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    When relocated to Motor City, the heart of the US auto industry in the midwestern state of Michigan, you will need the most knowledgeable Detroit movers. Boxing up an entire home, loading numerous items into a truck, and disassembling bulky furniture won’t seem challenging with the help of our professional crew. USA Auto Transport can provide you with the best services, and all you have to do is pick up your phone and request a free quote.

    Looking For Best Auto Transport Services? Look No Further Than Our Capable Detroit Movers

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    Not only are we a trustworthy moving company that can transport all of your relocation boxes in record time, but we can also ship any type of vehicle you own. Our professional drivers have considerable experience handling advanced equipment and transporting cars on different carriers. Consider our car shipping company if you need long-distance movers who will easily get your vehicle to a new destination.

    What is more, investing in a car shipping service is a more affordable and convenient way to get your vehicle to another address. Many customers choose to drive a long distance, which is not a good option. You risk the car overheating or getting in unpredictable accidents if you lose focus while driving. This is why we recommend our reliable auto transport service. Also, you won’t have to think about any problems occurring on the road – we offer great vehicle insurance as well.

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    Opt For Transporting Your Car on Open Carriers

    Among available car shipping options, we offer our customers open trailers. On these types of carriers, the vehicles are not protected from the outside elements since the trailer doesn’t have a roof or walls, but this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker for you. Our long-distance movers are experts at handling and safely hauling vehicles. Even though the cars will be exposed in transit, this option is great for customers who have more than one vehicle and don’t want to spend a fortune on their move. Make sure you inform our agents of the car’s characteristics, such as the dimensions, weight, and model.

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    We Recommend Enclosed Trailers For Expensive Cars

    Do you want to ensure maximum protection of your vehicle from dust, sun, rain, snow, and dirt? If the definitive answer is yes, enclosed auto transport is the best choice for you. For customers who have luxurious modern vehicles, we recommend enclosed trailers since they have a roof and are protected from all sides. Not a speck of dust would be able to reach any vehicle in these carriers, so the customers can rest assured that their four-wheeler will arrive safe and sound at their home. Additionally, in case of any unexpected external damage, we have high liability coverage insurance, so the client can always count on some kind of financial compensation.

    Choose Between Two Pick-Up and Delivery Options

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    During the scheduling process, our movers in Detroit will offer you two pick-up and delivery options. Depending on the location and your budget, you can choose between door-to-door delivery and terminal-to-terminal delivery. Each option is specifically tailored to our customer’s requirements, so the whole process goes off without a hitch.

    What Is Door-to-Door Auto Transport?

    If you’ve been wondering about the most convenient way that you can get your car shipped to another address, we have the answer for you. When investing in a door-to-door delivery option, the only thing you will be required to do is disable the alarm and hand over your keys to our professional drivers. If you are running on a tight schedule, this option is the perfect solution. Our crew will pick up the car from your driveway and ship it directly to your new driveway. You will only be required to wait at home for the crew to arrive with the car.

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    Terminal-to-Terminal Delivery Is Also Available to Our Clients

    In case our clients have specific requirements (for example, they have restricted access to their home,) we can provide them with terminal-to-terminal car shipping. What we can guarantee is that the client gets information on where the regional terminals are so he can meet with our crew. The professional drivers will pick up the car from a designated location and drive it to a specific regional terminal where the customer is required to take over the vehicle. Contact our call center representatives and get all the necessary details about this option.

    Don't Forget That We Will Provide You With the Best Moving Insurance for Cars

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    You won’t have to specifically request car insurance because we have already included our insurance packages in your free quote. In cases, some road accidents occur, you will be protected with the free car insurance policy. The type of financial reimbursement you will receive depends on the type of carrier your vehicle will get transported on.

    If your cars suffer any external damage on an open trailer, the vehicle is going to be insured for up to 100,000 dollars, but if anything happens on an enclosed carrier, the vehicle is going to be insured for up to 500,000 dollars.

    Looking For Top-Rated Moving Service? USA Auto Transport Has You Covered

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    Do you need high-quality packing services as well as safe storage units? With our Detroit movers from Michigan, you won’t have to worry. Our relocation company is the most reputable in the country. We hold the highest standards when loading and unloading all the belongings from our client’s home. The experienced team will help you safely transport everything to a new location on time. Get in contact with our agents to find out more.


    How To Schedule Our Long-Distance Moving Services?

    When clients want to invest in moving services, we usually provide them with an estimate for their relocation. What we need from our clients is a complete inventory list of the belongings they want to ship to another place. Bear in mind that the more items the client has on their list, the higher the price will be. So, before reaching out to our agents, do a walkthrough and write down everything you will require to be transported.

    Also, it should be noted that the client is free to alter their inventory list as much as they see fit. Some items can be removed and some added to the list before the relocation day. However, the company will require a complete and final list one day before the move.

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    You Won’t Miss With Our Exceptional Packing Services

    We have a couple of packing options available to our clients. For those individuals who only need help with the loading and unloading of their stuff as well as wrapping and securing furniture and electronics, we recommend the standard packing option. This type of service is included in the estimate and includes special supplies and materials that our packers will bring and barcodes that will be placed on your boxes as proof of your ownership.

