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    Do you think about long-distance moving in or out of the state capital of Indiana? Considering relocations are pretty tricky and complex, we suggest you call our Indianapolis movers to help you relocate to your future home safely and quickly. Keep reading to find out why you need to hire our USA Auto Transport company for the best relocation experience you can get.

    You Will Surely Be Satisfied if You Decide to Book Our Car Shipping Services

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    Moving a vehicle is not an easy task or something you should be handling on your own. Your car is probably one of the most expensive items you own, and you don’t want to joke around when it comes to transporting it to another state. Luckily our car shipping company has everything you need for the safe and sound relocation of your vehicle.

    Our professional movers in Indianapolis can quickly handle your car because they have plenty of experience with long-distance car shipment. All of our employees are knowledgeable and highly skilled, so you can be more than comfortable letting your precious car in our company’s hands. We’ve been in the business for decades and have plenty of satisfied customers behind us. If you want to see it for yourself, you can check out our reviews on our websites and see that they are mostly praises.

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    Our Prices Are Affordable, and You Can Request a Quick Quote at No Cost

    The most significant part about working with our company is that you won’t have to stress about the price of the transportation. We are aware that most people don’t want to spend their entire life savings just so they can transport their vehicle, and that’s why we made sure to make our prices super affordable. So don’t be afraid to contact our customer service and ask them to give you more information on how you can get a free quote from our experts and book our professional assistance.

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    Our Best Movers in Indianapolis Will Offer You Two Types of Delivery Options

    Because we’ve been in the business for quite some time, we realize how important it is to most people to adjust the services they book according to their personal needs. Every client is different and requires different treatment due to their own preferences. This is why we offer a few options, so each client can choose the one that fits them the most. Just like that, we offer two types of delivery options.

    The door-to-door auto transport is the first option you can choose from. This type of delivery means we will pick up your car and deliver it to the desired location. That is exactly why this option is great for people that are running on a schedule and want everything done on time.

    The second choice, terminal to terminal car shipping option, has a cheaper quote, and it’s better for people that are budgeting and trying to save some money. With this option, you will have to be a bit more flexible and pick up your car from some of our terminals in the state. If you have some time on your hands and a limited budget, this option might just be the thing you were looking for.

    USA Auto Transport

    There Are Two Types of Carriers You Can Choose for Transporting Your Vehicle

    Besides choosing what type of delivery you want, you can also choose which type of carrier you want us to use for transporting your vehicle. There are two options to pick from. Keep in mind that they are both great and high quality, but they differ in some factors, and depending on what you expect from the transportation, you can choose the type of carrier you want. Here are the options we have available:

    • Open Trailer Transport means your vehicle will be transported in a cover-free truck that is much more budget-friendly. This means that if you are on a tight budget, definitely opt for the cover-free trucks. Don’t worry about your car getting damaged, as the trailers are safe, and your vehicle won’t go through any damage.
    • Enclosed Auto Transport means your car will be provided with maximum protection. This service is a bit pricier, and many clients have dilemmas over it. Even though it is a bit more expensive, it offers plenty of benefits and advantages you will love. Especially if you are planning on moving an expensive vehicle, definitely consider investing in this type of transport and paying the higher quote.
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    The Most Important Part Is That We Will Provide You With a Proper Insurance for Your Vehicle

    Many people overlook the importance of insuring a vehicle for transport. That is why we always remind our clients how important it is to stay safe and protected during the relocation. Depending on the type of transportation you settle for, you will be offered proper insurance and coverage. The vehicles that are being transported in the open carriers are insured for coverage up to $100,000. On the other hand, the enclosed carriers are secured with high liability coverage insurance that covers up to $500,000 for any kind of external damage your vehicle might go through.

    Booking Our Moving Services in Indianapolis Will Make the Whole Move Much Easier and Organized

    Professional relocation crew in a van

    If you’ve never experienced long-distance moving in your life, you probably don’t know how stressful and overwhelming it can actually be. This is why our company decided to offer our clients full relocation assistance, with all the necessary services you need for a safe and relaxed move. Our employees are all experienced, knowledgeable, skilled, and will do everything properly, so there’s no worry that you might not be satisfied with the job they do.

    Most of our customers actually come back to invest in our moving services again, which is good enough proof that our work is the greatest in the business. So if you have a relocation ahead of you, don’t think twice – contact our representatives and ask them about our services. You can also request a general quote at no extra cost, meaning you’ll know the approximate price of your move right away.

