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    Located in Orange County, just 32 miles away from LA, Santa Ana has a lot to offer, from stunning coast and beautiful promenades to a highly developed urban area with a highly active nightlife scene. With our Santa Ana movers, you’ll find yourself enjoying the wondrous California beaches in no time.

    USA Auto Transport Can Proudly State That We Are Top Auto Transport Company

    USA Auto Transport

    When moving to another state, there is no reason to leave your vehicle behind, nor is there reason to subject yourself to a long and exhausting drive. The best thing to do is to hire a car shipping company. We are particularly well-known for our auto transport services, and we assure you that the car will await its owner in perfect condition at the new location.

    You Can Choose Between Two Different Types of Auto Transportation

    The distance between your hometown and the new location, the weather forecast, and road conditions are some of the main factors that will influence your decision when choosing between an open or closed trailer. Nonetheless, here are the main characteristics of the two services:

    • Open auto transport – This is the most popular choice for vehicle relocation. It costs less and, generally, the relocation process is much quicker than with an enclosed trailer. In addition, you can transport a maximum of 9 vehicles with an open trailer option. But, an open trailer has a potential downside for some people. During transportation, your vehicle will be exposed on all sides to weather conditions and other external factors.
    • Enclosed auto transport – Transportation with an enclosed trailer costs more. But, your vehicle will be protected against external elements from all sides. This is especially important when moving old-timers or luxury vehicles. This option has a limit of 4 vehicles that can be transported.
    open trailer on the road

    Furthermore, You Can Choose Between Two Types of Delivery

    Evaluate your financial situation, and choose the option that suits you the most. Regardless of the decision, you can be sure that the vehicle will await your arrival at the agreed destination. Here are the two delivery options:

    • Terminal-to-terminal car shipping – Terminal-to-terminal means that the vehicle will have to be parked at the terminal in your hometown. From there, it will be loaded onto our truck and transported to the terminal in the new location. We will provide you with information on how to reach these terminals and notify you as soon as the transportation is complete.
    • Door-to-door auto transport – Door-to-door means that our movers will come to your house in your hometown, load the vehicle and transport it to your new home address. Although it is a bit more expensive, the convenience of this service may be well worth the additional investment. Please note that it sometimes occurs that our trucks cannot access the street and properly unload the vehicle. In these situations, for safety reasons, our movers will search for the nearest parking spot and unload the vehicle there.
    Car insurance

    Covering Your Vehicle With Insurance Is Important When Relocating

    You can be sure that your vehicle will be prepared adequately and treated professionally during transportation. However, the same principle applies here. It is wise to cover your vehicle with insurance against any damages that may occur during unforeseen events. In accordance with the type of vehicle transportation, a customer may receive two types of vehicle insurance:

    • When using an open trailer, your vehicle will be covered for 100,000 dollars worth of damages.
    • When using an enclosed trailer, your vehicle will be covered for 500,000 dollars worth of damages.

    Keep in mind that only damage to the vehicle’s chassis is covered with these types of insurance. Any failures of internal components will not be taken into consideration.

    Our Santa Ana Movers Offer the Best Moving Services in California

    A pile of boxes ready for door-to-door auto transport

    Are you wondering how to move a huge cabinet or prepare valuable glasses for transportation? When booking our long-distance moving services in Santa Ana, all these issues will be solved at once. The only thing which we’ll ask of you is to give us an inventory list, and don’t worry if you’ve suddenly remembered to add something or remove it. You will have the possibility to alter this list until the relocation day.

    You’ll Get the Best Packing Services With Our Movers in Santa Ana, CA

    To begin with, we’d like to state that there will be no additional quote for all large household possessions such as appliances and furniture. As our customer, you’ll not have to worry about preparing such objects for relocation. Everything will be dismantled and secured for transport by our crew. Once the items have arrived at the new location, everything will be reassembled and arranged according to your wishes.

    For objects that have to be packed in boxes, there are two different types of packing services, according to the number of required containers:

    • Partial packing – If 15 boxes suffice, then it will be considered partial packing.
    • Full packing – If more than 15 containers are required, then it will be considered full service. The quote will be established according to the number of boxes.

    Furthermore, all additional protective supplies will be provided by our company. We’ll also just require an inventory list of all smaller objects you want to relocate here.