    For clients who want their belongings safely packed and stored in boxes by our professional packers, we have two distinct options, full and partial packing services. For the first type, the client won’t have a limit on how many boxes the crew will use to pack their stuff. However, for the second option, the client can only get up to fifteen boxes of their belongings packed. Also, these two options have to be additionally paid for.

    For anything that is considered to be too expensive or valuable to be simply wrapped and stored in a box, think about custom crating. You won’t have to worry about the safety of your item since selected items will be stored in a custom-made crate.

    A moving dolly with boxes in front of storage units

    Our Detroit Movers Can Transport Your Stuff to Our Secure Storage Units

    The whole relocation process can quickly turn into chaos if you decide to transport each and every item in your household. The sheer amount of things will only bring confusion and additional problems. So, a perfect way to avoid this is by using our readily-available storage units.

    For things you don’t require immediately in your house after the move, such as old lamps, rarely used furniture, as well as gardening and sports equipment, consider getting a storage service. Also, it should be underlined that the items will be under constant surveillance and that the storage units are temperature controlled. And last but not least – you can use our storage containers free of charge for the first 30 days. Get in touch with our call center representatives for more details.

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    So, Do We Offer Relocation Insurance?

    When leaving your belongings in our capable hands, we want you to know that you, a client, will be protected in any situation. That is why we offer financial reimbursements in case anything gets damaged or lost in transit. Here is what you can count on:

    • Mandatory Liability Coverage – this option is included in your estimate. You will surely receive 60 cents per pound for any item that gets lost or damaged in transit.
    • The Full Value Replacement Policy – if anything gets mishandled by our crew, the customer can count on a financial reimbursement. This type of coverage is better because you can get compensation at the full value of the damaged item. However, this insurance comes at an additional cost and can only cover items packed by the USA Auto Transport crew.

    What Is the Largest City in Michigan Like?


    With a population of 675,000, Motor City is an ideal choice if you are searching for an affordable city to settle down in Michigan. It is known as the birthplace of the assembly line and the place where the “Big Three” automakers originated from. Currently, the economy of the city rests upon manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and technology. Motor City is constantly evolving, and residents have an opportunity to use more walkable and bikeable roads.

    The busiest parts are the Downtown and New Center areas, where one can see high-rise buildings. The architecture is also impressive with different building styles – Art Deco, postmodern, and midcentury modern. Some of the most iconic buildings everyone is in awe of are Michigan Central Train Depot, Old Main, and the most famous concert destination – Fox Theater.

    It also offers a mix of suburban and urban atmospheres with many coffee shops, exquisite restaurants, bars, and parks. The nightlife scene has been Detroit’s trademark since the 1940s. There is always something happening in one of the busiest areas in Motor City. Peso Bar and the Sugar House are among the most visited bars in the city. It is also thought of as an important cultural center because of its significant contributions to music – Motown Records, a record label, was founded right here.

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    Living Expenses in Motor City Are Not High

    When thinking about Detroit’s living expenses, one doesn’t have to fear high housing costs. The region is thought to be affordable since the median home value is about 50,000 dollars, and the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment outside the city center is about 1,000 dollars. However, if one wants to live closer to downtown, the monthly rent increases to 1,100 dollars. Rent and housing costs are almost 60 percent lower than in some other major cities like New York and Los Angeles.

    A group of houses in the city's neighborhood

    Here Are Some of the Best Neighborhoods One Can Select to Live In

    Detroit has some of the most diverse and historic neighborhoods. Some have a more suburban feel, and others are cultural hubs where people from all over the town come to enjoy unusual art performances, museums, and jazz clubs. Some of the best neighborhoods you can live in are:

    • Midtown – Located between Bush Park and New Center, Midtown is a significant residential neighborhood in Motor City. For individuals interested in quirky boutiques, modern galleries, and laid-back eateries, this district is the perfect spot. You can find Wayne State University, the Majestic Theater, and the Garden Bowl here. The district is affordable, and almost all residents rent their apartments, so it is perfect for young professionals and singles.
    • Palmer Woods – A historic district where many of the wealthiest professionals reside, Palmer Woods has beautiful tree-lined streets and Tudor Revival homes. It is home to some of the most extraordinary architecture in Wayne County. Also, the homes in this forested neighborhood are spacious, with large backyards. It is also a very safe area since Palmer Woods has its own security service.
    • Rivertown – If you are looking for a residential neighborhood, Rivertown has everything you need. It is situated right along the river where all the restaurants and trendy shops are. Most residents rent their apartments, and there is a high chance of getting an apartment with waterfront views. There are athletic fields, museums, aquariums, lakes, and bike-friendly streets. It is suitable for retirees who yearn for some outdoor activities within the city.
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    Even if Leaving Motor City, Reach Out to the USA Auto Transport

    Living in Motor City can seem exciting and outstanding for a certain period of time, but if an opportunity arises to relocate to another city, bear in mind that our experienced movers from Detroit, MI, will be there to lend you a helping hand. This means we handle moves from the city, too. We can pack up your belongings, load everything into our truck and safely relocate you to another town. Contact our agents and get a quote so you can organize and prepare in advance.

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