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    Our Long Distance Movers in Indianapolis Can Provide You With the Best Packing Services

    The standard packing service that we provide our customers comes at no additional cost. Our movers will secure and protect every piece of furniture that goes in the back of our truck, meaning we will confirm it and protect it with high-quality packing materials. If needed, we can disassemble and assemble your furniture, especially if it’s bulkier. We will also be loading and unloading everything from the truck.

    Our packing service is an additional option, and we offer both partial and full packing solutions based on the number of boxes you want us to pack for you. You can contact our employees and consult with them about what type of packing solution would be the most convenient for you.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    As Our Client, the Company Will Offer You 30 Days of Storage Use for Free

    Anyone who has ever relocated before knows how hectic it can get once you have tons of boxes in your new apartment – you always feel like there’s just not enough space. This is when you’re going to wish to use our storage. There you can store all the boxes that are not so urgent to be unboxed, and you won’t have to worry about their safety.

    All our storage units are under surveillance, climate-controlled, and safe for use, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting lost or damaged inside our storage. Plus, as our client, you will get to use our storage at no extra cost for the first 30 days. In case you need to use this service a bit longer, you will be charged by the day at a very affordable rate and without any hidden fees.

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    The Mandatory Coverage Will Help You Stay Relaxed Through The Process

    We understand that all of our clients are very fond of their belongings and want to keep them as safe as possible throughout the relocation process. However, sometimes accidents happen, and something might get damaged. Luckily, we can provide you with our mandatory liability coverage that comes at no additional cost.

    This type of insurance covers 60 cents per pound of damaged goods. In case you have some highly expensive goods that require better coverage, we can cover that too. You can contact our representatives, and they will inform you about Full Value Replacement coverage.

    Check Out Our Short Guide for Moving to This City

    Indianapolis day

    Colloquially known as Indy, the state capital of Indiana is a dynamic urban city in the Midwest. If you are a fan of fun cities with rich culture and art scenes, racing, sports, and funky neighborhoods, you will definitely love Indy. It’s also known under the nickname “Railroad City,” which explains its specific position as a transportation hub.

    It’s quite a convenient place for families with kids since it has some of the top-rated school districts, as well as a vast array of different museums and the nation’s largest zoo. It is also the hometown to many sports lovers, keeping its fans bussy through two professional seasons. It also has some of the most beautiful parks alongside the White River, which will definitely take your breath away.

    Cost of Living in Indy

    Indy has a strong economy, pretty affordable housing, and a good mass transit system. According to Zillow, the home value in Indy is around $200,000. When it comes to job opportunities, it is ranked 21st in the United States, and according to Forbes, the cost of living is below the national average. This makes this city a great place to live in, especially for young millennials and people that are just starting to build something in their life.

    Indianapolis streets

    Which Indy Neighborhoods Should You Consider Moving To?

    The capital city of Indiana provides a broad range of different districts and neighborhoods. There are nine bigger townships and 99 smaller “neighborhood areas.” So no doubt it can get quite tough choosing which neighborhood would be the greatest fit for you or your entire family.

    That’s why we have put together a shortlist of some of the most prominent neighborhoods in Indy that you might want to consider living in. Here is a list of the most popular neighborhoods in Indy that people love moving into:

    • Downtown Indy is the neighborhood in the urban core of the city, which has some of the city’s most amazing luxury apartments. However, the bright lights will cost you some extra pennies. You should figure out on your own whether the vibrant life of the city center is worth the high cost.
    • Bates-Hendricks is one of the fastest-growing neighborhoods in the city. It is located east of downtown, and many consider this an optimal neighborhood for people who don’t like the busy life but a quiet commute.
    • Fountain Square is an exciting neighborhood for people who like a small town that feels like a big city. It is a heaven for people who have a thing for artistic spots. Not to mention The Murphy Art Center is located here.
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    When You Feel Like Moving Out, Call Our Best Movers in Indianapolis

    No doubt that once you try our long-distance moving service, you will always want to go back to them. So next time you’re planning a relocation out of Indy, be sure to call our movers, and they will provide you with everything you need. Relocations don’t need to be stressful or frustrating, and you will realize that once you book our professional assistance. Don’t hesitate for too long, and ring us whenever you want.

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