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    One of Nevada’s largest cities, Reno is situated on the Truckee River, close to the California border. In the town, you will find many diverse neighborhoods, from southern Damonte with single-family homes to cozy apartments in the downtown Truckee River corridor. Take your pick, and our Reno movers will relocate all of your belongings in record time. In case you require professional packers, storage units, and auto transportation services, rely on our company to arrange everything for you. Contact us today.

    Leave Your Vehicle in Our Capable Hands - We Can Ship It Across the Country

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    Clients who are searching for the best car shipping company are in luck. USA Auto Transport has been in business for a long period of time and has considerable experience shipping countless vehicles across the US. The numerous reviews and testimonials on our website stand as evidence that we are capable of handling any type of vehicle. Apart from moving services, you can separately arrange for your car to get transported on our carriers to a new destination.

    If you are interested in our car transportation service, feel free to contact our customer support agents and request an estimate. What one should know before reaching out to us is that we require precise information about the vehicle. For instance, the make and model of the car, characteristics, and the dimensions are among the details we have to know before finally providing you with a quote.

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    Our Reno Movers Can Transport Your Car on an Open Carrier

    Do you own two or three cars? Are you looking for the most inexpensive way to transport your vehicles? We have a simple yet convenient solution for you. Our open trailers are a safe yet affordable option when it comes to auto transport. Our long-distance movers will arrive at your home and strap the car carefully on our carriers and ship it to your new address. Even though there is no protective layer on open trailers, there is no need to worry since our well-trained team knows exactly how to protect the vehicles during the whole trip.

    Enclosed Carriers Are the Second Option

    Our company usually recommends enclosed auto transport to clients who are adamant about keeping their expensive vehicles completely protected during the move. Enclosed trailers are also suitable for vintage and luxurious cars since the sidewalls and a roof cover the vehicles. If you are someone who is concerned about the safety of their four-wheeler, consider investing in enclosed carriers.

    When Moving to Nevada, Select the Best Pick-up and Delivery Options

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    Are you looking for the most inexpensive type of delivery option, or do you require long-distance movers who will ship the vehicle directly to your home? We have different pick-up and delivery packages for all of your requirements. Get more information on the costs of each delivery option by contacting the agents at our office.

    We Can Provide You With Door-to-Door Auto Transport Service

    The simple advantage of selecting door-to-door delivery is that the client is obliged to only hand over the car to our professional drivers. Our team, who has considerable experience transporting different types of cars, will do the rest. Prepare the vehicle by taking all the documents out of the car and disabling the alarm before handing over the keys, and the crew will make sure to get your car safely to your new home.

    What Does Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Entail?

    We recommend this type of delivery to clients who live in areas with restricted access. If your home is located in a destination that our large carriers cannot access, you should consider picking terminal-to-terminal car delivery. So, what does this option entail? Our professional drivers will pick up the vehicle at an appointed location, which means that the customer has to drive the vehicle to a specific place. From there, our crew will transport the car to another regional terminal, where the customer is required to arrive and pick up the car. Since the client has to participate in the transportation process, this option is more affordable.

    USA Auto Transport Company Has Car Insurance for Each Client

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    When it comes to financial compensation for external damage to the vehicles, USA Auto Transport guarantees that each client will have any damage covered. Even though our long-distance movers take great care of the cars in transit, some road accidents still happen.

    Therefore, we have a free insurance policy as part of the free quote each client receives. So, what does this policy entail? For any vehicle that gets shipped on an open trailer, we guarantee insurance up to 100,000 dollars, whereas for those cars shipped on enclosed trailers, we guarantee insurance up to 500,000 dollars.

    Searching for Reliable Relocation Companies? Rely on USA Auto Transport


    If you want to relocate safely to the hub of northern Nevada, you will require trustworthy movers to Reno, NV. With our capable crew that has unrivaled experience in anything moving-related, you won’t have to deal with any stress during the whole process. From boxing up and wrapping to loading and unloading the truck, our team can do it all. Reach out to our agents and book your relocation as soon as possible.

    You Have an Inventory List? Then, Schedule Your Moving Services Today

    Getting the overall price of your relocation calculated is very simple. What we will need is your inventory list. In case you didn’t have time to write it, we recommend doing a short walkthrough of your home and deciding what items you want to have shipped and what items can remain behind. When the full inventory list is ready, call our agents and request a free quote.

    The advantage of relocation with our company is that each client will get an opportunity to alter their lists as much as they want. There is no need to panic if some items are missing from the list. Everyone will have time to add and remove belongings from the list as they see fit. The company only requires a complete and final list 24 hours before the relocation day.

    Professional movers will work hard to complete your moving and auto transport without a hitch

    Our Reno Movers Will Provide You With the Best Packing Services

    Our company offers a couple of packing options that each customer can choose. Our standard packing option is offered free of charge, and it is included in the free quote. With the standard option, the client can expect professional packers to show up at their house with all the necessary supplies such as wrapping paper, barcodes, and cushioning material. They will be able to help you with all the heavy and bulky belongings that first have to be disassembled and loaded into the truck. Electric appliances, TVs, furniture, and larger fragile items will be handled with utmost care and attention.

    On the other hand, if you want to have some of your belongings or all of your items professionally packed and stored, we recommend getting either full or partial packing service. These options have to be specifically requested and paid for. With the partial packing option, the client will have professional packers store the belongings in a maximum of 15 boxes. However, with the full packing option, there is no limit to the number of boxes our Reno movers can use.

