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    Now that you finally got a chance to move to your dream home, you probably want to avoid all the unnecessary complications and make sure you have a stress-free relocation process. Hiring Salt Lake City movers might be a good solution, especially if you need a car shipping company that can move your vehicle. With our convenient professional assistance, you can reach your destination in no time.

    USA Auto Transport Company Offers Outstanding Services When It Comes to Moving Your Vehicle

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    The moving process is never simple. There are many things to handle at the same time, and moving to a different state brings many other problems to the table. It is very complicated to go through this process on your own, so hiring professional movers might be ideal for you. With their timely assistance, it will be much easier for you to handle all of the necessary tasks from the to-do list and have an efficient relocation, especially if you need to move your vehicle across the country.

    Driving your car on your own can be challenging and complicated – hiring professionals to do this instead of you is a much more simple solution. When it comes to car shipping services, there are just a few things you need to decide on, and everything else will be handled by professionals. Feel free to contact us at any moment if you have any questions or concerns – we’ll get back to you in the shortest possible time.

    Movers in Salt Lake City Can Transport Your Vehicle in an Open Trailer

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    One of the first decisions you need to make when it comes to auto transport is to choose the type of trailer you want your vehicle to be shipped in. The first option is transportation in an open trailer. This is one of the most frequently chosen options when it comes to car shipping because it is very simple and economical, and suitable for most of the vehicles people relocate.

    If you choose this kind of transportation, your car will still be exposed to some external factors such as the sun or the rain – the same thing that could affect them if you were driving this vehicle on your own. If you still want to ensure it gets the maximum protection, you can choose the other option that will ensure your vehicle is fully protected.

    Transportation in an Enclosed Trailer Is Also Available

    If you want to ensure your vehicle isn’t exposed to any external factors and stays completely covered during the transportation process, then we can offer you an enclosed trailer. This option is perfect if you have some kind of exotic car you want to save from any potential damage. Enclosed auto transport is a little more expensive, but it definitely prevents any types of damage, and you can feel completely comfortable knowing your vehicle will be perfectly safe.

    You Can Choose From Different Pick Up and Delivery Options As Well - Terminal to Terminal Transport Is the First Option

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    Another major thing to think about when it comes to moving your vehicle is pickup and delivery. You get to choose from two different options – door-to-door auto transport and terminal-to-terminal car shipping. Both of these options are convenient and can be suitable for different situations.

    For example, if it is easier for you to drive your car on your own and leave it at the designated parking lot for a mover to pick it up from there, you should choose terminal to terminal relocation. After your vehicle is transported to the desired location, they will leave it at the designated parking lot in that area for you to pick it up once you get there as well.

    You Can Even Choose Door to Door Pick Up and Delivery

    Another option is the door to door relocation, and you can pretty much understand the meaning of this service from its name. Professional movers will pick up your vehicle at your address and transport it to the desired address in the shortest possible time. There is no need to worry about the safety of your vehicle. We will use the type of trailer of your choice and always make sure you’re happy and satisfied with our service.

    Car insurance

    Car Insurance Is Also Included If You Decide to Pick Some of Our Long Distance Car Shipping Services

    If you’re still worried about your vehicle’s safety, this is another reason not to be – car insurance is included in our services. You can feel absolutely comfortable knowing that any potential external damage will be covered. The coverage limit is based on the type of carrier you’ve selected. In case any external damage occurs to your vehicle while being transported in an open trailer, our company will cover up to $150,000. If you picked transportation in an enclosed trailer, the insurance policy would cover up to $500,000 of any external damages.

    Salt Lake City Movers In Utah Can Also Offer You Other Convenient Long Distance Relocation Options

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    The USA Auto Transport Company has years-long experience in providing clients with various relocation services of the highest quality. Besides vehicle shipping, we can also offer you different options for moving other stuff from your household or storage inventory. All your items are completely safe in our hands – we’ll use modern equipment and all of our knowledge in order to meet your needs in the best possible way.

    If you choose our moving service, the only thing we’ll require is an inventory list. Once you contact us for a free quote, you can also give us your inventory list, and we’ll get back to you with the potential price of our assistance. Unless you choose to add or remove stuff from your list (which you can do until one day before the relocation date), the price of your move won’t change.