    Boxes on Cart in Storage Unit

    We Have Custom Crating for Moving Prized Possessions

    The thought of having to load an antique armchair or a valuable painting in a trailer is frightening. However, the custom crating service is specially designated for such situations. According to the object’s measurements, a special crate will be crafted. Once it has been packed inside this special container, there will be no need to worry about its safety during transportation.

    Storage Service Is Often Required When Moving Long-Distance

    Oftentimes, you’ll not be able to relocate everything to your new home immediately. Therefore, a storage unit will be required. As our customer, you’ll have access to top-notch storage facilities. Furthermore, there is no quote for the first 30 days, but you can use the units as much as it is required for a modest fee afterward.

    insurance claim form

    We Offer Different Types of Insurance for Your Home Possessions

    Our company’s main focus is on the customer. On no account will our workers act unprofessionally or carelessly while moving your possessions. However, there is always a possibility of unexpected events, and it is best to have your belongings insured against damage. We offer the following types:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – When you hire a relocation service, your household possessions will be automatically covered with this free insurance. Each pound of damaged goods will be covered with 60 cents. In addition, it will not matter whether the items were packed by a relocation crew or a family member.
    • Full Value Replacement – This insurance will incur additional fees, but every item from your relocation list can be insured against damages individually. However, everything will have to be packed by our movers, and you’ll have to provide an exact list of items that you want to be covered with this insurance.

    Insurance for valuable possessions – We offer special insurance for items that are considered to be prized possessions by a customer. However, please note that insurance for valuable

    The Second-Largest City in Orange County Has a Lot to Offer

    Santa Ana sunset

    If you enjoy going to a beach, this will be the ideal place for you. The beautiful ocean coast is certainly the main characteristic that makes this city so alluring. Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach are some of the most beautiful ones in Orange County, and they are all in the vicinity of SA.

    Consequently, SA has a hot semi-arid climate. If you are a cold-intolerant person, this will probably be a perfect place for you since these parts of the country are free from the winter. Snow is considered a natural phenomenon, especially if you know that SA has 0 inches of snow per year on average. The winter months are characterized by mild temperatures and rainfall.

    If you are relocating without employment, SA has plenty of job opportunities to offer. Companies like Behr Paint, First American Corporation, and Xerox Holdings Corporation all have their headquarters in SA. Furthermore, The Historic South Main Business District is a place where many entrepreneurs choose to start their businesses.

    SA is known for great entertainment venues and an active nightlife. Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm are located just a few miles away, while the famous Bowers Museum is situated in SA itself. Besides having its own exceptionally miscellaneous exhibition, this museum hosts numerous traveling exhibitions each year.

    Santa Ana

    SA Is a Lot More Affordable When Compared to Los Angeles

    Usually, when people start looking for a place to live in California, they’ll naturally first look at Los Angeles, which is by no means an inexpensive place. Although just 30 miles away, Orange County offers many affordable places to live, and SA is certainly one of them. The average house price is 491,000 dollars, while the average rent is 1,500 dollars per month, which is way below the average in LA.

    Some of the Finest Neighborhoods in Orange County Are Located Here

    SA has a population of approximately 310,000 people. Therefore, being a larger city means that there will be a lot of neighborhoods to choose from. We will enumerate here a few popular ones:

    • Metro Classic – This is one of the finest neighborhoods in SA, especially for families with children. There are a lot of parks like Memorial Park, Adams Park, and Sandpointe Park, which include wonderful playgrounds for kids. But also, there are a lot of bars and restaurants that are open during the entire day. Overall, the population of this neighborhood is quite young.
    • Morning Sunwood – This is another neighborhood that is considered more peaceful, and if you are relocating with a family, definitely think about this one. It has a true suburban feel to it, but at the same time, it has everything when it comes to entertainment.
    • West Grove Valley – If you are looking for affordable housing, this neighborhood will probably have some great deals to offer. And, like almost every other neighborhood in SA, it has lovely parks and recreational facilities that can be visited at any time.
    usa auto transport movers

    Our Santa Ana Moving Company Can Relocate to Other Destinations as Well

    For all residents of SA who are thinking about relocating elsewhere, we offer our service in these situations as well. Our enterprise covers a lot of places throughout the USA. Feel free to contact our employees for any additional information that you may need. Changing your place of residence is a difficult task. As our customer, you can be sure that we will do everything in our power to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

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