you’ll be able to visit, but there are numerous more.

    Do you like to follow sports? If you do, you’ll have another major reason to move to this magnificent town. In Steel City, you can follow the Steelers in the NFL, Penguins in NHL, and Pirates in MLB. The city has also developed great systems for walking and cycling, and around the city, there are many mountain biking trails.

    Pittsburgh bridge

    The Cost of Living Is Incredibly Low for Such a Developed Town

    This city just keeps getting better. The median house value is 125,000 dollars which is quite affordable and well below the national average. The rent goes for around 960 dollars per month which is again below the national level. Furthermore, half of the people own and the other half rent their homes, so whichever housing option you choose, there will be no problem finding a suitable place.

    You might have guessed from the nickname that this city has a prominent steel industry, but besides that, electronics, automotive, and tech industries are all major employers. PPG Industries, US Steel, and the Kraft Heinz Co. are some of the corporations that have headquarters in this town. For a person looking to start a career or advance it further, this city is bound to offer something exciting.

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    The Steel City Has a Lot of Lovely Neighborhoods to Live In

    With a population of around 300,000 people, there are a lot of lovely residential areas to live in, and even though they are located within the city’s limits, most of them have suburban characteristics. We have picked a couple of neighborhoods, but be sure to check others as well:

    • Bloomfield – Bloomfield is a residential area where you can experience high cultural diversity as a big Italian community has settled in this neighborhood. There are many lovely restaurants and small businesses in this area, and in recent years it has become a popular choice for students and young adults.
    • Crafton Heights – If you are looking for a residential area with a genuine suburban feel to it, Crafton Heights could be the ideal choice. This area is known for having many recreational sites like baseball fields, tennis courts, and playgrounds. In recent years, it has become a popular neighborhood for young families and people who are relocating with pets.
    • Allegheny Center – For people interested in urban neighborhoods, Allegheny Center should definitely be considered. Nova Place, the largest office space in the city, is located in this neighborhood. Overall, if you are looking for a job, Allegheny Center will certainly have something to offer. But, there are also many entertainment venues, restaurants, and bars. All in all, it is a popular choice for young adults.
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    USA Auto Transport Can Relocate You Out of Steel City as Well

    Are you looking for moving companies in Pittsburgh that can relocate you somewhere else? USA Auto Transport performs relocations in a number of US cities. We have served many satisfied customers, and you can read all the reviews that they have left if there are any doubts. Feel free to call us and ask for any help or information that you might need about relocation. Our crew will be happy to offer assistance, and whatever destination you choose, the quality and professionalism will always stay the same.

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