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    We Offer the Best Packing Service in All of Utah

    Preparing your inventory for relocation can be very complicated if you don’t know how to pack household items on your own and protect them from breaking during transportation. You can also experience some troubles while looking for quality packing materials and deciding what to use for packing specific types of objects.

    All of this can be easily solved if you hire our movers in Salt Lake City, Utah, and get a professional packing service. We can assure you that you’re working with highly educated and trained professionals, so there is nothing to worry about if you trust us with your valuable belongings. We’ll use the highest quality equipment and materials during this process, and everything will be carefully protected from any potential damage.

    When it comes to protecting your belongings, there are two options – full and partial packing service. If all of the inventory from your list can fit into 15 moving boxes, that partial service is the right option for you. If our movers need to use more than 15 boxes to pack all the items from your inventory list, this will be automatically charged as the full packing service.

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    Custom Crating Is Another Incredible Option Salt Lake City Movers Offer – Best for Long Distance Moves of Antiques and Valuables

    In case you’re moving some objects of higher value, we can even offer you custom crating as another amazing service for long-distance moves. With this option, our movers will use custom-made wooden caskets to protect your most valuable items from any potential damage. This can be a great choice for relocating antiques and art pieces.

    Storage Moving Services Are Also Part of Our Offer – We Can Provide You With Free Storage Unit for 30 Days

    In case you have some belongings that won’t fit into your new home, and you need storage services, we can help you with that as well. Apart from assisting you with moving your storage belongings to your desired destination, we can also offer you amazing storage units. The best part of the deal is that you can use these units for 30 days free of charge.

    After that time, you get to choose whether you’re going to take your belongings somewhere else or keep them there for a very affordable price. These units also offer amazing safety – 24/7 camera surveillance and a climate control system that will ensure the temperature stays suitable for keeping your furniture, protecting it from mold and other negative external factors.

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    You Can Also Get Additional Relocation Insurance

    The relocation process is often unpredictable, and unfortunately, despite all of our effort, accidents might occur and lead to unexpected damage to your inventory. If you want to stay comfortable knowing that all of the potential damages will be recovered, getting additional insurance might be the right solution. Mandatory liability coverage is already included in our basic package, but with this policy, you can get only 60 cents per pound of damaged goods.

    Full value replacement insurance might be a better option if you want to ensure any kind of damage is fully reimbursed in case of an accident. However, it’s important to note that this premium option only works for belongings packed by our team, so it’s best to get both services for maximum protection.

    Is Salt Lake City, Utah, Good for Living?

    Salt Lake City

    If you’re considering moving to the Utah capital, you must be wondering if this is the right choice for you. This interesting location definitely has a lot to offer. If you have a chance to live here, you can consider yourself lucky – it is a beautiful place and home to many amazing people.

    It also offers reasonable prices when it comes to the cost of living, especially if you consider real estate prices that are close to the national average. Considering the fact this isn’t a very large area, the average commute time from one point to another is about 20 minutes, which is more than satisfying.

    Most Popular Neighborhoods to Live Around Here

    When it comes to neighborhoods, the Utah capital offers plenty of nice options to choose from. Some of the most popular ones include:

    • Downtown area,
    • Centar City,
    • Sugar House District,
    • Capitol Hill.

    Cost of Living and Median Prices Are Considered Affordable

    Utah, in general, isn’t very expensive – it is estimated that an average person needs between $40,000 and $60,000 per year to live comfortably around here. Approximately the same numbers are expected for life in Salt Lake City. The monthly rent per apartment is about $1,500 – this is the price for a one-bedroom apartment around the city center. You can also rent a bigger one for $2,800 per month. The median value for a home goes around $220,000.

    Salt Lake City building

    Our Team Can Also Help You Move Out of This Place in No Time

    With all this said, it might be hard for you to decide to move out of this gorgeous place, but if this is what you want, we are ready to help. As we previously already explained, the only thing we expect to get from you is an inventory list with all the belongings you want us to relocate – everything else is our concern. You can feel completely comfortable knowing you’re in safe hands if you decide to move with us. We are also very transparent when it comes to pricing – contact us at any time and ask for a free quote.

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