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    Are you preparing for a move to the central coast of California, where the so-called “American Riviera” offers numerous exciting opportunities to newcomers? Hiring the most professional Santa Barbara movers should be your number one priority if the answer is yes. Our company, the USA Auto Transport, stands out as one of the best relocation companies, providing you with various types of moving services, from vehicle shipping to packing and storage services.

    USA Auto Transport Is First and Foremost a Car Shipping Company

    USA Auto Transport

    When preparing for the move, people usually neglect to arrange for their vehicle to be transported. Most clients believe that driving long distances is an ideal and affordable option when relocating, but that is not the case. If you don’t want to risk putting unnecessary pressure on the vehicle and possibly getting into road accidents, you should consider investing in a car shipping service.

    Our movers in Santa Barbara have considerable experience in car shipping. We can assure you that your vehicle will be well-taken care of during the whole move and that all of your requirements and needs will be met. In case of unpredictable situations, we have prepared excellent vehicle insurance for our clients, so you don’t have to worry about the possible damage to your vehicle.

    Trucks on the road

    Our Clients Can Request Open Trailers

    Do you require more than one vehicle transported to a new address? For clients that have more than one car, we recommend open trailers – as many as nine vehicles can fit on one open carrier. This is the most affordable option, and it is considered the most convenient. The only thing you have to do is contact our representatives and provide the company with information such as the make and model of the car, as well as its dimensions and the weight.

    The Second Available Option Is Enclosed Auto Transport

    Do you own an expensive and luxurious vehicle? Or a vintage one? For those clients who want to ensure maximum protection of their cars, the best choice would be to invest in enclosed trailers. The vehicle will be kept safe from any kind of weather and damage inside the enclosed carrier. What is also an advantage of this option is that the USA Auto Transport company offers high liability coverage insurance, which protects your invaluable car in case of any external damage.

    Santa Barbara Movers Offer Different Pick-Up and Delivery Options

    usa auto transport truck

    Clients usually have different needs and requirements, so we have prepared two pick-up and delivery options you can choose from. The first option is door-to-door auto transport, and the second one is terminal-to-terminal delivery. Depending on when and where you want to pick up your vehicle, we will arrange for one of these delivery options.

    autos in an open trailer

    Why Should You Select Door-to-Door Delivery?

    Considered to be the most convenient and effortless way to transport a vehicle, a door-to-door delivery option is available to every client. This option is perfect for clients who don’t have time to waste. You don’t have to think about driving your car anywhere because our professional drivers will pick up the vehicle in front of your house and transport it directly to the new address.

    Before handing the car into our capable hands, we recommend that you wash the car, disable the alarm and get all the paperwork and valuables out of the vehicle.

    Terminal-to-Terminal Car Shipping Is for Clients Who Seek a More Affordable Option

    The second option the client can opt for is terminal-to-terminal car shipping which is also the more affordable option since the client has to meet with our professional drivers to hand over and also pick up the vehicle. Contact our representatives and get more information on a regional terminal where you can pick up your car. Also, this option is suitable for clients who have restricted access to their homes, and our truck cannot reach their driveway. The solution to this issue is driving the vehicle to an appointed terminal.

    Car Insurance Is Also Part of The Deal

    a car insurance policy

    Our clients can rest assured that they will receive financial compensation in case of any external damage to their vehicles. Accidents happen rarely, but when they do, our company takes full responsibility and provides our customers with a free car insurance policy. What should be stressed is that this policy varies depending on the type of trailer you select.

    In case of any bumps and scratches, vehicles transported on an open carrier will be insured for up to 100,000 dollars, while those cars shipped on enclosed trailers are insured for up to 500,000 dollars. This policy will be included in your estimate.

    Get USA Auto Transport’s Top Notch Moving Services

    We are among the most experienced moving companies in Santa Barbara, with hundreds of positive reviews and testimonials on our website. In case you require auto transport or relocation service, we can guarantee that our long-distance movers will help you pack all of your items and transport everything to a new location in record time.

    Woman writing a to-do list

    What Can You Expect From Our Moving Services?

    An outstanding advantage of our moving services is that we will provide you with a price based on your inventory list. Before reaching out to our agents, write down a list of all the items you want to transport to the desired destination. When our agents evaluate your list, they will give you an accurate estimate. The more items you have on your list, the higher the price of the move and vice versa.

    What is also important to know is that you will have a chance to alter your inventory list as much as you desire. The client can choose to add or remove anything they see fit. However, we must underline that we need to have your complete inventory list one day before the move. You won’t be able to change the list in the final 24 hours.

    When Relocating Long Distance, Consider Getting Packing Services

    A pile of boxes ready for door-to-door auto transport

    The moment you schedule your relocation with our Santa Barbara moving company, you will receive our basic packing service. For those who can handle the boxing-up process but need help with the loading and unloading of the truck, we offer this standard option. Our professional packers will arrive with cushioning materials and supplies as well as electric barcodes that can be placed on your boxes. These barcodes are significant because they stand as proof that you are the owner of the boxes.

    We also offer partial or full packing service. These options have to be paid additionally. But, with professional packers, you won’t have to worry about your things getting shattered inside the truck.

