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    Known for its rich cultural diversity, amazing beaches, and excellent cuisine, the Garden State is a wonderful place for living. We can proudly say that we are one of the finest New Jersey movers on the market, with many satisfied customers and plenty of 5-star reviews.

    Why Subject Yourself to a Tiring and Costly Drive? Our Car Shipping Company Will Take Care of Everything

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    When people see the distance that has to be crossed and the gas prices, it can often dampen the relocation enthusiasm. But, there is an alternative method that can easily solve this problem. You can hire USA Auto Transport, book a flight, read a blog or two about NJ, and arrive at your desired destination relaxed, refreshed, and ready for another chapter in your life. We can proudly say that we are among the finest USA auto transport companies.

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    You Can Pick Between Two Kinds of Auto Transportation

    First of all, consider what the vehicle will require, but also be mindful of your relocation budget before deciding which option to choose. Regardless of what the decision is, your vehicle will be prepared for transportation and relocated in a manner that meets all professional standards. We offer the following options:

    • Open Auto Transport – This is the standard and most popular service. Furthermore, it is quite cost-effective and efficient. A total of nine vehicles can be transported at once. But, there is one characteristic that can potentially be a downside for some people. Your car will be transported by an open trailer which means that the vehicle won’t be protected against external conditions such as the weather.
    • Enclosed Auto Transport – Imagine this situation – You have to transport a newly bought vehicle or a valuable old-timer, but the weather forecast says there is a high chance of a raging storm and hail. These are not weather conditions that you’ll want to expose your prized car to, and it’s wise to go for the enclosed option. Indeed, it’s a bit more expensive, but knowing that your vehicle will be completely protected is well worth it. Please note that four vehicles are the maximum that can be transported with an enclosed trailer.
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    Consider What Suits You the Most and Choose Between Two Delivery Options

    The first option is called terminal-to-terminal car shipping. You will be asked to park the vehicle at our parking space (terminal) in your home city. Our movers will then take the vehicle from that place and transport it to the terminal in NJ. We will contact you once the relocation is complete and provide you with the directions to the designated terminal.

    The second option is called door-to-door auto transport. As you might have guessed from the name, our movers will arrive at your home address, take the car, and transport it to the desired address in NJ. This option costs more, but all things considered, the extra investment is totally worth it. Please note that there are instances when our trucks cannot access a street and unload the vehicle safely. In that case, our crew will search for the nearest parking space where it is possible to unload the vehicle properly. Of course, if that happens, we will contact you immediately about the location of the vehicle.

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    When Moving a Vehicle to NJ, a Wise Decision Is to Have It Insured Against Damages

    As a reputable and conscientious company, we insist at all times on the utmost professionalism. But, the future is unpredictable, and there is always a possibility of accidents happening during transportation. Therefore, it is always a smart thing to have a contingency plan in the form of vehicle insurance. We have the following types:

    • For open auto transport, the insurance will provide coverage of 100,000 dollars.
    • For enclosed auto transport, the insurance will provide coverage of 500,000 dollars.

    Please note that vehicle insurance only provides coverage for damages that occur on the car’s exterior, like dents on the chassis or cracks on windshields. The internal parts of the vehicle are not covered.

    Our New Jersey Movers Have the Finest Relocation Services

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    After serving many satisfied customers, we can proudly declare that we are among the top long-distance moving companies in NJ. Your household belongings will be adequately secured for transport, and our NJ movers will be happy to assist with furnishing. We’ll just ask you to provide us with an inventory list that will serve as a basis for creating a quote. Moreover, if you desire to change something, just contact us, and we’ll adjust the quote.

    A pile of boxes ready for door-to-door auto transport

    Packing Services Provided by USA Auto Transport’s New Jersey Movers Are Top-Notch

    When you hire our long-distance moving services, packing of all objects that cannot be placed in regular boxes is included in the basic price. This means that our movers in New Jersey will adequately disassemble and reassemble everything once the relocation is complete. In addition, all the necessary packing materials will be provided for free by our New Jersey moving company.

    When it comes to the smaller items that must be secured into boxes for transportation, there are two kinds of packing options. It depends on the number of required boxes:

    • If the relocation requires no more than 15 boxes, it will be considered a partial service.
    • If the relocation requires more than 15 boxes, it will be considered a full service, and it will have a slightly higher quote.
    A moving dolly with boxes in front of storage units

    Custom Crating Is Specifically Designed for Transporting Valuable Items

    Regardless of the size, our crew will craft a special container that will perfectly suit the item in question. Therefore, in case you have to move something of great value, a painting, for example, the wisest thing to do is to purchase the custom crating service. Your valuable item will be perfectly secured during transport.