    In case the customer possesses expensive gear, invaluable artwork, or expensive antique pieces, we recommend requesting custom crating. With this service, a custom-made crate will ensure that all the important and expensive items get transported safely. With the accurate dimension of your items, we will be able to create a perfect crate for your belongings, so give us a call.

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    By Placing Your Belongings in Our Storage Units, You Are Making the Right Choice

    With our outstanding storage services, the clients will get a chance to have their possessions safely transported and placed in temperature-controlled facilities. What is more, they are under constant surveillance, and only specific individuals have access, so there is no need to worry about thefts or the space. Place all of your sports gear, gardening equipment, old desks and cupboards, and books in our capable hands, and we will take care of everything.

    What should be specifically emphasized is that, for the first 30 days, our storage units do not have to be paid for. The client will be obliged to pay for keeping belongings in our units for more than a month, so get in touch with our customer support team to get more information.

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    Our Relocation Insurance is Top-Notch

    What we strive to avoid in our practice are road accidents and mistakes that can cause customers to lose their belongings. That is why we have prepared two types of insurance for our clients – Mandatory Liability Coverage and the Full Value Replacement.

    The first type guarantees that the clients will receive 60 cents per pound for anything that shatters, gets lost or is damaged while under our movers’ care. The option doesn’t have to be paid for since it is part of the quote.

    In case the client wants an upgraded version of insurance, we offer the Full Value Replacement. It comes at an additional cost since it has to be specifically requested. With FVRI, you will receive financial reimbursement at the full value of the damaged item. Of course, it applies only to what has been packed by our team.

    What Can The Biggest Little City Offer to Newcomers?

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    This charming town in Northern Nevada has been known for its gambling scene in the past. But now, it has become “The Next Silicon Valley” because of its booming tech industry. Companies such as Tesla, Panasonic, and Switch have chosen this town to expand their business, and with the arrival of Apple, Google, and Microsoft, it has truly become the major technology center in the US. Apart from the tech industry, the exciting art scene, unique boutiques, and craft breweries attract tourists from all over the world.

    Head to the downtown and Midtown areas, where you can see more than 100 larger-than-life murals. There are many guided art tours that can take you to see outstanding art installations, such as the 50-foot tall stained glass Space Whale in City Plaza and art pieces originating from Burning Man. Apart from guided tours, citizens have an opportunity to visit some of the finest galleries, museums, and performing art centers. The Nevada Museum of Art has the most interesting traveling exhibitions in the country.

    Residents looking for places to shop and eat exquisite food won’t be disappointed. Reno’s shopping options include luxurious stores, affordable boutiques, and small indie shops. Meadowood Mall and Summit Mall have the best shops in the city, but Junkee Clothing Exchange offers a variety of indie and thrift shops where people usually find their Burning Man clothing. Those looking for an exquisite restaurant should visit downtown and Midtown District and find top-rated eateries such as The Coconut Downtown, Cafe Whitney, and Sierra St Kitchen & Cocktails.

    Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy living in “The Big Little City” because of all the recreation activities that are available to anyone just an hour outside the town. Lake Tahoe, ski resorts, and numerous hiking trails offer countless opportunities. It would be great to check out the Truckee River, which is excellent for those interested in fishing and boating.

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    What Living Costs Should You Expect?

    Because of the booming tech industry and exciting art scene, “The Next Silicon Valley” has been voted the best place to live in 2020. Many choose to leave their hometowns for this outstanding place, but it should be mentioned that the cost of living here is 7% higher than the national average. The median home value is around 340,000 dollars, while the average monthly rent is about 1,000 dollars. However, the average monthly salary is calculated to be above 3,000 dollars.

    Reno’s Neighborhoods Are Diverse and Stunning, so Take Your Pick

    Almost all neighborhoods in this town have breathtaking views and beautiful natural scenery. Wherever you choose to live, you will have easy access to busy city life on one side and the great outdoors on the other. Here are some of the neighborhoods you can choose from:

    • Fairways at Fieldcreek – In the southeast part of the town, you will find this gated community. It is situated between Sierras and Virginia Range, so residents can enjoy the most spectacular views. It is perfect for retirees and families who lead a more calm and peaceful lifestyle.
    • Belsera – This small community is located in the southwestern part of the town. The natural beauty of the area is outstanding. Many people love living here because of the range of outdoor activities one can participate in. Fans of golf and hiking will find this an ideal place to live in. There are many newly constructed homes in the area, and most of them are spacious, and all have fantastic mountain views.
    • Downtown – For those that want to be in the center of activity should choose living in the Downtown. It is considered an entertainment district where all the luxurious casinos, resorts, bars, and restaurants are located. No one is bored in Downtown – there are always some musical performances and comedy bars where one can have a good time. Young professionals and students often choose Downtown as the perfect place to live in.
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    Are You Moving From the Next Silicon Valley, NV? We Will Help You With Your Move

    Living in one of the largest cities in Nevada has its perks. Visiting luxurious casinos, going shopping at the Summit Mall, and enjoying the Truckee River all have their advantages. But, with new job opportunities and lifestyle changes, many people decide to relocate out of the town. If you are in need of reliable moving services, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. USA Auto Transport is among the most reputable companies in the world, and you won’t regret trusting us with your relocation. Give us a call and schedule your move today.

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