    The difference between partial and full packing options is that with the first one, you get an opportunity to get up to 15 boxes packed by our team. On the other hand, when you purchase the full packing option, our crew will handle all of your belongings, and the number of boxes can exceed 15.

    Also, in case you own expensive items that require extra care and attention, consider investing in custom crating. Our crew will make a special crate just for your items where they will be protected in transit.

    A man placing cartons into a unit

    Santa Barbara Movers Offer Free Storage Units For a Whole Month

    Are you unsure whether to transport some old and rarely used items or get rid of them? If you are in a dilemma about what to do with some of your belongings, we can help you. Our long-distance movers can transport some of your items to a storage unit where everything will be packed and stored in a temperature-controlled space free of charge for a whole month. What is more, our storage units are monitored 24/7, so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your things.

    In case you want to use our storage services for more than a month, we will provide you with affordable prices. As soon as the month expires, make sure to check with our call center representatives about the conditions under which your belongings can stay in our storage containers.

    insurance claim form

    Every Item We Transport Will Be Insured

    If some unexpected accidents happen before the relocation boxes reach your home, it is important that you are protected with relocation insurance. There are two types of insurance one can choose from. The first option is free Mandatory Liability Coverage. This type of insurance is included in your free quote, and we offer it to every client. We can guarantee that you will receive 60 cents per pound for anything that gets damaged or lost during the move.

    The second option the client can get is the Full Value Replacement Policy which covers any damage that occurred while your stuff was under our movers’ care. The client will get financial compensation at the full value of broken and damaged items. This type of insurance comes at an additional cost.

    Why is Moving to Santa Barbara a Step in the Right Direction?

    Santa Barbara Marina

    Have you ever wondered if there is a place in California where you can escape the stress of modern-day life? The place where you can truly enjoy some peace and quiet, as well as some of the most beautiful natural scenery, is the city on the central coast of California nicknamed the American Riviera. The name was inspired by the city’s Spanish colonial revival architecture, the outstanding wine scene, and the sunny weather all year round.

    The charm of the city rests upon an exquisite food and entertainment scene as well as a laid-back atmosphere. It can truly offer escapism from the hustle and bustle of the busy streets of big cities. The area is not overpopulated, as the number of residents is just under 100,000. The busiest part is the Downtown, where all eateries, bars, and wineries are within walking distance.

    American Riviera is a popular tourist destination where well over 7 million people come annually to enjoy the unique beaches and nature. Popular beaches in the city are East Beach, Butterfly Beach, West Beach, and Leadbetter Beach, which is north of the harbor. Even though Santa Barbara’s reputation rests upon tourism, the diverse economy of the city shouldn’t be neglected. Its economy includes health care, finance, agriculture, education, and manufacturing. What is more, as many as four higher education institutions are located on the American Riviera. Some of these universities are the University of California, Antioch University, and Westmont College. The cultural scene is also important in the city since you will find beautiful art venues such as Arlington Theater, the Lobero Theatre, and the Granada Theater.

    Calculator with writing cost on display

    What Are the Living Expenses in the American Riviera Like?

    It is true that the costs of living in this coastal city are higher than in other cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco. The average rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the city center is 2,300 dollars, whereas, for a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city center, the person has to pay about 2,200 dollars. The median home value is 1,000,000 dollars, and residents mostly rent their apartments in this area. Also, the median after-tax salary is 4,800 dollars which is considered enough for the cost of living expenses for a month and a half.

    Even though the prices tend to be higher in this coastal city, it is worth mentioning that the American Riviera offers a mix of suburban and urban atmospheres where one can pursue a chosen career and also live a laid-back lifestyle.

    Santa Barbara houses

    Where do You Want to Live in the American Riviera? Here Are Some of the Best Neighborhoods

    You might be surprised to find out that American Riviera has some of the most distinctive neighborhoods. Each one has its own history, unique architecture, and cultural significance. Here you will find the best neighborhoods one can live in:

    • The Mesa – A neighborhood with a unique beach vibe. It isn’t far away from the downtown, and it is known for breathtaking views, excellent restaurants, and a laid-back lifestyle. If you move here, you will be able to hear the waves wherever you are. The most significant attraction is the beach and the Shoreline Park, where residents go for a walk. It is perfect for a young professional who wants to live close to the beach and the college.
    • San Roque – Most local families live in this neighborhood. It is a residential neighborhood far away from the noise of the downtown area. Here you will find top-rated schools, charming shops, and amazing eateries. People enjoy exploring San Roque’s hiking trails and spacious parks, but the most astonishing place to visit in this neighborhood is the Museum of Natural History.
    • The Mission Canyon – Considered one of Santa Barbara’s prettiest neighborhoods, The Mission Canyon is a mainly residential region with a spectacular view of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. There are many hiking trails and botanical gardens. You can also find numerous open spaces where people go for a picnic, one of which is the Mission Rose Garden.
    a mover smiling and standing in front of a relocation van

    Looking for the Best Company to Hire for Moving Out of American Riviera? Rely on USA Auto Transport

    The beach atmosphere and the crashing waves may be fun and exciting for some time. If you get a desire to change Santa Barbara’s charm for a new city, don’t hesitate to contact USA Auto Transport. We are experts at moving our clients out of this city, too, and the whole relocation will be smooth and effortless. Make sure to contact our call center representatives and get your quote as early as today!

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