    For Storage Services, the First 30 Days Are Free

    During long-distance moves, it often happens that household belongings cannot be relocated all at once, which means that storage facilities will be necessary. USA Auto Transport is among the finest moving companies in New Jersey when it comes to storage services. We are extremely conscientious about maintaining the adequate conditions of our storage units. Finally, there is no problem if you need to use our storage units for more than free-of-charge first 30 days. For a moderate quote, our storage facilities can be used for an unlimited period of time.

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    Our Company Provides Different Types of Moving Insurance for Your Household Possessions

    The same that we have said for vehicles is applied here too. Our crew will act at all times with the utmost professionalism when preparing for transportation, storing, and unloading your household possessions. But, it is always the wisest decision to have everything insured against damages. The following types of insurance can be purchased:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – This coverage will be automatically included once you have purchased our long-distance moving services. For each pound of damaged goods, you will receive 60 cents, and it doesn’t matter whether the belongings were packed by our crew or by you.
    • Full Value Replacement – If you desire more comprehensive insurance for your home belongings, this option is available. Full Value Replacement will provide coverage for each item individually. Our crew will have to personally pack everything, and we will require an exact inventory list of items that are to receive this coverage.

    Coverage for prized possessions – We provide individual coverage for valuable items. However, this coverage cannot be acquired without custom crating.

    Moving to the Garden State Can Be the Best Decision of Your Life

    New Jersey waterscape

    Are you wondering why NJ has such a nickname? During the 1800s, there were acres of cultivable but unused farmland. Therefore, the nickname was devised and used as an advertisement. Since then, NJ has become the leading location when it comes to gardening – it offers the best education on the subject, and some of the best gardening clubs in the country are located here.

    Did you know that you can go to a beach and a ski resort in New Jersey? NJ is known for its diverse climate. The beautiful coastline is characterized by a subtropical climate. Brigantine, Point Pleasant, and Lavallette are some of the most popular beaches that you can visit. On the other hand, the rest of the territory is characterized by a continental climate, which means that winters are quite snowy. One of the most popular NJ ski resorts is located in Vernon.

    NJ has some of the most culturally diverse areas in the USA, with large Hispanic, Asian, and African-American communities. Of course, in popular culture, Italians stand out (the legendary show “The Sopranos” was filmed in NJ). This has resulted in an extraordinary cuisine, with over 600 diners located in NJ, which is an absolute world record.

    The region of NJ is known to have given some of the best US musicians like Bruce Springsteen, Frankie Valli, and Queen Latifah. Furthermore, some of the most renowned music venues are located here, like Starland Ballroom, The Wellmont Theater, and Asbury Park Convention Hall. These venues host numerous popular bands from all over the world each year.

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    The Median Housing Price Is Above the National, but the Median Home Income Is Above as Well

    The median housing price is 388,000 dollars, which is well above the national level. Rent is also a bit more expensive. For one-bedroom apartments, 1,300 dollars per month will be required, while for two-bedroom apartments, it’s 1,600 dollars per month. But don’t let these prices dissuade you from moving to NJ.

    The median home income is well above the national average, too, at around 82,600 dollars. NJ’s industry is quite diversified. Pharmaceutical, IT, biotechnology, and financial industries are probably the most developed ones. Companies like Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Prudential Financial all have headquarters in NJ.

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    NJ Offers Many Beautiful Cities to Relocate To

    Although NJ is the fifth smallest state in the USA, it is one of the most densely populated regions with a population of 9.3 million people. As a result, there are many wonderful cities where you can settle. We will enumerate here a few:

    • Newark – Newark is the most populous city in NJ and is one of the oldest cities in the USA. Some of the most influential corporations have their headquarters in this city, like Prudential Financial, Panasonic Corporation, and Manischewitz. Hence, finding lucrative employment shouldn’t be a problem. Newark is also known for its high-quality educational facilities (with Rutger University being one of the most prestigious institutions) and for some of the most renowned cultural venues (like Newark Symphony Hall, The Newark Museum of Art, and Prudential Center).
    • Trenton – Trenton is the capital of NJ. This city has a lot of historical sights and museums to visit. What makes Trenton quite appealing is the fact that median housing prices and rent are way below NJ’s average. This city also hosts some popular art festivals like Trenton Film Festival and Art All Night.
    • Atlantic City – Although known as a resort city with many beaches, casinos, and nightclubs, Atlantic City is becoming a great place to live in, especially for younger people. The city offers many jobs, especially in the hospitality industry.
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    USA Auto Transport Offers Help When Moving Out of NJ as Well

    If you are thinking about moving out of NJ, feel free to call us and ask for any help concerning relocation. Don’t hesitate to read our blog site and reviews, where you will find much useful information about our enterprise and the relocation process in general. One thing is for sure – with our help, you’ll reach any place in the US in no time.

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